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  1. 1. CV Name: Yi HAN Date of birth: 08-July-1980 Nationality: Chinese Place of Birth: Liaoning Province, CHINA Language: Mandarin, English & French (Beginner) Education Background 1999/09 -- 2003/07:Beijing university of aeronautics and astronautics Jet Propulsion specialty, Bachelor degree Self-assessment Aggressive, optimistic, confident, independent and be able to work under a dynamic environment. Have coordination skills, teamwork spirit. Strong communication and presentation skills. Studious nature and dedication are my greatest strengths. Work Experience 2015/10 – Now:Turbomeca China (SAFRAN GROUP) Deputy technical support manager Deputy technical support manager has two obligations, Field Representative (FREP) manager and Maintenance Center (MC) manager. The Field Representative Manager ensures the: 1. Management duties, the support, the skills development and the comprehensive operational on field coaching for the FREP team in China. 2. FREP duties on his area of assignment (at least 20% of his activity) 3. Promotion of Safran group, TM values & sense of belonging among his team 4. Functional interaction, coordination and communication with the members of the site front, back office and corporate teams. The Maintenance Center Manager ensures the: 1. Manage the operations of TM Maintenance Center and the Field Technician team in China. 2. Maintain the fleet in operational condition: - “service” mission with regard to TM Customers (compliance with the order) - ensure the airworthiness of TM products (compliance with reference documents) 3. Return of experience 4. Valuation of the service provided
  2. 2. 5. Optimize maintenance lead times and costs for our Customers. 2010/06 – 2015/10:Turbomeca China (SAFRAN GROUP) Field Representative 1. Provide customer assistance to ensure engine serviceability and keep the helicopter flying with respect of safety and airworthiness directives. 2. Create and maintain a strong relationship with the customer to identify and take his requirements into account, to capture his perception and monitor his satisfaction, to collect and record field data. 3. Establish technical and customer relationship added values to contribute to customer loyalty. 4. Communicate, enhance and stand by Turbomeca values. 5. Contribute positively to the front & back office team spirit. Turbomeca Turboshaft Engines Trainings: ENG TYPE ENG Variant Level Training Date PART 147 Training Location Arriel 1 All Level 1 11th-15th Oct 2010 YES Bidart France All Level 3 13th-17th Jun 2011 NO Bidart France Arriel 2 Arriel 2 Level 1 10th-14th Jan 2011 YES Bidart France All Level 2 17th-19th Jan 2011 NO Bidart France Arrius 2 Arrius 2F Level 1 16th-20th May 2011 YES Bidart France Arrius 2B Level 1 6th-10th June 2011 YES Bidart France All Level 2 23rd-24th May 2011 NO Bidart France Makila 2 Makila 2 Level 1 14th-18th Nov 2011 Yes TARNOS France All Level 2 21st-24th Nov 2011 NO TARNOS France FADEC software uploading Level 2 Yes Human factors, SMS, Part 145 2006/07 – 2010/05:Shanghai Airlines Corporation | Aircraft Engine Engineer 1. To do trouble shootings on turbofan engines and work with OEM Representatives to resolve technical problems. 2. Engine performances monitoring. 3. Make the workscopes and plans for engine maintenance. 4. Edit the taskcards, such as SB, EO etc. 5. Participate in engine selection for new aircraft and negotiate with OEMs. Turbofan Engines trainings:
  3. 3. 2008/01 -- 2008/02: Shanghai Airlines Training Center -- B767 Certificate (ME) II 2007/10 -- 2007/11: CAAC -- CAAC Aircraft Maintenance Personnel Licence 2006/08 -- 2006/10: Shanghai Airlines Training Center -- B737-700/800 Certificate (ME) II 2006 -- 2009: PRATT & WHITNEY TRAINING CENTER (BEIJING) -- PW4000 Engine Health monitoring, PW4000 Engine Line & Base maintenance, Engine Overhaul Introduction, Borescope Inspection, Introduction of ADEM, PW2000 Engine Line & Base maintenance 2006/01 – 2006/06:Industrial Distribution Group co. (Shanghai) | Sales Engineer 1. Finish the sales goals. 2. Supply technical support to customers on technical issues. 3. Establish and maintain good relations with the Customer and potential Customers. 4. Report back to the Company potential sales opportunities, and significant trends concerning all Companies’ and competitors’ products. 2003/09 -- 2005/12:Air craft Maintenance and engineering Corporation (A Joint Venture Between Air China & Lufthansa) | Process Engineer Process Engineer in Parts Repair Subdivision 2003.9—2005.7 Engine types in charge of: PW4000, JT9D series engines, RB211-535E4, CFM56-3 and APU. 1. Compile the technical process of engine parts inspection, repair and overhaul. And provide technical support to workshop. 2. Carry out technical research with standard practices process engineer. 3. To be responsible for exploitation of critical projects, such as the replacements of PW4000 fan case attrition lining, LPC case silica rubber rubstrip and RB211-535E4 fan case attrition lining. Ameco is the sole MRO who has the ability for the repairs in China by then. 4. Cooperate with PW and RR Representatives to resolve technical problems. Engine-RB211 Overhaul process engineer 2005.7—2006.1 1. Help customers make the workscope and make decisions of various depth of the engine maintenance. 2. Supply technical support and service to workshop. 3. Supply technical support to customers and help them trouble shoot on lines.
  4. 4. 4. Communicate with RR Representatives to resolve technical problems. Applying for TVF to RR,and holding TRC Meeting etc. Project Experience 2009/12 – 2010/5: CFM 56-7B Engine Fleet Management 2007/09 – 2008/12:B787 Aircraft Engine GEnx Selection and Evaluation Project 2006/07 – 2009/11:PW4000 Engine Fleet Management 2003/09 -- 2005/12:PW4000 & RB211 repair abilities development Certificates 2009/03: Engineer 2003/01: College English Test – Level 6 2001/06: College English Test – Level 4 Language Skills English:reading, writing, listening & speaking -- proficient Professional Skills Aviation domain Interests & hobbies Travel and Sports etc