Webinar - 6 Keys to Successful Click-to-Call Mobile Marketing


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This webinar - 6 Keys to Successful Click-to-Call Mobile Marketing presents the best ways to start and optimize a mobile PPC and mobile marketing campaign.

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Webinar - 6 Keys to Successful Click-to-Call Mobile Marketing

  1. 1. 6 Keys to Successful Click-to-CallMobile MarketingCarlton van Putten, VP Marketing, ContactPoint
  2. 2. What is Click-to-Call Mobile Marketing? A Google ad containing a phone number that can be clicked to make a call Rather than measuring (and charging you for) clicks, Google measures and charges you for phone calls they generate. @logmycalls
  3. 3. Mobile Click-to-Call Examples @logmycalls
  4. 4. Mobile Search Background Mobile search will surpass desktop search in late 2013 - Google, 2012 Only 12% of SMBs have a mobile website or landing page - Search Engine Watch, 2012 80% of mobile searches have local intent - Google, 2012 61% of mobile searches result in a phone call - Google, 2012 @logmycalls
  5. 5. Mobile Search Basics Where do people conduct mobile searches?  At Home – 93% • 71% of time they’re watching TV  On-The-Go – 87%  In a Store – 77%  Restaurant – 73%  Implications • Mobile searchers do not conduct research on their mobile device. They are ready to take action • They need answers quickly @logmycalls
  6. 6. 3 Reasons to Use Mobile Click-to-Call1. Improved CPA  CPA can improve by 20% to 30% - Google, Case Study, 2011  Cost is lower, results are better2. Higher CTR  6% to 8% higher CTR - Google, 2012  CTR can be even higher if the offer and ad copy are optimized @logmycalls
  7. 7. 3 Reasons to Use Mobile Click-to-Call3. More Phone Calls = Better Leads  Phone calls to U.S.-based businesses will double by the end of 2013 - BIA/Kelsey, 2012  Calls from mobile click-to-call ads are more likely to result in sales than other mobile ads - Google, 2012  Inbound web leads convert 3% to 6% of the time - MECLabs, 2011  Inbound phone calls are 10 to 15 times more likely to buy than inbound web leads - ContactPoint, 2012 @logmycalls
  8. 8. 6 Keys to Mobile Click-to-CallI. Mobile Bid StrategyII. Ad CopyIII. Mobile Landing PageIV. Call Analytics – (Avoid Wasting Money)V. Mobile Close RatesVI. Getting Started @logmycalls
  9. 9. I. Mobile Bid StrategyMobile Behavior is Different  70% of people use their phone to search for products in a store - Google, 2011  58% of travelers search within 2 miles of their hotel - Priceline, 2011  80% of mobile searches have local intent - Google, 2012 @logmycalls
  10. 10. I. Mobile Bid Strategy Geo-targeting • Take advantage of location awareness Device Targeting • Tablets, smartphones, wi-fi and carriers Separate mobile campaigns • Average mobile CTR increases 11.5% • Budget and bid separately for mobile – 5 ad slots available on mobile vs. 10 for desktop • Optimize keyword lists, copy,creatives and bids Day-Parting • Desktop off-hours are mobile on-hours @logmycalls
  11. 11. II. Ad Copy  Include phrases like ‘Call Now’ or ‘Call For Special Price’  Google says CTR increases 1% to 3% when call-specific language is used in ad copyThe Offer You don’t have to be a BtoC company to benefit from mobile click-to-call Companies with a long sales cycle (car dealers) or BtoB firms can still say ‘Call Now for a FREE Demo’ or ‘Call Us Now to Schedule Your Test Drive’ @logmycalls
  12. 12. II. Ad CopyCase Study – InterContinental Hotels Group Focused on ad copy aimed at mobile users Tactics • Put phone numbers in ads with phrases like ‘Call to Book Now’ or ‘Call Us Now’ Results • Mobile search revenue increased 91% YOY @logmycalls
  13. 13. II. Ad CopyCase Study – Esurance Focused on generating calls from Adwords campaign Tactics • Used ‘Call now’ and ‘Call today’ in ad copy. Results • Conversion rates were higher than mobile ads without ‘Call Now’ language • Calls were 4 to 5 times more likely to convert than web leads during same period @logmycalls
