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Help yourself jan12


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Presentation about user assistance and SolidWorks Social Media use, GIven by myself and Keri PRasky, at SolidWOrks World 2012. also available at The SolidWorks World 2012 proceedings site

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Help yourself jan12

  1. 1. Help yourself… a whole lot of user assistanceKeri Prasky Mary Beth RavenOnline Community Sr. Consultant Sr. Manager, User ExperienceDS SolidWorks Corp DS SolidWorks Corp
  2. 2. Where do you go when you need help? SolidWorks Help Online Social Media
  3. 3. Where do you go when you need help? SolidWorks Help Online   SolidWorks Forums  Knowledge Base* Social Media  Twitter  Facebook  Blogs  Youtube
  4. 4. SolidWorks Introductory  Introducing SolidWorks PDF  SolidWorks Fundamentals SolidWorks Help  Help Topics  Context Sensitive   Searching from Google:<version><search string>  Turning Web Help on/off  Glossary
  5. 5. SolidWorks What’s New  Within Help Pages  By Topic Moving from 2D to 3D  Moving from 2D system to SolidWorks Tutorials Quick Tips Prompts Search from within SolidWorks
  6. 6. SolidWorks Tip of the Day Setting up Dynamic Help on first startup Administrative Guides API Help Add-in Help
  7. 7. Where do you go when you need help? SolidWorks Help Online   SolidWorks Forums  Knowledge Base* Social Media
  8. 8. Online - SolidWorks Product Information  By Product  By Industry  Purchasing Support Area  Support  Downloads  Forums  Online Help  Learning Resources
  9. 9. Online - Community  Blogs  User Group Information  Forums  To log in or not log in? ― Read-only access  Searching the Forum
  10. 10. Online – Resource Center  Many Types of Content  Videos  Tutorials  Tech Tips  Education
  11. 11. Online – Knowledge Base* Subscription Customers  SolidWorks Knowledge Base Free Product Support  eDrawings  3D ContentCentral
  12. 12. Where do you go when you need help? SolidWorks Help Online   SolidWorks Forums  Knowledge Base* Social Media
  13. 13. Social Media: SolidWorks Approach Actively engage existing and potential users  Distribute information  Provide learning resources  Better understand user needs Participate in social media  See what other SolidWorks users are doing  Keep the fun feeling from #SWW12  Win Prizes!
  14. 14. Social Media SolidWorks does NOT provide direct support through social media SolidWorks resellers: primary support Then why include social media in a talk about user assistance?
  15. 15. Social Media
  16. 16. Social Media - Twitter @SolidWorks:  Matt West  Get news and updates  See who else is using SolidWorks, doing similar design  Over 7,000 followers  Mainly professionals  #!/SolidWorks
  17. 17. Social Media - Twitter @SWUGN  Richard Doyle  News about all the SWUGN activities and meetings, worldwide  Over 400 followers  #!/SWUGN
  18. 18. Social Media - Twitter Follow this twitter list for tweets from many SolidWorks users!/ SolidWorks/solidworks- contacts/members
  19. 19. Social Media - Twitter Hash tags  #SolidWorks  #SWW12
  20. 20. Social Media - Twitter Who follows any of these SolidWorks accounts? Are we tweeting about the right things for you? What could we stop tweeting about? What could we start tweeting about?
  21. 21. Social Media - Facebook Read stories about engineering and design Mini resource center Audience is younger than Twitter  40% are 18-24  35% are 24-35 Audience very international  20% from Turkey  Many from Malaysia, Indonesia https://www.facebook. com/#!/solidworks
  22. 22. Social Media - Facebook Who has befriended SolidWorks on Facebook? Is Facebook a good mini-resource center? Would can we do better there?
  23. 23. Social Media – LinkedIn Professional Network Find Jobs that involve using SolidWorks Seminars SolidWorks does NOT own this group. SolidWorks does NOT post anything here Completely managed by the community m/groups?gid=82201& trk=myg_ugrp_ovr
  24. 24. Social Media - LinkedIn Is anyone a member of the LinkedIn SolidWorks group?
  25. 25. Social Media - Blogs SolidWorks Blog – company updates, innovation, product news m/solidworksblog/ SolidWorks Community - m/swcommunity/
  26. 26. Social Media - Blogs SolidWorks Teacher m/teacher/
  27. 27. Social Media - Blogs Many other blogs related to SolidWorks http://www.solid ad-solidworks- blogs.htm
  28. 28. Social Media - Blogs Who follows the SolidWorks blog? The SolidWorks Community blog? The Teacher blog? What blog topics do you want us to cover?
  29. 29. Social Media - YouTube SolidWorks has a channel Short how-to videos http://www.youtub orks
  30. 30. Social Media - YouTube Who here has watched any of the SolidWorks videos on YouTube? What improvements or changes would you like to future videos on the YouTube channel? What (if any) integration of social media into SolidWorks would be useful?
  31. 31. Give us feedback here at SWW! Come to the usability lab  In the Hilton Bayfront  Pod in the SolidWorks booth in the exhibition hall
  32. 32. Give us feedback all year long! In addition to using the forums and social media, send us your log files
  33. 33. Questions?Post to theDocumentation andTraining area of forum Click here!
  34. 34. Thank You!Twitter: @MaryBethRavenPersonal blog (about social media use)
  35. 35. Summary SolidWorks Help Online   Knowledge Base  SolidWorks Forums Social Media