Millward Brown FanZ - Médias sociaux et vos marques


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Millward Brown FanZ - Médias sociaux et vos marques

  1. 1. Does your brand need socialmedia and brand fans?
  2. 2. INTRODUCTIONUsing social media and creating a regularly updated brand fan page is not necessarily right for all brands.Marketers want to understand in advance whether their investments will be justified. This article helpsmarketers understand whether fan pages are right for their brand and category.Brand fans are important because they are generally Fans and non-fans share of walletthe most valuable consumers of any brand. % Fans Non-FansBrandZ data based on interviews with more than 4 1100,000 consumers globally in 2010 – in categories 62 19from banks and cars to shampoo and coffee –show that bonded consumers are more likely to 67 31become fans of the brand in social media: liking it on 83 37Facebook or following it on Twitter. 100 50 Incidence of Fans by levels of relationship of the BrandZ brand pyramid 13.4% Share of wallet 2.8% % Bonding 11 What do these figures mean for marketers like you? Do you need to make substantial investments in Advantage 4 building social media pages and acquiring as many Performance 1 fans as possible? How likely is it that your brand Relevance 4 will be able to build a large social media fan base? Presence 2 This article provides general guidelines on the key factors to take into account when answering these questions.This also means that fans of a brand are more likely Factors to consider when investing in socialto be bonded to it. Because these fans are more mediaattitudinally loyal to brands, they also spend more on Factor 1 Countrythem.On average, fans will spend Factor 2 Categorymore than four times as muchof their total category budgeton their favored brand than Factor 3 Brand Perceptionnon-fans. 1 383
  3. 3. FACTOR 1: COUNTRYFirst of all, the number of fans gained by the averagebrand in different countries varies significantly.Our unique FanZ score isbased on the percentage ofrelevant category users whoare a social media fan orfollower of any one brand inthat category.For example, if you are choosing which countries touse a fan page to support your multinational brand,we generally see larger relevant fan bases in Korea,Sweden, USA, and Poland. Currently, in countries Given current levels oflike India, Hungary, and Mexico it is comparatively social media usage, fandommore difficult to acquire a large number of social conversion is particularlymedia fans. high in Korea, Brazil, and Average number of fans within a category, China; while acquiring a ranked by country fan in Hungary seems to be FanZ score % particularly difficult. Korea 16.6 Sweden 11.9 USA 11.7 Poland 11.5 Brazil 10.2 Average rate of conversion of social media users Australia 9.7 into brand fans Spain 9.3 25 China 9.3 UK 8.6 Italy 8.6 Canada 8.4 20 Germany 7.4 Japan 6.9 Korea Czech Republic 5.7 FanZ Score France 5.6 15 Russia 4.8 Poland Thailand 4.5 Mexico 2.8 10 Brazil China Italy Hungary 2.0 India 0.5 France 5 HungaryMuch of the variation we see in the FanZ score 0 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80correlates with levels of internet access and social Social Media Usagemedia use in each country. Beyond this, social mediausers are converted into brand fans more easily insome countries than others. Investments in countrieswhere the conversion is easier will be most efficient. 2
  4. 4. FACTOR 2: CATEGORYThe category also matters. The categories with online arena (in social media, forums, blogs, etc.),the highest average levels of fandom globally are and brands naturally want to leverage their ownIT software, IT hardware, diapers, communication communications through discussion.providers, mobile phones and cars. In contrast, categories such as motor fuel orFour out of the top six categories are connected with detergents are much less popular topics fortechnology, which is unsurprising since consumers discussion (whether offline or online). This is clearlyof these categories are likely to use the web more. a barrier to generating large numbers of fans in theseBrands in technology-related categories have categories.embraced social media to engage with their audienceand provide consumers with the latest brand The country and category rankings given previouslyinformation. can be used by your brand as a general guide to evaluate potential audience scale in social media. FanZ Score 4-5% 6-7% 8-10% 11-13% However, it is important to always keep local market Hair Care Fast Food Beers IT Software & Insurance Body Care Airlines Gaming specifics in mind since the categories with the most Grocery Banking/ Apparel (men) Diapers fans in a specific country might differ significantly Stores Finance Communications from the global picture. Ecommerce Providers Deodorant Soft Drinks Apparel Mobile Phone Mineral Water Coffee (women) Handsets For example, the car category in Poland evokes Oral Care Spirits Home Motor Fuel Face Care Entertainment IT Hardware & especially high fandom. Nine car brands appear in Peripherals Detergents Credit Card the top 100 list of Polish sites with the most fans. Cars Networks Car Category in Poland FanZ score Harder to builda fan base Easier to build a fan base % Car Category 18It is also unsurprising to see diapers in the top listas this category embraces a very specific type of Average across 12consumer. Parents are very concerned about their all categorieschildren so look for additional information, connectionand reassurance through social media, and are Brand Fans Position 18,801 62highly willing to discuss brands. 17,150 65 14,346 71The car category has always been one of the most 9,944 85popular subjects for offline discussions in many 8,881 88countries. With the growth of internet usage, we 6,731 94 6,008 96have seen a natural transition of discussions to the 5,004 99 4,945 100 3 383
  5. 5. FACTOR 3: BRAND PERCEPTIONBrand fandom levels can also vary significantly Brand Value Perception is correlated with fandom.across countries. For example diapers evoke Good value brands that are able to justify theirincredibly high fandom in the US relative to the global premium price tend to have the most fans. Since fannorm. This is primarily due to the impact of Pampers pages provide the opportunity to keep in touch withand Huggies, which have almost 900,000 fans on brands, it is not surprising that consumers reach outFacebook. more to desirable but attainable brands. Diaper category in the USA ValueD map showing indexed FanZ scores FanZ score by segment % 11 Good Value Justified Premium Average across all countries 126 222 USA 22 High Desire 41 86 Poor Value Expensive High Price Brand Personality Perception is another factor that is also correlated with brand fandom. Brands that have more fans tend to be perceived as particularly Pampers Huggies creative, trustworthy, and desirable. 680,550 208,258 If your brand already has this kind of personality you might find it easier to attract fans. Brand Personality (CharacterZ) correlation with FanZ score Creative 0.29 Trustworthy 0.24 Desirable 0.23 Wise 0.10 In Control 0.10 4
  6. 6. CASE STUDIESLet’s now look at several brand pages with high fandom from the perspective of these three factors: country,category and brand perceptioniPhone in USA BlackBerry in BrazilApple iPhone is one of the most followed brands Facebook is clearly the major global socialin the world. There are hundreds of iPhone-related networking platform currently; it can even helppages on Facebook and the “Facebook for iPhone” brands build fan bases in markets, such as Brazil,app page has more than 77 million active users a where the popularity of the local leading site Orkutmonth. The mobile handsets category has a large outstrips that of Facebook. BlackBerry has built anumber of followers and in the key US market, iPhone strong social following in Brazil and has the third-is characterized as a creative brand, which helps to highest number of Facebook fans in the country.justify its premium price. The country, category and brand type are well suited to social media and this growing brand has taken advantage of this and attracted more than 150,000 Factor Apple iPhone Rating fans in Brazil by creating a easy-to-use page with Country USA ★★★★★ quality content that is regularly updated. Mobile phones Category ★★★★★ handsets Brand Value Justifying premium ★★★★★ Factor BlackBerry Rating Brand Personality Creative ★★★★★ Country Brazil ★★★★★ Mobile phone Category ★★★★★ handsetsMango in Spain Brand Value Expensive ★★★☆☆With more than 2.1 million fans on Facebook, the Brand Personality Different, creative ★★★★★clothing brand Mango has the second-largest numberof fans in Spain. The brand is seen as “good value”and described by consumers as sexy, creative, and McDonald’s in Hungarydesirable. This is reflected in the Mango Facebook Although Facebook offers potential global reach,page, which provides information about the brand your brand may need to consider extending beyondand its objectives, shares photos and videos with this to enjoy global social media success. Brandsfans, informs fans about special events and features that want to maximize their global fandom alsoan “Emotions Ranking” app which allows women need to embrace other local social platforms. Forto share their mood and find out how other “Mango example, McDonald’s has an exceptionally strongwomen” are feeling. brand position in Hungary, however, the level of McDonald’s fandom is very low compared to other countries. Factor Mango Rating Country Spain ★★★★☆ Factor McDonald’s Rating Category Apparel ★★★★☆ Country Hungary ☆☆☆☆☆ Brand Value Good value ★★★★☆ Category Fast Food ★★★☆☆ Sexy, Creative, Brand Personality ★★★★★ Desirable Brand Value Good Value ★★★★☆ All traits low Brand Personality ★★★☆☆ endorsement 5 383
  7. 7. FANZ RANKING - LEARN FROM BRANDS SUMMARY - LESSONS FOR MARKETERSTHAT ARE ALREADY SUCCEEDINGBy covering the same brands and categories in theBrandZ research across more than 20 countries 1 Fans are very valuable; they have much stronger brand equity than non-fans. For an average brand, 62 percent of fans believe it haswe are able to create a global ranking of the most advantages over other brands, versus just 19followed brands in the world. percent among non-fans. Fans spend four times on the brand they are a fan of compared to non-Microsoft, Pampers, Apple, fans. This is not something we should attribute toand Apple iPhone are the the fan page itself; rather this is due to the brandclear leaders with FanZ relationship which led someone to become a fanscores that significantly in the first place. The challenge for fan pages isoutperform both the global therefore to deepen and sustain the relationshipaverage and the rest of the among people who are already very positiveTop 20. about the brand. Top 20 Brand Fandom Ranking Microsoft FanZ score % 10.5 2 Levels of fandom vary around the world: there are more social media brand fans in Korea, Sweden, the USA and Poland, and Pampers 8.0 Apple 5.9 iPhone 4.8 considering the smaller absolute penetration of Nokia 3.8 McDonalds 3.5 HP 3.5 social media, a proportionately large number in Visa 3.5 Sony Amazon 3.4 3.2 Brazil and China. Heineken 3.1 Coca-Cola 3.1 3 EA Games 3.0 BMW Dell 3.0 2.8 Some categories tend to generate more Nike 2.8 Starbucks 3.6 3.5 brand fans, such as technology and also Samsung Acer 2.3 Toyota 2.2 Global average FanZ Score = 1% other categories that have always experienced more word of mouth communication.Although IT and telecom brands dominate the list, theTop 20 ranking also contains brands from many othercategories including cars, fast food, beer and credit 4 As we would expect, stronger brands generate more fans, but we also found that the brands which generate the most fanscards. tend to have creative, trustworthy, and desirable personalities. Premium brands that are able to justify their high price may also find it easier to build a large fan base.
  8. 8. RESEARCH DETAILS FURTHER READINGThis report was compiled using 2010 BrandZ data – a For further insight on how brands can use fan pagestotal of over 100,000 consumer interviews and over to build brand equity, read the Millward Brown8,000 brand cases. These interviews were carried Knowledge Point: How Should Your Brand Capitalizeout across more than 20 countries with an average of on Social Media?more than 18 categories per country.The FanZ score is based on the percentage ofrelevant category users who are a social media fan orfollower of any one brand in that category.The FanZ question was only asked among socialmedia users (people who participate in any on-linesocial networking groups - e.g. Facebook, MySpace,Bebo, Twitter or other on-line communities, groups orblogs).To enable cross-country comparisons we factoredthe data based on web penetration across countries.For more information about the study, to find outabout the fandom of your brand, or to conduct yourown social media project, please, GlobalBrandZ Director, Millward Brown, based in, GlobalBrand Director role for Digital, Millward Brown, basedin, SeniorAccount Researcher, Millward Brown, based in UKBRANDZ™ is the WPP global brand equity studyavailable to clients and potential clients via WPPowned companies. It is validated against sales andquantifies and diagnoses the strengths andweaknesses of brands. 383