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Sierra club101 jmc2013_public

  1. 1. The Sierra Club: Walking in John Muir’s Footsteps to upholdWisconsin’s Environmental Ethos Sierra Club – John Muir Chapter222 South Hamilton St, #1, Madison, WI 53703 (608) 256-0565
  2. 2. The Sierra ClubFounded in 1892 by John Muir,Sierra Club is the oldest, largest,and most influential grassrootsenvironmental organization in theUnited States.1.4 million members & supportersMission: To explore, enjoy, and protectthe wild places of the earth; to practiceand promote the responsible use of theearths ecosystems and resources; toeducate and enlist humanity to protectand restore the quality of the naturaland human environment; and to use alllawful means to carry out theseobjectives.
  3. 3. The Sierra Club’s StructureThe Board of Directors: (15 volunteermembers, elected by members) setconservation priorities & policies, andnational budget, hires staff, directsvolunteers.Key Contacts:Michael Brune – Executive DirectorBruce Nilles – Dep. Conservation DirectorSarah Hodgdon – Director of ConservationOne Club” Policy: Chapters may notestablish policies or activities that conflictwith national or regional branches.
  4. 4. Sierra Club Founder John Muir Spent early years in Scotland and Wisconsin One of America’s most influential conservationists: “Father of our National Parks,” “Wilderness Prophet,” and “Citizen of the Universe” Self-proclaimed “poetico-trampo- geologist-botanist and ornithologist-naturalist!!!” Formed the Sierra Club to “makePhoto from Sierra ClubColby Library the mountains glad” in 1892
  5. 5. Sierra Club Outings National Outings: Offer over 330 exciting outings each year Chapter & Local Group Outings: Often free ways to connect with outdoors; designed to inspire members to protect areasFrom backpacking in the they visitSierra Nevada to whalewatching in Hawaii; fromtrekking in Nepal to birdwatching in Brazil………
  6. 6. (Just A Few) Sierra Club AccomplishmentsEstablishment, expansion, and protection of manynational parks, including significant parts ofYosemite and YellowstoneThe Clean Water Act and the Endangered SpeciesActNational monument status for Utah’s GrandStaircase-EscalanteEnactment of Alaska National Interest LandsConservation Act designating more than 100 millionacres of parks, wildlife refuges, and wildernessareas.
  7. 7. Sierra Club Chapters and Regions64 Chapters in 3 US RegionsCentral region: ND, SD, NE, KS, OK, LA, AR, MO, IA, MN,WI, IL, MI, IN, OH, MS, AL, TXJohn Muir Chapter = Wisconsin branch
  8. 8. Sierra Club – John Muir ChapterWe are the statewide branch of the Sierra Club in Wisconsin,formed 50 years ago in 1963: follow the footsteps of legendary conservationists: JohnMuir, Aldo Leopold and Gaylord Nelson.Executive Committee of 15 Volunteer Leaders & 3 Paid Staff(Director Shahla Werner, Chapter Coordinator JacindaTessmann, Conservation Programs Coordinator ElizabethWard)Priorities: Reducing Climate Change by Moving Beyond Coalto Clean Energy; Beyond Oil to Clean Transportation;Protecting Water; & Stopping Destructive MiningWe have 15,000 members & supporters, 6 local groups, and3 special activity sections: River Touring Section, Inner CityOutings and Sierra Student Coalition
  9. 9. John Muir Chapter Clean Energy Wins Passing Wisconsin’s RES, requiring utilities to get 10% of our electricity from renewables by 2015 Blocking Alliant Energy’s proposed 300 MW coal plant in 2008 Using Clean Air Act to Move Beyond Coal or require pollution controls at UW Madison, We Energies’ Valley Plant, and Dairyland’s Alma Plant. Supporting uniform wind turbine siting Garnering approval for SC Johnson’s Waxdale wind project Blocking bills to allow utilities to buy outdated clean energy credits, enact unworkable wind standards, & reward energy wasters
  10. 10. Sierra Club- John Muir Chapter: Clean Water Victories Thwarting Perrier’s plans to build a water-bottling plant in Adams County. Stopping Exxon’s plans to build a toxic mine at the headwaters of the Wolf River. Pushing for the clean-up of toxic polychlorinated biphenals (PCBs) from the Fox River. Helping to protect the St. Croix River, by advocating for its designation as a Wild and Scenic River. Helping to pass the historic Great Lakes Compact Helping to pass strong numeric nutrient standards and phosphorus lawn fertilizer restrictions to protect waterways from toxic algal growth.
  11. 11. John Muir Chapter Leaders2013 Officers Chair Liz Wessel Vice Chair Marilyn Pedretti Treasurer Joan Quenan Secretary Jim KerlerCommittee Chairs Conservation Will Stahl Political Dave Blouin Legislative Alexa Edinburgh & Caryl Terrell Fundraising Liz Wessel
  12. 12. John Muir Chapter’sLocal GroupsFunction: The finger onthe pulse of local issuesLocal outings andenvironmentaleducationLocal roadside clean-ups, invasive speciesremoval or recyclingNOTE: Connect withGroups and SpecialActivity Sections toadvance yourcampaign goals!
  13. 13. John Muir Chapter: Inner City Outings (Madison) Purpose: ICO offers hiking and camping trips, boating and skiing outings, and other outdoor adventures to underprivileged youth in the Madison area.
  14. 14. John Muir Chapter River Touring Section Purpose: To coordinate paddling trips, to promote on-the-water safety and improve paddling skills, to support river conservation organizations
  15. 15. Sierra Student Coalition   Purpose: The student arm of Sierra Club, Sierra Student Coalition is a broad network of high school and college youth (ages 17-30) from around the country working to protect the environment.
  16. 16. Your Role in the Sierra Club
  17. 17. Sierra Club Conservation Policies
  18. 18. Who Speaks for Sierra Club? SR. 2.2.2: Representing the Club (a) No Club member, present or former leader, or member of the staff shall make a statement or take a public position in the name of the Club that is contrary to, or creates a misimpression of a policy or position established by the Board, the duly authorized chapter, group, committee or other Club entity, or the Club membership through referendum. When speaking or taking a public position on their own behalf, or on the behalf of organizations other than the Club, members shall avoid giving the impression that they are representing the Club and endeavor to correct any misimpression in this regard. Adopted 03/01-02/97; amended 11/14-15/98, 05/19-20/06, 02/24/07
  19. 19. Sierra Club – John Muir Chapter Online Resources Sierra Club- John Muir Chapter: Facebook: Please Like Us! Twitter:
  20. 20. Questions? Shahla Werner, DirectorSierra Club – John Muir Chapter 222 South Hamilton St, #1, Madison, WI 53703 (608) 256-0565