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Friends of Pathways 2012 Annual Report


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Friends of Pathways 2012 Annual Report

  1. 1. LETTER FROM BOARD PRESIDENT 1 Hello Friends, When talking with the community about ‘PATHWAYS’, we mean the whole system – from the shared use paths throughout Town and County that connect our gateway to public lands, to the trail system on the Bridger-Teton National Forest, to the complete streets and sidewalks in the Town of Jackson. All of these amenities constitute our ‘PATHWAYS SYSTEM’ - a deeply cherished part of the physical fabric of our community. As the community experiences the social, economic, and health benefits of pathways, we have to continue to respect each other. Too o en, community members relay stories of their close and sometimes scary encounters while enjoying the pathways. In 2013, Friends of Pathways will launch a fresh campaign of ‘Respect and Responsibility’. Respect on the pathway is not just the right thing to do; it is the safe and responsible thing to do. As we approach a complete network, I acknowledge and thank all of the many people who have been working for so long towards this goal. FOP represents 18 years of dedicated volunteers, staff, and board members advocating safe bike and pedestrian travel in our valley. The use we see is a powerful sign of the success of the system. To all those who’ve brought us this far – THANK YOU. Building the pathway infrastructure is the beginning, not the end. The opportunities pathways provide for travel and play, as well as a connection to nature and to each other, are the ultimate realization of the dream. We are all leading by example, so let’s make pathways a place where respect and responsibility get exercised every time we go out. Thanks for your continued support, Maggie In an effort to go green we try to keep our print materials to a minimum, but as you know pathway and trail news can change daily. To find out which trail is riding well this week, what the Pass Ambassador is up to, where your advocacy assistance and engagement is needed, or which events are coming up, connect with FOP online by: Following us on Twi er Liking Friends of Pathways on Facebook Signing up for the weekly e-newsle ers To support Friends of Pathways, donate through PayPal at www.twi
  2. 2. Mission and Management 2 Board Members Staff MembersFriends of Pathways supports a vibrant community byadvocating the completion of a safe and sustainable Maggie Gibson Mike Welchpathways system for healthy recreation and transpor- Board President Executive Directortation opportunities in Jackson Hole. Sue Prevost Jack Koehler Secretary Development andAreas of Responsibility: Operations Director Dave Landes Treasurer Lauren SmithPathways » Program DirectorFriends of Pathways is the community advocate for building out a Bill Campbellcomplete pathways system, and partners with local government in Jamie Mackintosh Nancy Weeksconstruction support and ongoing stewardship once complete. Mark Memmer Program Support Phil LeedsTrails » Peter Selkowitz Trail CrewFriends of Pathways has a formal partnership with the USFS to Stan Trachtenbergcollaborate on design, construction, and stewardship of local trails and Ambassadorsfor all users – hike, bike, horse, and ski. Randy Roberts Walt Berling Emeritus Board Member Clay CurleyStreets » Erik JacobsenFriends of Pathways advocates adoption of a ‘Complete Streets’ Fred Arbuckle Chris Peckapproach to design and implementation of transportation projects Len Carlman Mike Piker Luke Lynchand enhancements. Jay Pistono Board of Advisors
  3. 3. Advocacy : Connecting the Missing Links 3Proposition 2, asking Teton County voters to approve SPET funding for the Highway 22 & West With clear political and financial support for non-motorizedBroadway pathway project was approved with a strong majority of the vote, 72%. This is a great issues and projects, from the public and elected officials,endorsement of our communitys continued commitment to a complete, safe, and sustainable 2012 was a great year for connecting the missing pathwayspathways system. links in Teton County. From the completion and opening of the new Highway 89 pathway opening in Grand TetonCompletion of the new bike and pedestrian bridge over the Snake River, the Highway 22 National Park to broad support from our elected officials andPathway, and the West Broadway sidewalk and cycletracks enhancement project will funda- a more productive relationship with WYDOT, Friends ofmentally alter our community by providing safe and scenic non-motorized facilities for Pathways celebrates 2012 as the best year yet forresidents, visitors, and their families along the two of the busiest roads in Teton County. non-motorized advocacy.These critical roads will be safe for bicyclists and pedestrians. West Bank parents will be Completion of the N89 Pathwayconfident that their kids can safely ride their bikes to school or Town to see friends. Bike The Partners in Pathways Celebration brought togethercommuters will no longer fear rush hour. In-town, residents will be able to safely walk or ride public and private partners on a local, state and federal leveltheir bike to their job or to businesses along and near West Broadway. And visitors will be able to celebrate a milestone accomplishment of which we can allto explore Jackson Hole without relying on their cars or RVs. The ultimate outcome is a more be so proud. The completion of the pathway from the Townconnected community, with more people walking and biking around the valley and fewer of Jackson to Jenny Lake not only provides 20 miles