Webinar - Mobile Basics: SEO and PPC


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Mobile search will surpass desktop search in 2013. That means more people will find your business on their mobile phones than on their desktop.

Make sure you know the basics of mobile SEO and PPC.

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Webinar - Mobile Basics: SEO and PPC

  1. 1. Mobile Basics: SEO & PPC Carlton van Putten, VP Sales & Marketing
  2. 2. Why Mobile MattersThe Evolution… Enormous Tiny Enormous Again @logmycalls
  3. 3. Why Mobile Matters There are 6.8 billion people on the planet. 5.1 billion own a mobile phone. 4.2 billion own a toothbrush. Unysis, 2011 It takes 90 minutes for the average person to respond to an email. It takes 90 seconds for the average person to respond to a text message. CTIA.org, 2011 91% of all U.S. citizens have their mobile phone within arms reach 24/7. Morgan Stanley, 2011 @logmycalls
  4. 4. Why Mobile Matters January 2011 • 31% of all mobile subscribers own a smart phone December 2011 • 44% of all mobile subscribers own a smart phone Late January 2012 • 48% of all mobile subscribers own a smart phone Now • 57% of all mobile subscribers own a smart phone 72% of those who bought a phone in the last 3 months bought a smart phone • In the 18-34 age group, the number is 83% @logmycalls
  5. 5. Why Mobile Matters1. It is SCARY Effective U.S. Mobile Ad 12 Spend (Billions)• 9 out of 10 mobile searchers take action after a mobile search - 10.6 Google, 2011 10 8.6• 7 out of 10 mobile searchers take action within 1 hour – Mobile 8 Marketer, 2011 6.4 $ Billion 6 4.3 42. Room for Growth 2.6 2 1.4 0.7• “It is still very early in the mobile business,” Larry Page, Co- 0 Founder, Google, Oct. 2011, New York Times • Massive room for growth Morgan Stanley, 2011 • The business world is largely unaware of mobile’s possibilities, even fewer are utilizing mobile marketing effectively. @logmycalls
  6. 6. Why Mobile Matters3. ‘Buying’ Demographics Use Mobile• The young and those with money to burn wealthy have smartphones. @logmycalls
  7. 7. Why Mobile Matters4. Growth of Mobile Search (and consequences)• Mobile search will surpass desktop search by 2013. (Google, 2012). • Moved up from 2014 or 2015• “In three years time, desktops will be irrelevant,” John Herlihy, VP of Global Ad Operations, Google, Digital Landscapes Conference, 2010.AND YET The VAST majority (65% to 75%) of small businesses don’t have a mobile site or landing page. Many (35% to 44%) of medium and large businesses don’t have a mobile site or landing page. @logmycalls
  8. 8. Why Mobile Matters• It is important we fully ‘figure out’ mobile now.  Are we measuring the right things?  What are the goals of mobile marketing?  What are the basics of mobile SEO?  What are the basics of mobile PPC?  We need to find answers to these things NOW or we will be left behind. @logmycalls
  9. 9. Mobile SEO: The Numbers Mobile search will surpass desktop search in late 2013 - Google, 2012 80% of mobile searches have local intent - Google, 2012 61% of mobile searches result in a phone call - Google, 2012 @logmycalls
  10. 10. Mobile SEO Basics Get Position #1 or #2 • CTR dropped 90% from position #1 to #3 – Google, 2012 • For standard SEO the percentage is 50% to 60% • Far more ‘extreme’ than standard SEO • Remember: Majority of search will be mobile by end of 2013. This is a BIG deal. Implications • More intensive focus on SEO • No ‘Silver Bullet’ for mobile SEO, just same SEO ‘rules’ of backlinking and content apply. @logmycalls
  11. 11. Mobile SEO Basics The Phone is Back • 61% of the time a mobile search results in a phone call – Google, 2012 • Mobile searchers want immediacy after a search • The phone call is the most natural form of engagement for mobile users @logmycalls
  12. 12. Mobile SEO Basics Implications of More Phone Calls • Better Leads – 64% of businesses say incoming phone calls are better leads than web leads - BIA Kelsey, 2012 • Higher Close Rates – Our research indicates that close rates are 15 to 20 times higher if a prospect calls than if they fill out a web form. @logmycalls
  13. 13. Mobile SEO Basics Implications of More Phone Calls • Different Metrics – Instead of tracking CTR or abandon rates for mobile we need to track phone calls. • Landing Pages – Phone numbers on landing pages instead of form fields. • Prepare to Handle Calls Efficiently – Prompt and polite—remember mobile callers are ready to buy. @logmycalls