  14. 14. III. Mobile Landing Page Only 12% of SMBs have mobile landing pages of any kind – SearchEngineWatch, 2012 If you don’t want to have an entire mobile site—at least use a mobile landing page Elements of a good mobile landing page • Call-to-action • Simple • Phone Number or Call Now button • A ‘One-Field’ Sign up • Video is great • Concise Content @logmycalls
  15. 15. II. Mobile Landing Page (Examples) @logmycalls
  16. 16. IV. Call Analytics Problems with Click-to-Call  Google charges you every time a call is started  What about calls that aren’t completed or terminate at the ‘dialer’ screen?  What about lost calls?  What about junk calls? @logmycalls
  17. 17. II. Call AnalyticsCase Study – Holiday Inn Express – Logan, UT Mobile marketing Click-to- Call campaign using local numbers from LogMyCalls. Results  Google • 60 calls  LogMyCalls • Only 29 calls completed (48.3%) • 9 qualified opportunities (15%) • Total Spend: $332 @logmycalls
  18. 18. II. Call AnalyticsCase Study – Holiday Inn Express – Logan, UT  Google calculates (and charges you for) clicks from original ad  LogMyCalls calculates refined call analytics Implications • CPL, CPA, CPC is inaccurate without call analytics • Google CPL - $5.53 • Actual CPL - $11.44 • Misinformation about optimization • Don’t know which ad copy, offers, bids really work @logmycalls
  19. 19. V. Mobile Calls and Close RatesReport released in June 2012 “Mobile call volumes will so profoundly change local  Calls to businesses will more than double by the end advertising spend that of 2013 Internet marketing that cannot make the  Businesses will receive 70 billion calls from mobile transition won’t even devices by 2016. Today that number is 20 billion. be remembered with the same disdain as  64% of SMBs rate inbound phone calls as excellent the much-maligned leads. Only 51% rate inbound web leads as excellent print Yellow Pages.” leads. - BIA/Kelsey, 2012 @logmycalls
  20. 20. V. Mobile Calls and Close RatesWhat does this increase in calls mean?  It means data from calls will be critical (like data from web traffic is critical now)  It means tracking close rates and increasing phone close rates is critical  What Do I Mean by ‘Close Rate?’  The % of calls that ended with the action you desire (i.e. booked appointment, close sale, follow-up appointment, etc.)  FYI • Most BtoC companies have close rates between 13% and 21%. @logmycalls
  21. 21. V. Calls and Close RatesCase Study – Gerald’s Tires 6 locations in South Carolina Tactics Close Rate (by month) • Started tracking close rates in Jan 2012 • Implemented internal program to increase close rates Results • Jan. 2012 • 13% close rate • May 2012 • 70% close rate • Increase of 438.5% @logmycalls
  22. 22. VI. Getting Started1. Sign into your Adwords account2. Select the campaign to which you’d like to add click-to-call3. Go to the ‘Ad Extensions’ tab3. In the upper left-hand corner, select ‘Call Extensions’ @logmycalls
  23. 23. VI. Getting Started5. Click ‘New Extension’ @logmycalls
  24. 24. VI. Getting Started6. Enter your LogMyCalls local or toll free phone number andthe country where the number is based. (Note: You can come back at any time edit information) @logmycalls
  25. 25. Call Tracking for Mobile Marketing  15 Minute Live Demo logmycalls.com/request-demo  Call us at (866) 811-8880 @logmycalls
  26. 26. Next Webinar Thursday, August 2 – 2 PM EDT Title: 3 Lessons Your Business Can Learn From Big Campaigns Marketing campaigns from companies like Apple or Nike simply don’t fit SMB budgets or needs. How can you recreate their success, but with your budget? • How to determine what parts of BIG campaigns will work for you • How to learn from BIG campaigns and tweak them to fit your needs • Ways to ‘right size’ your marketing • Tips to get the right results from your marketing without going broke Britt Raybould, Managing Editor, ReveNews Britt Raybould is the Managing Editor of ReveNews. ReveNews has served as a trusted, unbiased source for news and analysis related to Internet-related industries since 1998, including online marketing, SEM, affiliate marketing, e- commerce, analytics, blogging and much more. @logmycalls