of safe,people feeling bound to travel by automobile. scenic pathway to explore our natural wonders and promote outdoor recreation, but demonstrates the very best ofNone of this progress would be possible without the support of Teton County and Town of partnerships in action.Jackson elected officials who continue to support the development of an integrated transpor-tation system, Town and County staff who continue to work toward implementing the transpor- We were proud to join with Teton County and the Town oftation goals of the Comprehensive Plan and Pathways Master Plan, and the community who Jackson to celebrate this accomplishment and the manycontinue to overwhelmingly support a pathway system for all that it brings to our valley. people, like yourself, and organizations that made it possible. We were fortunate to garner numerous donations and sponsors for this banner celebration – from bikes, to beer, tables and beyond – the Jackson community demon- strated their generosity and strong support. Friends of Pathways was honored to have such strong representation from our partners as well as so many town, county and state officials to celebrate the connection of Jackson and Grand Teton National Park.EAST VIEW OPTION
  4. 4. Advocacy : Connecting the Missing Links 4West Broadway/Path 22 Non-Motorized Enhancement Project Federal Transportation Bill FundingThe West Broadway non-motorized enhancement project is an important and Congress spent the be er part of last winter and spring a empting to cobbleinnovative redesign of one of the County’s busiest streets from the Town together a federal transportation bill, known as MAP-21. Top on most budgetboundary near Spring Gulch Road Intersection through the "Y" Intersection cu er’s lists was funding for non-motorized programs. Friends of Pathwayswith West Broadway, and along Broadway to the 5-way intersection. The new rallied our membership to reach out to key members of the appropriatedesign will greatly improve conditions for walkers, runners, and all levels of commi ees to ensure funding programs remained. In the end, there was acyclists through the addition of six foot wide cycle tracks on both sides of the reduction in programs and funding, but non-motorized funding received moreroad, eight foot wide sidewalks on both sides of the road, and a four foot wide feedback than any other program on the chopping block and some criticalplanter strip between the sidewalk and the cycle track. As well, the design will programs remain in large part due to these efforts.provide non-motorized access to all destinations along the corridor, and greatlyimprove the community aesthetics of West Broadway. Winter Grooming Campaign Last winter, Friends of Pathways worked to develop a Gold level of service forRendezvous Park the pathways system by including plowing of certain trails in addition to theFriends of Pathways worked with the Rendezvous Lands Conservancy in grooming program, so that winter access was improved for hundreds of Tetonsupport of the development and approval of the new Rendezvous Park. A County residents and visitors. Friends of Pathways also conducted an extensivecritical pathways link between Emily’s Pond and Stilson Ranch, the new Path 22 survey of winter pathway users to determine their a itude toward the mainte-pathway bridge will connect to Stilson, with a pathway through the park and an nance changes. The results of this survey will serve to inform the upcomingunderpass at Highway 390. These improvements are due in no small part to the season’s plowing and grooming program.generosity and flexibility of the Rendezvous Lands Conservancy. Highway 22/West Broadway Pathway Project BEFORE AFTER
  5. 5. Projects : Connecting In - Town Transportation Networks 5For cyclists in the Town of Jackson, the cycling environment still resembles a bitof the Old West. Without formal bike routes, riders are le to navigate with theirown maps, apps, and route finding intuitions to get to their destination. TheTown has done a good job of upgrading a few key routes, and now Friends ofPathways is advocating the improvement of the in-town system as identified inthe 2007 Pathways Master Plan.Several shortcomings of the current system have been identified. They include:disconnected pathway segments at Town of Jackson borders; lack of directionson how to get through town to link pathway segments and access primarydestinations; difficulty for non-locals to find their way through town; and ridersunsure about which streets are best or safest for cycling.These needs, combined with the fact that more residents and visitors in Jacksonare relying on their bikes for transportation, have brought this issue to theforefront. To address this opportunity, Friends of Pathways, in conjunction with the Town of Jackson and Jackson Hole Community Pathways, are working to develop and promote a safe, inviting, easy-to-follow, interconnected bike network that will connect riders of all abilities to arterial pathways and local destinations. The routes will likely reduce the number of times that a cyclist must stop along the way, and improve the ability to cross major intersections. Through a public education effort, FOP and the Town will help residents and visitors to easily find these safe and efficient routes. The Town Council has declared that safe routes through town are necessary, and indicated that town staff will work with FOP and JHCP to approve the routes, signage, and improvements. This year, FOP, JHCP, and the Town Council will review the 2007 network map to finalize routes through town. It is our goal to have the network approved this year and implemented starting in 2013.
