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System Storage Manager


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System Storage Manager provides easy to use command line interface to manage your storage using various technologies like lvm, btrfs, encrypted volumes and more.

In more sophisticated enterprise storage environments, management with Device Mapper (dm), Logical Volume Manager (LVM), or Multiple Devices (md) is becoming increasingly more difficult. With file systems added to the mix, the number of tools needed to configure and manage storage has grown so large that it is simply not user friendly. With so many options for a system administrator to consider, the opportunity for errors and problems is large.

The btrfs administration tools have shown us that storage management can be simplified, and we are working to bring that ease of use to Linux filesystems in general.

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System Storage Manager

  1. 1. System Storage Manager HatLuk´ˇ Czerner <> asAugust 30, 2012
  2. 2. System Storage ManagerSystem Storage Manager Aims to provide easy to use command line interface to manage your storage using various technologies like: lvm btrfs encrypted volumes mdraid external storage more. . . Single source of important storage information Written in Python Python module to use in other applications
  3. 3. System Storage ManagerBackends Python modules doing the actual work Provide information about the storage Provide interface to call specific actions device - pool - volume - snapshot abstraction Problems: Mostly calling command line tools :( Inconsistent behaviour between various technologies What other backends do we want ? (partitions, images)
  4. 4. System Storage ManagerCommands Command line arguments for specific action required by user Create - volume List - devices, pools, volumes, snapshots, file systems Remove - device, pool, volume, snapshot Resize - volume Check - file system Add - device Snapshot - volume Problems: Slightly different semantics for different backends (btrfs vs lvm) Undo functionality ? More system integration ? (changing fstab, setting cron jobs)
  5. 5. System Storage ManagerMore discussion How to persuade people to write libraries ? fs-progs umbrella library How to integrate libStorageMgmt ? Verbosity ? Interactivity ?
  6. 6. The end.Thanks for listening.