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MBA Recruitment with Global Focus


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Improve your leadership talent pipeline with a single platform designed and built for leading MBA employers.

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MBA Recruitment with Global Focus

  2. 2. 5
  3. 3. Web-based recruiting softwarethat connects leading employerswith MBA students and alumnifrom the world’s top-rankedgraduate business schools.A Single Platform
  4. 4. Focus on quickly finding and connecting with best-fit candidates. Streamline candidate sourcing and outreach with a single platform for students and alumni. Improve on-campus recruiting with integrated OCR systems, calendars, and the all-new mobile app.
  5. 5. Centralize all recruiting activities withone-click access to: Sourcing tools: advanced resume/profilesearching and MultiPost job postings Screening tools: notes, folders, flags andbuilt-in virtual interviewing OCR tools: critical campus deadlines andschool contact information Outreach tools: employment branding emails Tracking tools: bench-marking to help youmanage all of your recruiting tasks
  6. 6. Expanded pipeline ensures best-fit candidates. Look beyond core schools to virtually screen and outreach. Post opportunities to broad network of partner schools.
  7. 7. 80,000 Candidates55,000MBA Alumni11,000MBA Interns16,000GraduatingMBAsSave time and money: Access an exclusive closed network of topMBA programs. Attract only world-class business andleadership talent. Proactively source your next generation ofleaders. Never miss high-potential and high-performing talent again.
  8. 8. Go beyond core schools & diversity events to connect with a balanced mix of candidates. Leverage clubs and association partners. Expanded school network.
  9. 9. Access to niche pools of candidates: 5,800 MBAs in diversity clubs• NBMBAA, NSHMBA, LGBT, NAWMBA 10,400 MBAs in professional associations• Forte Foundation, MLT, Reaching Out 2,100 MBAs with military experience 27,000 MBAs seeking outside the U.S. 26,000 MBAs with experience outside the U.S. 26,500 MBAs authorized to work outside the U.S.
  10. 10. What’s new in version 4.0? Updated "Proximity Search" with international locations New “Connect Campaigns” to track all outreach activity iCal integration for OCR & event calendars “Target School Search” for each partner school Export candidate profile data to CSV Simple sign-on from All Global Focus activity now carries over YOY
  11. 11.  Schedule an individual call to discuss needs Demo for team to review and answer questions