  6. 6. Stewardship : Connecting People with Forest FronTcountry Trails 6Friends of Pathways is not just about 10’ paved separated paths. We also love the frontcountry. Twoseasonal programs we’ve developed in association with the Bridger-Teton National Forest seek to makeconnections with people and the public land. These public-private partnerships are critical to maintainingthe conditions of, and access to, Jackson Hole’s frontcountry trails, particularly in the face of continuingbudgetary challenges on the Federal level.Teton AmPassadorThe Teton AmPassador is another great andproductive public/private partnershipbetween Friends of Pathways and theBridger-Teton National Forest. Jay Pistonoserves as the Teton Pass Ambassador (orAmPassador). One part snow safety expert, Trail Crewone part parking a endant, Jay keeps thepeace on Teton Pass. In Jackson and Teton County, we are fortunate to have back-door access to more than 110 miles of frontcountryWith Teton Pass as ground zero for 60 to 70 trails for hiking, biking, horseback riding, and running.thousand backcountry runs a year (not We say fortunate because this didn’t happen by luck. Theincluding the Coal Creek, Phillips or Mt. Oliver construction, maintenance and patrol of our frontcountryparking lots), the parking lot is one of the trail system is the result of the Jackson Trail Crew, acountry’s most active winter backcountry unique public-private partnership funded and managedtrailheads. In addition to Jay’s housekeeping by Friends of Pathways and the Bridger-Teton Nationalduties on the Pass, Jay serves as a real-time Forest (BTNF).source for snow conditions, avalanche activity,weather reports, and gear needs to ensure The Trail Crew is a 5-person team outfi ed with expertthat skiers and ‘boarders are prepared to trail knowledge and tools of the trade necessary to buildventure into the Teton backcountry. and maintain sustainable trails that can withstand the use and abuse Teton County residents and visitors can dishTeton County Search & Rescue Foundation, out. It seems every time you go for a ride you’ll notice anOutdoor Research, Bridger-Teton National improvement or repair that wasn’t there previously. This isForest, and ProBar are new partners with all a result of the work of the Jackson Trail Crew. Next timeFriends of Pathways. Join us in thanking them you see people working on the trails, give them a politefor sponsoring this unique program! wave and a hearty thanks for all they do to contribute to keeping Jackson Hole a great place to work, play, and visit. 6
  7. 7. Education and Encouragement : Connecting People to Pathways 7 Over 120 kids were taught cycling skills during Bike Rodeos in 2012. We connected with over 8000 residents and visitors at different community events throughout the summer. 300 people a ended the Partners in Pathways Celebration Ride and Walk, commemorating the connection of town to Jenny Lake on the Grand Teton National Park Pathway. We distributedFriends of Pathways distributed 50 lights Dedicated volunteers contributed over 200 helmetsto Jackson Hole Police Department and 2052 hours of service on frontcountry to kids inTeton County Sheriff’s Department to trails in Teton Pass and need in theprovide to cyclists riding at night allowing Greater Snow King Jackson Hole Community.a ticket free, safe passage home. Area in 2012. Over 70 people a ended a fire Friends of Pathways partnered with ecology lesson in Wilson Canyon over 20 organizations to complete during a trail work day, a er the volunteer work on trails and pathways. Li le Horsetheif Canyon Fire.
