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EDSA Magazine 2010 Sponsor Opportunities


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EDSA Magazine 2010 Sponsor Opportunities

  1. 1. Join us and become Sponsor of the EDSA MAGAZINE in 2010! Reach a captive audience of more than 65,000 dental students at 280 dental schools all over Europe The Magazine is published on behalf of The European Dental Students Associa- tion (EDSA) twice a year, next issue in February 2010 We invite you to join us as a co-sponsor of the only Magazine for all dental stu- dents in Europe
  2. 2. SPONSORSHIP BENEFITS & INVESTMENTS Benefits as sponsor Your content will be distributed via 10,000 print copies to 280 dental schools in Europe You are offered two pages dedicated to your own advertorial, news flash, special promotional feature, a short article describing your products or simply a double page full colour advert You will be offered premium position for your company logo recognizing the sponsorship You will benefit from the online exposure of the Magazine available to all EDSA members The publication of the Magazine will be followed up by Email blasts to mem- bers and alerts via Facebook and other online communities and networks of the EDSA Join Wiley-Blackwell and EDSA in collaboration with selected key opinion leaders in Dentistry in addressing, informing and educating all dental students in Europe Investment as sponsor per year (two issues) Choose between two sponsorship opportunities: 1. Exclusive sponsorship covering a specific field 2. Non-exclusive co-sponsorship Both sponsorship types include a two page article or advert content plus logo and premium position recognition in both issues. Additional advertising opportunity: 3. Full colour advert with no sponsor recognition
  3. 3. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION EDSA, the Magazine EDSA, the Association The EDSA magazine consist of different sections The association was founded in Paris in November 1988 and where students have a chance to present their own represents over 65,000 dental students in the European region. projects, achievements and innovations as well as interesting experiences from international EDSA The goals of EDSA are: events. • to inform students about politics in relation to dentistry The magazine is targeted at the members as a • to promote, inquire and describe the standardisa- dental-related publication. tion of dental curriculum within European dental schools It generally includes three sections: • to promote exchange programs and encourage students to take part in these programs • EDSA Minute: section including past and up- • to encourage national dental students associations coming EDSA events and the best EDSA pro- to co-operate on an international level jects • EDSA Science: section including student’s Twice a year, all the delegates of the European Dental Students scientific projects and reports from some of Association come together to brainstorm for new projects and the international dental congresses to intro- keep improving the existing. Furthermore, they discuss dental duce trends in dentistry politics, social and domestic affairs. • EDSA Motivation: section including articles motivating students to join the society EDSA has close relations with ADEE (Association for Dental Education in Europe); FDI-EURO (Federation Dentaire Internati- Please find an example of the latest Magazine here: onal - European Region); IADS (International Association of Dental Students); Comite de liaison (gathering of the national associations of the dental profession of the European Communi- Additional content by Wiley-Blackwell: ty); EMSA and EPSA (European Medical and Pharmaceutical Students Association). For the re-launch Wiley-Blackwell will introduce ad- ditional content by inviting selected key opinion lea- Their main activities are the EDSA magazine and the EDSA In- ders in dental research. ternational Congress. The EDSA Science section will include overviews by The way of promoting the online publication is very simple and invited experts of articles of interest to students in efficient. They are using their database and sending links to the specific research fields. The expert sections will also EDSA Facebook group, the EDSA Yahoo group and to dental provide book reviews and guides – like short intro- School’s official email addresses and Local Students’ Associati- ductions to ’how to write and read articles’, Ethical ons email addresses. guidelines for article publication etc. The EDSA can be found at Addtionally, Wiley-Blackwell will offer news and info about relevant books or journals for students. For more information please contact: Martin S Nielsen Wiley-Blackwell Phone: +45 77 33 33 89 E-mail: