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The dog is considered to be an emotional animal. You will never know, when it is suffering. The reason may lie behind your behavior or other reasons. To a dog, you are the world to it, and thus, you should definitely contact an emotional support dog for your pet dog.

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  1. 1. The Dogtor Online
  2. 2.  An Emotional Support Animal can be an important part of the treatment administrated to patients suffering from emotional or mental disabilities.  Although this therapy is not considered as a valid treatment by some physicians, studies show that having an ESA makes a significant difference in the life of a patient suffering from emotional or mental disabilities.
  3. 3. WhenIs ESATherapyRecommended As mentioned above, ESA therapy does wonders for persons suffering from emotional or mental disabilities. It is also a great asset in hospitals, nursing homes and facilities where people are treated for mental health conditions..
  4. 4. Benefitsof ESATherapy  ESA therapy increases social skills  ESA therapy fights anxiety, isolation and loneliness  ESA therapy increases self-confidence and empathy  ESA therapy improves motor skills  ESA therapy increases self-esteem
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