SES Toronto: Top Tips for Conversion Optimization


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This presentation was given by @jasonrwells at SES Toronto on June 12, 2012. This presentation covers the

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SES Toronto: Top Tips for Conversion Optimization

  1. 1. Top Tips for Conversion OptimizationJason WellsCEO, ContactPointjason@logmycalls.comTwitter: @jasonrwellsTwitter: @logmycalls Toronto | June 11–13
  2. 2. Toronto | June 11–13, 2012 | #sestoConversion Rate The most critical statistic in marketing because it is directly tied to profits The % of people that do something you want them to do  Fill out a landing page form  Click on a ‘Request a Demo’ button from a web page  Buy a product  Download a piece of content  Call Conversion rate optimization is a long-term process @logmycalls
  3. 3. Toronto | June 11–13, 2012 | #sestoWhat is a ‘Good’ Conversion Rate? There is no correct answer. It depends on a variety of factors.  The Offer…  Our White Paper landing pages average a 41.3% conversion rate  Our ‘Request a Demo’ landing pages average a 7.5% conversion rate @logmycalls
  4. 4. Toronto | June 11–13, 2012 | #sestoWhat is a ‘Good’ Conversion Rate? • PPC • Median – 3.5% • Mean – 8.4% @logmycalls
  5. 5. Toronto | June 11–13, 2012 | #sestoWhat is a ‘Good’ Conversion Rate? • Organic • Median – 4.0% • Mean – 8.0% @logmycalls
  6. 6. Toronto | June 11–13, 2012 | #sestoConversion Rate: A Funnel Perspective Awareness Evaluation Engagement Conversion Loyalty @logmycalls
  7. 7. Toronto | June 11–13, 2012 | #sesto Conversion Rate: A Funnel Perspective High LandingPage Conversion Marketing Qualified Leads - Blog Subscriptions - Newsletter Registrations Sort of Sales Ready Leads - Webinar Registrations - White Paper Registrations Sales Ready Leads - Meeting Requests - Demo Requests - Free Trials - Inbound Phone Calls Low LandingPage Conversion @logmycalls
  8. 8. Toronto | June 11–13, 2012 | #sestoConversion Rate: The ProcessMarketing Qualified Leads- Blog Subscriptions- Newsletter Registrations Thank You Page (With Demo Form) Thank You Page (With White Paper Form) Retreat Offer Blog (Watch a Video or Subscription Webinar)Form On-Page Retreat Offer (They Stay on None the Page) @logmycalls
  9. 9. Toronto | June 11–13, 2012 | #sestoConversion Rate: The ProcessSort of Sales Ready Leads- Webinar Registrations- White Paper Registrations Thank You Page With CALL NOW & Phone Number Thank You Page (With Demo Form) Retreat Offer (Another White Whitepaper Paper or Webinar) Landing Page Retreat Offer Thank You Page (Another WP or (With Demo Offer) Webinar) Note: Putting an actual form on a Thank You or Confirmation Page, not a button linking to another page, increases conversion rates. @logmycalls
  10. 10. Toronto | June 11–13, 2012 | #sesto Conversion Rate: The Thank You Page ‘Thank you’ or ‘Confirmation’ page with form rather than a button increases conversion rates 5% - 8% @logmycalls
  11. 11. Toronto | June 11–13, 2012 | #sestoConversion Rate: The Process Sales Ready Leads - Meeting Requests - Demo Requests - Free Trial - Inbound Phone Calls Talk to Them on the Phone Thank You Page (Call us Now – Phone Number) Retreat Offer (White Paper or Demo Landing Webinar) Page Thank You Page Retreat Offer (With Blog or (White Paper or Newsletter Webinar) Subscription) @logmycalls
  12. 12. Toronto | June 11–13, 2012 | #sestoConversion Rate: Some Things to Remember• The more touches (Thank You Pages, Forms, Retreat Offers) you have, the higher your conversion rate will be.• View conversion rate optimization as a process not merely ‘getting a better landing page’• Different businesses will want to produce different types of leads and should expect different conversion rates. • Download • Demo • Trial • Purchase • Phone Call• The higher the landing page conversion rate, the lower the lead-to-customer conversion rate. @logmycalls
  13. 13. Toronto | June 11–13, 2012 | #sestoForgotten Conversion Rate• Don’t forget to track secondary pages (Thank You, Retreat) for conversion rate. • Primary conversion rate and secondary conversion rate will be different.• Don’t forget to track phone calls landing pages produce (or phone calls subsequent searches produce)• Don’t forget to track social media engagement @logmycalls
  14. 14. Toronto | June 11–13, 2012 | #sestoForgotten Conversion Rate• Example 1: • We just concluded an email marketing campaign that produced a 42.1% landing page conversion rate for a White Paper download. • BUT it also produced several inbound phone calls FROM the landing page. • 80% of those calls resulted in demos @logmycalls
  15. 15. Toronto | June 11–13, 2012 | #sestoWhat is a ‘Comprehensive’ Conversion Rate?• A comprehensive conversion rate includes much more than the % of people that completed a landing page form: • How many calls did your landing page drive? • What about social media engagement? • How many leads converted to customers? • What about conversion rates for other pages? @logmycalls
  16. 16. Toronto | June 11–13, 2012 | #sestoLanding Page Conversion Optimization• Only 20% of people view landing page content below the fold. (Source: Search Engine Land)• 48% of companies NEVER test their landing pages to improve conversions. (Source: Marketing Sherpa)• 64% of companies NEVER even attempt to optimize a landing page once they set it up. (Source: Search Engine Land) @logmycalls
