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Fostering Sustainable Local Development in Tulchyn municipality, Ukraine

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  • Tulchyn municipality became a partner of UNDP in 2006.  Five local community projects were implemented worth  USD  100 thousand, including USD  43 thousand  contributed by the City Council, USD  18  thousand contributed by CBOs/Network,  USD  17  thousand contributed by UNDP and UAH 21  thousand contributed by SDC. In order to support community initiatives and sustain the whole process of participatory decision-making, the Municipal Support Unit (MSU) was established. An official web-site of the Council was created under UNDP support.In context of “Every Drop Matters” Project a  water spring was rehabilitated and an awareness campaign on rational attitude to water resources held.  To solve the problem of accumulation of solid waste (SW) in  Tul'chyn rayon inter-municipal project to introduce an integrated approach to the treatment of MSW was introduced. The project was implemented  by  Tulchyn rayon state administration, by  Tulchyn rayon  council, Suvorivske and Kynashivske village councils with the support of Swiss-Ukrainian project "Support to Decentralisation in Ukraine" and the UNDP Project "Municipal Governance and Sustainable Development Programme". In 2012  an information campaign "Less waste - better life" was  held   which aims to reduce the volume of waste generated by local  residents.  In context of the project , the Strategy on Integrated Approach in Solid Waste Management in Tulchyn target region was adopted by Tulchyn rayon State Administration .  A pilot inititiative on separate silid waste collection was supported in 5 multi-apartment houses in Tulchyn.
  • Members of organizations identified organizational priorities and the most urgent problems of community sustainable development. The project application was developed by community members together with the MSU based on community priorities. In addition to the quality of project application, the eligibility criteria for selecting the project included the institutional capacity of community-based organization (proper registration, regularity of meetings and financial capacity). 
  • Сміттєзвалище:-розташоване на відстані 1км від міста (поблизу с.Суворівське)- площа – 2 га- введено в дію в 1990 р. - розрахований термін експлуатації – 20 років (або 346,6 тис. куб.м.)- наповненість - 100%.
  •  In April 2012 a report on the development of alternative integrated MSW treatment in Tulchyn target region was considered. After a lengthy discussion the Managing Committee approved one of the three suggested options of MSW treatment in the district, which will form the basis for regional Strategy of waste treatment and for the action plan of its implementation. According to the approved option the 4-containers technological scheme of separate waste collection would be introduced in multi-stored houses, which involves the use of separate containers for separate storage of paper and cardboard, plastic, metal, glass and mixed waste. UNDP/MGSDP supported pilot initiative to test the system of solid waste separate collection in five multi-apartment houses in Tulchyn where ACMH were and storage containers procured and installedgrounds for the MSW collection near the “pilot” houses constructed and equippedtrainings for condominium Board members and activists heldawareness campaign in Tulchyn and the neighboring villages conducted
  • Valerii Vesnianyi presentation /Fostering Sustainable Local Development

    1. 1.     
    2. 2. Mobilizing local communities for joint projects Participatory Planning and DecisionMaking Inter-Municipal Cooperation for Solid Waste Management Raising Public Awareness on Human Development Agenda
    3. 3. Territorial community of the city Mayor Department for supporting community initiatives Deputy Mayors Sectoral departments Sectoral departments
    4. 4.    Department for supporting community initiatives created within the structure of the municipality Major task - to engage citizens into the local decision-making and support their projects Public hearings, consultations, participation of the officials in community meetings to learn their needs
    5. 5. Negotiation and establishing partnership between MGSDP and municipality   Establishing Municipal Support Unit Capacity development of officials of local governments, personnel of the MSU, local communities Community mobilisation process Capacity development of local selfgovernment bodies Six community projects worth USD 110 thousand Introduction of the cost-sharing principle: - 18% shared by the community organizations, - 43% by the city council, - the rest contributed by UNDP
    6. 6. Verification of community against selection criteria Project follow-up actions Project implementation Development of project application Project approval
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