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Startup dojo online by bistream (for startups)


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Free opportunity for Europe's startups to engage Japanese professional talents for development and/or market entry to JP.

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Startup dojo online by bistream (for startups)

  1. 1. 2020 Copyright bistream GmbH Startup Dojo Online (Startup partners) Become benefit partner of our corporate talent growth program & Engage a remote team of skilled Japanese developers for your project for free
  2. 2. 2020 Copyright bistream GmbH What’s this? An arbitrage for the good of both worlds. Corporates have vast amount of human resources, but lack dynamic culture. We help startups take advantage of skilled corporate human resources. Startups have the culture of diversity, purpose, creativity, and speed. We help corporates benefit from your resource to empower their talents. We give you development power. You give us training content. The talents are engineers, data scientists, business developers, material scientists and other experts from Japanese corporates. In a team of 3-4, they will work remotely on development tasks without charge. You help them improve their communication skills and learn agile development. The value we receive from you is talent growth.
  3. 3. 2020 Copyright bistream GmbH What we offer. Valuable resources for free, from day one. • Young team of high-value talents from a corporate company as online trainees for a period of 3-6 months - without any fees involved • Strict contract & scheme that protects your business secrets and IPs • Fast and simple onboarding (no visa, no labor related issues) • Transparent and managed communication between trainees and dispatching corporate during the training
  4. 4. 2020 Copyright bistream GmbH What we expect from you. Serious training and growth effects. • Involvement of the trainees in projects and online meetings • Designation of staff who designs and manages the training, a training plan • Strong onboarding to establish a personal relationship and genuine trust • Consideration of English handicap of the trainees, and encouragement • Co-evaluation of growth progress and a Dojo certificate signed by your CEO
  5. 5. 2020 Copyright bistream GmbH How it works. Daily morning video conferencing • Trainees in Japan should be involved in a video conference session on a daily basis, ideally starting from 9:00 for an hour (Japan time is +7hours) • 1 English language instructor and 1 bistream mentoring staff attend the sessions to monitor language performance and skill growth of the trainees • Trainees receive feedback from language instructor and bistream staff immediately after the video session • Trainees work on the task as a team and deliver results till early morning next day (European time) - and the loop starts again from top.
  6. 6. 2020 Copyright bistream GmbH What could follow next? • If the cooperation proves successful, we can match another remote team from either the same company or another one with your startup for another round of the Online Dojo. • If the Online Dojo proves successful and growth effects are proven, there is a chance that our trainees want to to participate in a „real“ (offline) Startup Dojo with your company when travel to Europe from Japan is allowed again.
  7. 7. 2020 Copyright bistream GmbH We’ve proven it works offline. The testimonials. “The Startup-Dojo is a great exchange program where professionals from Japan enlighten you and your company with their knowledge and culture. The trainee played an important role and was a key element in our expansion to Japan. His technical and business skills not only helped in hardware but also in Business Development in Infarm. I would love to see more of this coming to Berlin and potentially to Infarm as well in future.“ Ravindra Varma Hardware Engineering Project Manager | R&D
  8. 8. 2020 Copyright bistream GmbH We’ve proven it works offline. The testimonials. “We genuinely enjoyed having A.K. joining our Xibit team in Berlin as part of the Startup-Dojo program. Her software development passion and sharp analytical thinking have added a huge value to our mixed reality software product. This wouldn't have been a great success without the support of the amazing bistream. We believe that having an international team is a key element to build a company that is innovative and global. This program fits perfectly the culture we have at Xibit, bringing not only international talents but TOP international talents.“ Zakaria Jaiathe Co-founder and CEO of Xibit A video testimonial for the Dojo at Xibit in Berlin: (Start watching from 6 min 10 sec to hear about how startups perceive the Dojo in the beginning)
  9. 9. 2019 Copyright bistream GmbH
  10. 10. 2020 Copyright bistream GmbH Startup Dojo goes online. Get on board. If you are is interested in becoming our partner, please tell us the following! • The expertise/skills you’re seeking for • The number of experts you want to involve • The project into which you want to involve the “remote team“ in Japan, and the tasks you want to assign to them • The period and length of the involvement (max 6 months)
  11. 11. 2020 Copyright bistream GmbH About bistream GmbH • Established in Berlin in 2013. We put entrepreneurs first. We create a talent exchange channel between corporates and startups, while bridging between cultures (Japan - Europe/UK) • Startup partners such as Infarm, EyeEm, ubitricity,, Skysense, Lofelt, simplesurance, Kantan, Xibit, Emu Analytics, RefresherBox, Neufund, German Autolabs, Greenbox, Watergenics, PowrofYou • Corporate clients such as Recruit Holdings, Japan Rail West, JX Metal & Mining, JTB, Mitsubishi Real Estate, Sumitomo Corporation, Tokyo Gas, Mitsui Fudosan, Daiichi Life, Nomura Research Institute • Governmental clients such as METI of Japan, JETRO, Berlin Senate of Economy • Contact: Makoto Takeda -> Web: Schlesische Str. 20, 10997 Berlin, Germany