25 Customer Experience Quotes


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This selection of 25 more quotes from our library of over 365 quotes relevant to organisations looking to improve their customer experience. We added a twist by including an action orientated question to challenge you as you pause for thought on the quote. Use these quotes and the questions to drive further discussion, debate and action around your organisation. If you’d like the quotes delivered straight to your inbox via email then sign up to our daily quote service. You’ll receive one a day for a year. Visit http://bit.ly/dk9OVu to sign up for more quotes.

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25 Customer Experience Quotes

  1. 1. 25 Action OrientatedCustomer ExperienceQuotes
  2. 2. This selection of 25 quotes is from a library we have collated ofover 365 quotes relevant to organisations looking to improvetheir customer experience.We added a twist by including an action orientated question tochallenge you as you pause for thought on the quote.Use these quotes and the questions to drive further discussion,debate and action around your organisation.If you’d like the quotes delivered straight to your inbox via emailthen sign up to our daily quote service. You’ll receive one a dayfor a year. Visit http://bit.ly/dk9OVu to sign up for morequotes.
  3. 3. “Dont say you dont have enough time.You have exactly the same number ofhours per day that were given to HelenKeller, Pasteur, Michaelangelo, MotherTeresea, Leonardo da Vinci, ThomasJefferson, and Albert Einstein.”H. JACKSON BROWNDoes your team realise they shouldalways have enough time for their customers?
  4. 4. “A brand is a promise.It creates expectationsthat the product has todeliver.”GUILLAUME VAN DE STIGHELENAre you delivering the promiseof your brand?
  5. 5. “Care more than others think wise.Risk more than others thinksafe. Dream more than others thinkpractical. Expect more thanothers think possible.”HOWARD SCHULTZDo you think as big as possible?
  6. 6. “Be the changeyoure trying tocreate.”MAHATMA GHANDIAre you beingthe change?
  7. 7. “Coming together is abeginning. Keepingtogether is progress.Working together issuccess.”HENRY FORDIs your organisationworking together for thegood of your customer?
  8. 8. “The road to somedayleads to a town ofnowhere."Are you acting to improve yourcustomer experience now?TONY ROBBINS
  9. 9. “Customer service means projectinga positive image.”Is your company positive aboutthings?UNKNOWN
  10. 10. “I have not failed.Ive just found 10,000ways that wont work.”Do you approach your customerexperience with this attitude?THOMAS A. EDISON
  11. 11. “We are all faced with a series ofgreat opportunities brilliantlydisguised as impossible situations.”Is your business missing customerexperience opportunities?CHARLES R. SWINDOLL
  12. 12. “Before you can inspire with emotion,you must be swamped with it yourself.Before you can move their tears, yourown must flow.To convince them, you must yourselfbelieve."What emotions do you want yourcustomers to feel about your business?Do you feel them yourself?WINSTON CHURCHILL
  13. 13. “Once we realize that imperfectunderstanding is the humancondition,there is no shame in being wrong,only in failing to correct our mistakes.”How does this apply to yourcustomer service?GEORGE SOROS
  14. 14. “To understand the man, you must firstwalk a mile in his moccasins.”When was the last time you reallyput yourselves in yourcustomers shoes?NORTH AMERICAN INDIAN PROVERB
  15. 15. “If you think you can, you can. And ifyou think you cant, youreright."How does this apply to yourbusiness?MARY KAY ASH
  16. 16. “Learn to listen. Opportunity could beknocking at your door verysoftly.”Does your organisation know how tolisten out for newopportunities?FRANK TYGER
  17. 17. “When the grass looks greener on theother side of the fence,it may be that they take better care of itthere.”Are your competitors taking bettercare of their customers than you doof yours?SENECA
  18. 18. “Live as if you were to die tomorrow.Learn as if you were to live forever.”Are you applying this attitude to yourbusiness?MAHATMA GHANDI
  19. 19. “I am easilysatisfied with thevery best.”Do you satisfy your customers byproviding the best?WINSTON CHURCHILL
  20. 20. “The secret of successis to do common thingsuncommonly well.”Is this something you strive to do?JOHN D. ROCKEFELLER
  21. 21. “There is only one boss. Thecustomer. And he can fire everybodyin the company from the chairmanon down, simply by spending hismoney somewhere else.”Is your organisation aware of this?SAM WALTON
  22. 22. “Watch the turtle. He only movesforward by sticking his neckout.”Do you stick your neck out for yourcustomers?LOU GERSTNER
  23. 23. “The world is not dangerous because ofthose who do harmbut because of those who look at itwithout doing anything.”Do you have staff who are a dangerto the success of your business?ALBERT EINSTEIN
  24. 24. “The difference betweengood and excellent:details..”Are you considering the details ofyour customer experience?UNKNOWN
  25. 25. “You can never cross the ocean unlessyou have the courage to losesight of the shore.”Do your staff have the courage toserve your customersand go beyond their expectations?CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS
  26. 26. “It takes 20 years to build areputation and five minutes to ruinit. If you think about that, youll dothings differently.”Have you thought about that?WARREN BUFFET
  27. 27. “Never ruin an apology with anexcuse.”Are you guilty of this?KIMBERLY JOHNSON
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