  17. 17. Toronto | June 11–13, 2012 | #sestoLanding Page Conversion Optimization 1. Goal • Are you trying to produce demo sign-ups? White Paper downloads? Phone calls? • Keep ‘difficultly level’ in mind – A demo request is going to have lower conversion rates than a White Paper download 2. Headline • Clear, concise 3. Crisp Copy • Journalist’s rule: Use the fewest words necessary to make your point. @logmycalls
  18. 18. Toronto | June 11–13, 2012 | #sestoLanding Page Conversion Optimization 4. Call-to-Action • Make it crystal clear – What do you want the visitor to do? What are they getting in return? 5. Fields • How many is too many? 6. Phone Numbers • Include a phone number on your landing page • Landing pages (especially for demos and trials) will generate calls @logmycalls
  19. 19. Toronto | June 11–13, 2012 | #sesto Landing Page Conversion Optimization  Random Tips and Stats  Forms on the left side of the page have a 5% to 10% lower conversion rate than forms on  Green CTA buttons the right side convert 21% more than red buttons  Using the Word FREE or having a free badge increases conversion rates from 4% to 10%Source: @logmycalls
  20. 20. Toronto | June 11–13, 2012 | #sestoLanding Page Conversion Optimization Random Tips and Stats  Adding an arrow increases conversion rates by up to 20%  Making them feel like they’re getting a deal increases conversion rates.  Using an specific time window in your text increases conversion rates substantially  “Sign up in less than 60 seconds” OR “15 Minute Demo” @logmycalls
  21. 21. Toronto | June 11–13, 2012 | #sestoLanding Page Conversion Optimization• Testing…testing… • Mozilla Firefox • Changed call-to-action from ‘Try Firefox’ to ‘Download Now – FREE’ • Second CTA outperformed by 3.6% • • It compares landing pages and asks which ones convert • Let’s do todays test @logmycalls
  22. 22. Toronto | June 11–13, 2012 | #sestoA/B or Multivariate Testing for Landing PagesMultiVariate Testing A/B Testing  Define the elements you  Testing two different want to test and track the pages, headlines, layouts, result of 3 or 4 variables colors, offers etc. at a time. Pieces of  Advantages JavaScript code need to  Fast results be added: one opening the test and one closing  Not much expertise the test. needed Advantages  Granularity of results – Easier to see correlating factors and clearer data  Complex, powerful results @logmycalls
  23. 23. Toronto | June 11–13, 2012 | #sestoWebsite Conversion Rate Optimization• Think of your entire website as a landing page • Front page, secondary pages, articles blogs, should all be treated like, tested like and held accountable like landing pages. • They should have: • Calls-to-Action • Simple Forms • Phone Numbers • Funnels set up for them in Google Analytics • Unique conversion rates including calls and ‘traditional’ conversion rates @logmycalls
  24. 24. Toronto | June 11–13, 2012 | #sestoWebsite Conversion Rate Optimization• Hubspot has a total of 67 Free Trial or Demo Buttons (that I could count on the front page or other high traffic pages of their site (not including blogs, articles and landing pages)• One individual page explaining the features of Note: Every Hubspot blog or article has 10-12 their product has calls to action. 9 demo buttons on it! @logmycalls
  25. 25. Toronto | June 11–13, 2012 | #sesto Website Conversion Rate Optimization• Marketo has a Demo and Free Trial tab on every single page on their site (that I could find)• That’s a total of over 500 Demo and Free Trial buttons on their site.• They also have a real- time ‘Chat with a Sales Rep’ feature Note: They also have a phone number on their page. @logmycalls
  26. 26. Toronto | June 11–13, 2012 | #sestoComprehensive Conversion Rate – Phone Calls• Phone Calls are High Value Leads • Only 2% - 8% of web leads are ready to buy in 3 months. (Source: Marketing Sherpa) • 65% of companies say phone calls are their highest quality lead source. (Source: BIA/Kelsey, 2010) @logmycalls
  27. 27. Toronto | June 11–13, 2012 | #sesto Comprehensive Conversion Rate – Phone Calls Close Ratio By Month• Test-Phone Conversion Rates (percentage expressed as decimal)  Several hundred phone calls over 5 months  Close rate of 70%  What’s a good online lead-to- customer conversion rate?  5% ?  10% ?• What’s my Point? • Drive inbound calls Note: Instead of 2% to 8% of leads • Track inbound calls buying in 3 months, you have 70% of calls are ready to buy in the same • Optimize landing pages, websites and month. campaigns to generate calls @logmycalls
  28. 28. Toronto | June 11–13, 2012 | #sestoConversion Rate: Mobile• Mobile Changes Conversion Optimization • Mobile search will surpass desktop search by the end of 2013. (Source: Google, 2012) • 61% of searches on a mobile phone result in a phone calls. (Source: Search Engine Land, 2012) • 52% of all mobile ads result in phone calls. (Source: xAd, 2012) • What this means: mobile conversion is about driving phone calls because mobile produces phone calls. @logmycalls
  29. 29. Toronto | June 11–13, 2012 | #sestoConnect with Me  Our Blog •  Google+ • LogMyCalls  Email •  Twitter • @jasonrwells • @logmycalls @logmycalls