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Soap Story


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Goat Milk Soaps from Plum Run Farm and Dairy

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Soap Story

  1. 1. Plum Run Goat Milk Soap Marilyn Pontius Plum Run Farm and Dairy Needmore, PA
  2. 2. On our farm in Pennsylvania,
  3. 3. We raise registered Nubian dairy goats.
  4. 4. In the spring,
  5. 5. The kids are born
  6. 6. And milking begins.
  7. 7. Fresh goat milk is used to make oursoaps by the cold process method.
  8. 8. Soap ingredients include vegetable oils and shortening, sodium hydroxide, and milk.
  9. 9. The sodiumhydroxide (lye) is first combined with the milk.
  10. 10. The oils are gentlyheated, thenadded to the lye/milk mixture.
  11. 11. The mixture is then blended until it begins to thicken.
  12. 12. Finally, the mixture ispoured into molds.
  13. 13. The soaps cure for six weeks tocomplete the saponification process.
  14. 14. Goat milk soaps are wonderful foryour skin, full of natural moisturizers and vitamins.
  15. 15. Felted Wool Scrubs, Loofah Scrubs, Celestial Soaps
  16. 16. Our Goat Milk Hand Cream is rich in sheabutter to make your hands soft and smooth without feeling oily.
  17. 17. Plum Run NalaProud Members of:
  18. 18. Marilyn with some of her kids.