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Introduction to-programming


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Introduction to-programming

  1. 1. Introduction to Programming What is Programming ? Programming –deals with the study of computer language Whatis a Visual Basic? Visual Basic (Vb) – is a tool created by Microsoft to build a computer application in a user- friendly environment that supports Graphical User interface GUI – Graphical User Interface Flowchart – A graphicalrepresentation of step by step instructions to solve a problem. Algorithun –A setof step by step instruction to solve a problem. Operator – An enqine used to perform logical and mathematical operations. Variable –A memory storage/container Loop– An action that repeatedly and continuously perform until a certain condition is done.
  2. 2. Operators: 1)Arithmetic operators + Addition - Subtraction * Multiplication] / Division 2.) Relational Operatior > greater than < Less than >= greater than or equal to <= less than or equalto’ ===or==or= equalto <>or!= notequal to 3.) Logicaloperators || OR || && AND
  3. 3. Flowchart Algorithm Variables Preparation ex: 1.) ex: 2.) x=5 x=5 collect materials x=6 x=6 Variable :x,y z =x+y z =x+y Condition : Z = x+y Print ? Is? less than 100% Yes or No If true, then re-start The operation Is Z less than100? Else is fales Yes or No Display ? Then End the Operation If true, re-sport the Operation Else is false Display result Then End operation Start INPUT Process Condition Out put END