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Share Point Developer Course Content


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I do a online course on SharePoint 2007. A developer Course on SharePoint 2007 is for 24 hours and it covers concepts on SharePoint Development.

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Share Point Developer Course Content

  1. 1. SharePoint Developer Course Content Time Spent Sessions Things to Cover (Hours) Understanding SharePoint Introduction to SharePoint with a case Study 2 Journey of SharePoint from V1 to V3 Comparing WSS with MOSS Various Flavours of MOSS Technology Stack for MOSS SharePoint as 3 tier architecture Comparing ASP.NET with SharePoint Question/Answers Logical Components of SharePoint Logical Components in a SharePoint farm 1 Containment Hierarchy Imp terms Database Created in a Farm Demo - Creation of WebApp Demo - Creation of SiteCollection Installation of SharePoint/Server Farms in SharePoint H/W and S/W requirments 1 Installation - Demo Various Settings done during Demo Types of installation Steps in Configuration Wizard Adding a Server to an existing Farm MOSS Physical Architecture Different Server Roles in a Farm Type of Deployment Single Server Deployment Web Farm Deployment Various Server Farm Topologies Question/Answers Basic Concepts of SharePoint for SharePoint Developer 6 List and Libraries Site Columns Content Types Introduction to Workflows Views List Template Site Templates Web Parts and their roles Creating Web Part Pages Various Site Templates & their usages
  2. 2. Usage of Recycle Bin Intro to SharePoint STSADM Commands Demo of using these various items Question/Answers Designin & Developing Application using SharePoint Designer 4 SharePoint Designer - Overview Power of SharePoint Designer Developing OOB solutions with SharePoint Designer Creating Master Pages / Layout Pages Modifying the UI of SharePoint Apps with SharePoint Designer Creating Workflows with SharePoint Designer Other Various operations related to SharePoint Designer Question/Answers Deep Dive - SharePoint Object Model 6 SharePoint Object Model Overview Hierarchy of Object Model Classes and Objects in Object Model Demo: Various tasks done with Object Model Creating Lists, Site and accesing Data with Object Model Creating and Deploying Web Parts with Object Model Feature - Introduction Deploying the Web Part with the help of Feature Solutioin - Introduction Deploying the Feature with the help of Solution Creating Workflows with Visual Studio Question/Answers Search 2 Search Overview Important Terms related to Search Configuring Search Question/Answers
  3. 3. Central Admin - Overview for Developers 1 Walk Through Important Features which are required for day to Day job Demo Question/Answers Security Concepts in SharePoint Security Model in SharePoint 1 Various Groups and Permission Levels Authentication Providers Securing SharePoint data and services Security & Permission Strategies Demo of Creating Groups and Providing Access Question/Answers Total Hours 24 Material Prepration Material for SharePoint Certifications E-Books on SharePoint Other supporting Material Tips for Interview Prepration