general pharmacology patient medication history int therapeutic drug monitoring medication adherence drug distribution system in a community pharmacy community pharmacy management adverse drug reaction- drug in hospital pharmacy and its orga hospital and it’s organization macrolide antibiotics aminoglycoside antibiotics chloramphenicol tetracyclins cotrimexazole sulphonamides cephalosporins penecillins beta lactam antibiotics adr adverse drug reaction and its reposrting clinical development organization and function of ans cholinergic system and drugs anti cholinergic drugs adrenergic system and drugs general pharmacology - 2.1 pharmacodynamics adme pharmacokinetics concept introduction to pharmacology agonists and antagonists serotonin pharmacotherapy of asthma opiod analgesics nsaids histamine cns stimulants bradykinin alcohol antimanic drugs antiepileptic drugs antianxiety agents sedative hypnotics local anaesthetics general anaesthetics cns neurotransmitters pathways
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