Webinar - The Keys of Social Media Success


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Marketing expert Drew McLellan discusses how businesses can leverage social media to drive leads, sign ups and customer engagement. Awesome webinar!

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Webinar - The Keys of Social Media Success

  1. 1. The Keys of Social Media SuccessDrew McLellan, Publisher/Editor, Drew’s Marketing Minute
  2. 2. Agency ownerSmart Brief on Social Media Advisory Board#15 Junta42 Content Marketing blogs#92 AdAge’s Top 150 Marketing blogs Agency consultant - AMR
  3. 3. No such luck
  4. 4. No such luck
  5. 5. Social Media plan for agency New Bizplan/augmentati onSell this process to clients
  6. 6. My question…
  7. 7. 86% of B2B & 82% of B2C companies say they’re using social media 46% of B2B marketers said social media was perceived as irrelevant to their company, versus 12%Forrester of B2C marketers
  8. 8. 86% of B2B & 82% of B2C companies say they’re using social media 54% of CIOs prohibit the use of social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook while at workForrester
  9. 9. Society of Digital Agencies, 2012
  10. 10. Society of Digital Agencies, 2012
  11. 11. Society of Digital Agencies, 2012
  12. 12. Society of Digital Agencies, 2012
  13. 13. Part cobbler’s children’s shoesPart fear of the all you can eat buffetPart fear of trying to keep upPart we jumped in without a real planPart we’ve always been pretty good at selling what wedon’t do for ourselves
  14. 14. Traditional marketing is aboutdressing your product/serviceup and putting it on display.You’re going out on the townand you’re going to look fine!The timing, the look, themessage – all pre-planned.It’s deliberate.Social media is about saying topeople…. come over any time.You can’t fake much in yourbathrobe and curlers.It’s organic.
  15. 15. You can fake it forawhile but….
  16. 16. sooner orlater, they’regoing to seethrough it.
  17. 17. It’s never going to be on fire
  18. 18. Retain current clientsUp-sell new services to clientsGenerate new leadsShorten the sales cycle
  19. 19. What social media can deliver long-term:AwarenessTraffic (to the hub)Leads (trials, info/sample requests, we get on the short list)Buzz/MentionsCommunity members/advocatesCustomer SupportReputation Stewardship/ManagementEmployee RecruitmentLong term SalesThese deliverables will earn us:Revenue/SavingsAttentionLongevity (customers, employees, word of mouth referrals)New clients/customers
  20. 20. Like CommunityKnow TrustSearch Consistency Content
  21. 21. Can I subscribe to your blog quickly and easily? Email AND RSS?When was your last post? How often do you post?Are your social icons easy to find? Above the fold?Go to your website – do all your social links connect where they should?Go to your Twitter and FB pages – what’s your posting frequency?Who/what is your content about – your agency and clients?Your blog’s photos – of you/authors or the topic?Are you photos tagged for SEO?What’s your mix of curated versus created content?Do you duplicate the same content on FB and Twitter?
  22. 22. Is your agency ready for this?
  23. 23. Do you have a social media policy in place?
  24. 24. Do you have a listening post set up?
  25. 25. Have we defined success?
  26. 26. What’s worth 5+hours a week?
  27. 27. drew@mclellanmarketing.com