  14. 14. Mobile SEO Basics Local Wins • 80% of Google searches on mobile phones have local intent – Google, 2012 Implications • Every company needs a local presence • Google Places – Only 42% of businesses have completed their Google Places listing. Less have optimized that listing @logmycalls
  15. 15. Mobile PPC Fundamentals Before Getting Started  What’s your goal? Define your mobile conversion. Lead- Gen, App Download, Buy Now, Phone Call or In-Store Visit  Clean slate? Don’t assume any similarities with desktop campaigns  Are landing pages mobile ready? Emulate devices and browsers. Compatibility Android 2.x and iOS 3.x and later.  Target platforms and devices? Are your products specific to a device or OS  Driving Phone Calls? Google says Click-to-Call ads increase conversion rates by 6% to 8%. @logmycalls
  16. 16. Mobile PPC Fundamentals Getting Started • Separate your mobile campaign from desktop campaign • Keywords, Ad Groups, Landing Pages and Offers are distinctively different • Exclude Adwords content network to start • Bid for position 1-5 to be on page one • Many searches will end up with only positions 1-3 on page one @logmycalls
  17. 17. Mobile PPC Keyword Strategies Mobile searches include more misspellings and shorter keyword phrases Start broad to discover mobile keyword phrases then use negative keywords and phrase matching to optimize Do mobile specific research using advanced options and filters @logmycalls
  18. 18. Mobile PPC Keyword Strategies @logmycalls
  19. 19. Mobile PPC Bid Strategies Lower bids/ higher conversions are possible Geo-targeting • Take advantage of location awareness Device Targeting • Tablets, smartphones, wi-fi and carriers Day-Parting • Desktop off-hours are mobile on-hours @logmycalls
  20. 20. Mobile PPC Ads and Offers Call-centric phrases ‘Call us today’ • Ad copy that uses a phrase increases conversion rates by 4% to 8% like ‘call us now’ or ‘call on your mobile for a special offer’ converts more Instant Gratification • Call, buy, download NOW • “1-click actions” Consider mobile specific offers • Free works better than cheap • Deep discounted limited time @logmycalls
  21. 21. Mobile PPC Ads and Offers Smartphone Do’s  Tablet Do’s • Click-to-call or map-to- • Rich media landing location pages • Use new HTML5 ad • Video advertising formats (multi- • Ad formats that take panel, Interstitials etc.) advantage of screen Smartphone Don’ts size (be careful of • Flash image scaling) • Long Ad Copy  Tablet Don’ts • Click-to-call @logmycalls
  22. 22. Adwords & Call Extensions Call extensions make it easier for Call Extensions Setup customers to call you directly via your ad 1. Select the campaign for and allow you to measure the phone calls which you want to enable call extensions. that your ads generate. 2. Go to the Ad extensions tab. Call extensions are an ad feature that 3. Select the Call allows advertisers to include additional Extensions view from the drop-down list. information about their offers within text 4. Click New extension ads. 5. Type your business phone number or your LogMyCalls tracking Call extensions give you additional real number, and the estate within a search result, and allow country where the searchers a way to connect with your number is based. business. 6. Click “Save and Continue.” Call extensions increase both your CTR and your close rates. @logmycalls
  23. 23. PPC & SEO: Mobile Differences In mobile PPC and SEO the most common action is a phone call. User intent is different (decision v. research) Mobile clicks are still selling slightly below marketing value. By default, Google ads will be syndicated to mobile devices. You can assess success and then either change settings or create new campaigns. @logmycalls
  24. 24. PPC & SEO: Mobile Differences  Remember: Mobile users absorb information quickly and tend to make phone calls. They want CONCISE everything.  Remember: Everything you know about PPC still works BUT targeting mobile can reach a whole new level of effectiveness.  Remember: Just like with desktop PPC, look at the data.  Remember: By default PPC campaigns are syndicated through mobile devices. Evaluate and consider disabling syndication and then changing settings or running separate mobile campaigns. @logmycalls
  25. 25. Mobile Marketing  Download our White Paper: 6 Things You Need to Know Before the Impending Mobile Marketing Explosion  Request a Demo – logmycalls.com/request-demo  Call us at (866) 811-8880 @logmycalls
  26. 26. Next Webinar Thursday, June 21 – 2 PM EDT Title: Top Tips for Conversion Optimization  What’s a good conversion rate?  Case studies  Landing page and website tips to convert more  Crazy awesome statistics  Every business typeLogMyCalls.com/webinar @logmycalls