The Luminosity Boomerang Consumer Study


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The Luminosity Boomerang Consumer Study is essential reading for any youth marketer or follower of youth trends. The Study was conducted using the Luminosity Marketing Real-Time Lifestyle Map(TM), a proprietary research tool that utilizes mobile research technology to collect qualitative and quantitative information from participants using surveys, photographs, and GPS capture in a real-world setting and on a real-time basis.

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The Luminosity Boomerang Consumer Study

  1. 1. The Luminosity Boomerang Consumer Study<br />A Perception Shift in the Purchasing Habits of Young Adults Living at Home<br />The Purchasing Cycle and Branded Purchases<br />
  2. 2. What is the Boomerang Consumer Study?<br />2<br />The Luminosity Boomerang Consumer Study, published in two reports, was performed to help marketers better understand the lifestyles, attitudes and purchasing habits of Boomerang Consumers as an emerging and important target audience.<br />The Boomerang Generation is a subset of the Millennial Generation, and for the purposes of this study includes college graduates, between the ages of 22 and 29 who are single, have full-time jobs and live at home with their parents . This Boomerang segment has become more prevalent recently given changing economic conditions, the growth in multi-generational households and evolving relationship dynamics between today’s young adults and their parents.<br />
  3. 3. The Boomerang Consumer Study Methodology: Real-Time Lifestyle Map®<br />3<br />The Real-Time Lifestyle Map® (RTLM) is Luminosity’s proprietary research methodology. It utilizes mobile device technology to collect qualitative and quantitative information from participants via surveys, photographs and GPS capture in a real-world setting and on a real-time basis. All photographs contained in this report were captured and submitted by Boomerang Consumer Study participants using the RTLM mobile research technology.<br />Source: The Boomerang Consumer Study, Luminosity Marketing<br />
  4. 4. Study Findings<br />4<br />The results of the study revealed some surprising insights that marketers can leverage to connect with this growing segment. Highlights include: <br /><ul><li>Boomerangers are more independent than previously expected.
  5. 5. For most everyday items, and even identity purchases, Boomerangers are more value conscious than brand-centric.
  6. 6. Boomerang consumers are not as impulsive as their parents and marketers may believe. Our findings uncovered that eighty-five percent (85%) of their purchases are preplanned.</li></li></ul><li>More About TheReal-Time Lifestyle Map® <br />5<br />The Boomerang Consumer study deployed a new research methodology developed by Luminosity, The Real-Time Lifestyle Map®, an approach that leverages mobile device technology to study consumers in real-time and in their natural environments. <br />The Real-Time Lifestyle Map®will help your company answer questions such as:<br /><ul><li>What is my target audience really like?
  7. 7. Are there any sub-segments within my target audience?
  8. 8. How does my target audience go through the purchasing cycle?
  9. 9. Who influences my target’s purchases?
  10. 10. What does a day in the life of my target look like?</li></ul>  <br />To learn how your brand can benefit from The Real-Time Lifestyle Map®, or any of Luminosity’s other research and media services, please contact Candice Seiger at 646.213.4860,<br />
  11. 11. Download the Executive Summary<br />6<br />.<br />For a more comprehensive and detailed view of the Luminosity Boomerang Consumer Study, download the Executive Summary— The Boomerang Consumer Study, Part I &The Boomerang Consumer Study, Part II<br />About Luminosity Marketing<br />Luminosity is an analytical marketing communications firm specializing in target audience definition, message framing and connection strategy. We use our combined expertise in research an media to generate powerful connections between brands and target consumers. Learn more at<br />