  8. 8. .Friends of Pathways thanks our 2012 Partners! 8BusinessesAlbertson’s Hoff’s Bikesmith Company Skinny Skis The Mountain PulseCaldera Pizza The Hub Ortovox Snake River Brewing Wilson Backcountry SportsCanvas Unlimited Iditarod Sled Dog Tours Outdoor Research Snow King Resort Yellowstone MappinEcotour Adventures Jackson Hole Mountain Osprey Beverages Smith’sEddie Bauer Resort Pearl Street Bagels StoicFall Line Electric Jackson Whole Grocer Pica’s Teton Valley SportsFitzgerald’s Bicycles Marin Bikes Princeton Tec Teton Mountain Bike ToursThe Gun Barrel Mountain High Pizza Probar TPK Racing: Chris OwenHoback Sports New Belgium Brewing Shade’s Cafe Trek BicyclesOrganizationsBridger-Teton National Forest, USFS Jackson Hole Ski Club Teton County School District #1Community Foundation of Jackson Hole Jackson Police Department Teton County Board of CommissionersGrand Teton Music Festival Jackson Town Council Teton County Search and Rescue Founda-Grand Teton National Park Latino Resource Center tionGreen Drinks Jackson Hole National Elk Refuge Teton County SheriffInstitute for Global Awareness National Park Conservation Association Teton Freedom RidersJackson Hole Conservation Alliance Outerlocal Teton Science SchoolJackson Hole Community Pathways Rendezvous Lands Conservancy Teton Trail RunnersJackson Hole Community School Snake River Fund Teton Valley Trails and PathwaysJackson Hole Land Trust START University of WyomingJackson Hole People’s Market Teton10 WYDOTJackson Hole Public Art Initiative Teton Back Country Horsemen
  9. 9. 2012 FINANCIAL HIGHLIGHTS 9Friends of Pathways is proud to report a successful year.Thanks to the giving sprit of Jackson Hole we experi-enced significant growth in the number of donor gi s as Friends of Pathwayswell as an increase in dollars raised. Sources of Funds80% of expenditures were used to directly supportpathway programs and projects.We are thankful for your donations, grants, and contracts.In the 12 months ending 9-30-12, Friends of Pathwaysreceived $521,164 in cash contributions.Friends of Pathways spent approximately $459,707 insupport of Jackson Hole’s pathway system. Friends of Pathways Uses of Funds
  10. 10. 2012 DONORS 10Deb Wuersch & Bob Ablondi Mary & David Cernicek Pamela & James Reed Pamela & James Reed Pamela & James Reed Drs. Dan & M. J. Forman/ Richard Hunt Margaret & Jim McIntyre Shannon & Jamie YarrowSara & Stephen Adamson Vicky & Bill Chaney Rebecca Reimers OAnn Fredstrom & Stuart Sugarman Spring Creek Animal Hospital Elizabeth & Ryan Jacobson Holly McKoy Jessica & Brook YeomansFraida & Bob Aland Sandy Chapman Margie & Fred Reimers Anna & Steve Sullivan John Fox Jane Jerger Katharine McLaren Becky & Stan ZaistMarcia Kunstel & Joe Albright Rhea Lewis & David Chavez Ki y & John Resor Deborah Supowit The French Children Caroline Johnson Mary McSorley Dimmie & Greg ZeiglerBarbara Allen JoAnn & Joseph Cioffi Nancy & Chuck Resor Connie & Steve Swan Julianne & Ed Fries Susan Juvelier Kelly Cornell Mecartney A. A. ZvegintzovAnn & Don Alsted Tamara & Curt Clauson Story Clark Resor & Bill Resor Catherine Tallichet Lisa & Are Friesecke Dale & Jay Kaplan & David MecartneyAnna & Danny Ames Joan Clements Kristin & Joel Revill Amy & Kevin Taylor Bechy & Tom Frisbie Jeanine & Pete Karns Irene & Moe MellionC & R Ankeny Family Fund Sparky Colby & Andy Norman Grand Fishing Adventures/Rheam Family Karla Tessler & Chase Collins Claire Fuller & Brent Tyc Carolyn & Kenneth Katsma Vickie & Mark MemmerDale Apgar Jorge Colon Annie & Travis Riddell Frances & Allen Tessler Gail Fustos Katie, Maeve & Kevin Kavanagh Alex & Mike MenolascinoHelen & Fred Arbuckle Bob Comey Jackson Pediatrics/ The Thomas-Preheim Family Kathy & Lee Gardner Lue e & Michael Keegan Linda & Mike MeriglianoTecumseh Foundation/Jill & Reed Armijo Ma hew Confer Drs. LI le, Ridgway, Wheeler & Riddell Marylee White & Charlie Thomas Gwynn Garmon Tim Kellogg Carol MersereauNatalie Clark & Henry Armour Valerie Conger Larry Rieser Wild Hands Julie & Fred Gaston Sarah & Renny Kerr Ellen Meyers & Brian LorenzDiana & Jeff Arno Katharine Conover & Tim Rieser Grace Robertson Cathy Poindexter, Dan Thomasma, John Gay Sarah & Robert Kilmain Susan Mick & Bob GordonMary Jane Ashmore Community Foundation of Jackson Hole Sami & Steve Robinson Oliver Thomasma Carrie & Mike Geraci Liz & Andy King Maureen Fitzgerald & Heath MillerCraig S. Atkins III The Community Foundation of Jackson Hole/ Ana Rode Margaret Thompson & Ma hew Fagan Mary Therese & Michael Geraci Susan & Fred Kingwill Jim MitchellVicki & Charles Atwater Thursday Roundtable Fund Terry & Bert Romberg Joan & Walter Thulin Mary Gerty Lee & Roger Kintzel Alice & Rod MoorheadBeth & David AugÈ Cony Corporation Wendy Rominger Lynn Tibbles Margaret Gilday Carrie & Sco Kirkpatrick Captain Bob MorrisSallie & Duby Ausley Doug Cook Allison Rood Barbara & Stan Trachtenberg Christy & Garth Gillespie Julie & Shawn Klomparens Hailey MortonBabble Tree Emily Coombs Sue Rope Pamela Evans & Minh Tran Martha & John Gilmore Emmy Knobloch & Robert Berlin Amy & Casey MortonJane Baldwin Helen & Mike Co ingham Andrea & Monroe Rosenthal Terry & Gary Trauner Giovanini Foundation / Pippa & Christopher Knowlton Barbara & Jack MoserPatrice & Roger Banks Kathy & Thomas Coyle Jennifer Ross m.e.t. solutions/Melissa Turley Jan & Joe Giovanini Kris Simpson, Katie & Jack Koehler Joohee & Alexander MuromcewDail Barbour Marcia Craighead Rosse er Fund Barbara & Larry Van Genderen Girl Scouts Troop 411 Jennifer & Tom Kohlhardt Sara Lee & Bill MurphyMargaret & Gordon Bare Midge & Tim Crawford Lori Zabowitz & Laurant Roux Martha & Warren Van Genderen Girl Scouts Troop 914 Jessica Kopina Sherry & James MusclowDebbie & Randy Barker Alyson Hocke & Bradley Crouch Susan, Justin, Parker & Mitch Rowe Karen Van Norman Lisa & Mark Gocke Patricia & Bob Krause Mary & Bill NealWilliam Barmore, Jr. Rose-Marie & Michel Crouzillat Ann & Paul Ru le Jill Veber Karen & Charles Goetz Peg & Gerrit Kuechle Myra & Steve NelsonRuth Ann Petroff & Mark Barron Mary & Lee Cutler Jonathan Schechter Paul Vogelheim Amy & Jeff Golightly Jane Davis-Kusek & Charles Kusek Nelson EngineeringPilar Bass Cindy & Ma Daly Maggie & Brian Schilling Polly & Sandy Wakeman Sandra & Derek Goodson Gina & Ted Kyle Cindy & Bob NigroPa y Coursey & John Batenhorst Pearl Street Bagels Debbie Schlinger Deb & John Walker Homewood Suites by Hilton Lynne Wagner & John Labrec Ellen Nolan & Dave PfeiferCandice & Wolfgang Bayer Mitch Dann Ms. Pa y Schneider Kristin Walker Colleen & Robert Grady Karen Oatey & David Landes Nancy NortonLisbeth & Carter Beise Karen Daubert Andrew Schrum Mark Walker Jeffrey Greenbaum Alisa & Frank Lane Rose & Ron NovakMargaret & John Bellorado The Daus Family Carol & Craig Schwender Timothy Walker Myrna & Stephen Greenberg Joan Lapham Tim OakleyPetie Benne Laura Davenport Barbara Scowcro Karen Walker James Greenlee Cathy OConnor & Chris Larson Dietrich OberreitLiz Benson Alexandra Dawson Peter Selkowitz Linore, Grace, John & Jim Wallace Jochen Grocke Heidi & Phil Leeds Hanacke & Tucker OffuRobert Berlin Jean, Anna, & Tim Day Mary-Alice Huemoeller-Selle Trudi & Heinz Walter Jill Baldauf & Steve Grossman Lauren & Saghi Leoni Shelley & Kevin OlsonAndy Berney Melinda & Clint Day & Michael Selle Mary & Bob Walton Angela Tong & John Gute Kehr Levy Fund Rendezvous EngineeringBernies Boom Boom Room/JH Ski Patrol Timothy T. Day Foundation / Sandy & Tim Day Anne Jeffery & Jack Sept Doreen Ward The Hub Bicycle Service Jean & Jason Lewis Mia Jensen & Sean OMalleyCarol & Dennis Berryman Julie Deardorff Leah Shlachter Jeff Ward Audrey & Roald Hagen Tim Libassi Janet ONeilJoel Bingham Alison Deines Katherine & Jack Shook Marilyn Wartig Julie Ann Giacobassi & Zach Hall Leticia Liera Open Hands Foundation/Julie Birrer Tacie, Mimi & Daphne Dejanikus Kelly & Carl Shuptrine Joy Watson Caryn Haman Lieberman Research Worldwide Julie & Darrick WalkerMJ Bishop Construction Inc. Sue & Pete Dennis Sandy & Dick Shuptrine Cammie & Andy Watson Francesca & Mike Hammer Ellen & Gene Linn Heather & Drew OverholserRebecca Woods Bloom & Richard Bloom Jessica Bender & Chris Denny Priscilla & Barry Sibson Karen Wa enmaker Lisa Johnson & Ben Hammond Gretchen Long Cheryl & Thomas PalfreyBrent Blue Susannah & Larry Detrick Diane & Donald Siegel Earth Tours/Keith Wa s Miga Rosse i & Chris Hansen Cathryn Brodie & Doug Lowham Kim & Lewis ParkerLea Bonnecaze & Ian Levenson Interval Management Services/Catherine Smith Sieglinde Fund Nancy & Jamie Weeks Nell & Mark Hanson Deborah Lucas Biba & Jon Parker FoundationTenley & Dan Bowen Thomas Dewell Mimi & Frank Slaughter Lynn & Ken Wegner Amy Manhart & Drew Happ Kathrin Luderer & Joe Larrow Andrea PaulMary Bowker Diana Dipaola Nancy Jarrell & Ed Smail The Mary K. Weiss Foundation Jill & Sco Harkness Margie Lynch Karen Youngblood & James PeckMa Braga Sylvia & Joseph DiPrisco Amy Fulwyler & Cary Smith Wendy & Chad Weiss Carol & John Harkness Kathy & Luke Lynch Laura PetersonStephanie & Mike Brennan Carolyn & Nelson Di mar Megan Smith Diana & Mike Welch Karen Jerger & Chuck Harris Helen & Sean Macauley Kelli & Joe PetrickMolly Breslin Peter Di mar Lisa & Stuart Smith Robert Wemple Melissa & Shepard Harris Martha & Ma hew MacEachern Leslie Petersen & Hank PhibbsBen Bre ell Katherine & Mark Dowson Sammie & Sco Smith Jennifer & Kent Werlin Laura & Brandon Harrison Robin & Bill MacLeod Pam & Keith PhillipsLynn & Richard Broders Liz & David Dufault Constance & Jackson Smith Jackson Temp Services/Rob Werner Amy Hatch Mandy Mahoney Sarah & George PhocasThe Brooks Foundation/Linda & Tony Brooks Laura & Jason Dunlop Dorie & Randy Smith Linda & Richard Wheeler Deborah & John Hechinger Ginny & Ken Mahood Susan Pieper-BaileyCarleen & Dan Brophy Pauline Towers Dykeman & Paul Dykeman Snake River Grill Nick & Whiteley Susan Hedden Marcia Male Peter PilafianBlue Lion Restaurant Gloria & Ross Edwards Melissa & Jason Snider Katie, Sara, Katelynn, & Steve White Ryan Heesch Melissa Malm & Gregory Smith Shirley & Paul PiperDiana Brown David Elan Snowdon Fund Cathy & Robert Wikoff Betsy & Jim Hesser Carol & Bill Maloney Bonnie & Tom PockatGinny & Tim Brown Maureen & Todd Ellingson Linda & Keith Soper Chris & Erich Wilbrecht Charlo e Higgins Tracy Blue & Hunter Marrow Tracy & Greg PoduskaMarlane & Brad Brown Cindy & Lee Elzemeyer Sandy Masur & Sco Spector Patricia & Rafael Williams Emma Hill Linda Mars Carol & Steve PooleLorie Cahn & Doug Brown Joannie & Steve Epstein Jeanie & Fred Staehr Teton Orthopedics, P.C. Anise & Marc Hirschfield Donna & Cliff Martin Lynne Wolfe & Dan PowersOutdoor Research Lori Clark-Erickson & Chris Erickson Hal Staley Barbara Kay & Thomas Wilson Berte & Alan Hirschfield Jane Ma hews Holly & Warren PraTheresa & Lester Brunker Roxanne & Tom Factor Diana Osuna & Tom Stallings Chris & Kurt Wimberg Lannie & Bill Hoglund Amy & Forrest McCarthy Sue & Ron PrevostMarian & Dennis Butcher Kathy Falconer-Finnegan James Stanford Pat Weber & Tom Windle Liza & Bland Hoke Ruth & Bill McClure Peggy & Greg PrughJoyce & Dan Butcher Ike Faust Snake River Brewing Josie Wi ner Changes Hair & Nail Salon/ June & Michael McCollister Tamsen & Aaron PruzanRobin & Phillip Cameron R. Feagin Martha Stearn Wendy Wolff Marsha & Mark Holden Kari & Ma McCreedy Pruzan FoundationJan & JJ Campau Martha Feagin Emilie & Ethan Steinberg June & Steve Wolfson LynnIe Hollbacher Kathy & Hank McCurdy Brandon PumphreyFay & Bill Campbell Annie & Jon Fenn Rebecca Stern Sue Wolling, in memory Katy Hollbacher McDonalds of Jackson Hole Jackie Pongracic & Ken PursellAmanda & Nate Carey Fine Dining Restaurant Group Bridget Mullen & Michael Stern of Big Wally (Mark Wolling) Mark Houser Elizabeth McDougal Annie & George PutnamBecky Watson & Betsy Carlin Ray Fink Alice & Robert Stevenson Miller & Spencer Wolling Eric Huber Robin, Nico, & Brian McGee Laura QuinlivanAnne Ladd & Len Carlman Lisa Finkelstein/Suburban Urology Network Meredy & Chris Stiehl Focus Productions/Wade McKoy Jackson Hole Mountain Resort Frederick Landscaping/Sam McGee Patsy & David RaaumBarbara & Jerry Carlson Fitzgeralds Bicycles Pamela Stockton Designs & Bob Woodall Jackson Hole Title & Escrow Company Kim & Bob McGregor Glenda & Bill RamsayElaine & John Carney Fund Naomi & Roy Flack Stone River Foundation Anne & Noel Wray Suzie & Trent Hultman Bev & Ed McIlnay Adventure Maps, Inc.Bernadine & Michael Caruso Patricia Diamond Fletcher Robert Strawbridge Kelvin Wu Teton Mountain Bike Tours Linda McInally Diane & Glenn Ray
  11. 11. FRIENDS OF PATHWAYSPO Box 2062355 South MillwardJackson, WY 83001 TO: