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  2. 2. Day 1 YEREVANFlight to Yerevan by Austrian Airlines, Czech Airlines, LOT, Aeroflot, Air Italy, etc.Day 2 YEREVANArrival to Zvartnots International Airport early in the morning. Meeting with travelagency representative. Transfer to hotel. Check in. Rest. Breakfast in hotel.Preliminary tour in Yerevan city. Visit to Victory Park, view of Holy Mount Araratand Yerevan city. Walking tour to Cascade, Opera house, North Avenue, RepublicSquare.Dinner in Armenian traditional restaurant. After dinner visit Republic Square forlistening and seeing the fountain and light show. Overnight at hotel. Republic SquareDay 3 YEREVAN– MATENADARAN - GARNI– GEGHARD - YEREVAN (80km)Breakfast in hotel. Visit to Matenadaran, the Institute of ancient manuscripts. Ithas over 17000 units which include numerous fragments from Armenian andforeign ancient manuscripts, complete parchments, copies of first printed booksetc. The oldest manuscript, that has been preserved completely, is the Vehamor(Our Lady) Gospel written in the 7th century. Some of the most impressing items inMatenadaran are the Msho Charentir, the largest manuscript that weighs over 27kilos and the tiny church calendar of 1434 which not bigger then a passport photoand which weighs only 19 grams. Matenadaran thTrip to Geghard Monastery (12 - 13th centuries). Geghard Monastery is includedin UNESCO’s World Heritage List. It is famous for its rock architecture and thechurch carved inside the rock. Name of the church comes from a legend. Accordingto it a spear (geghard in Armenian) was kept here with which Jesus Christ waspierced on the cross by one of the Roman legionaries guarding him.Drive to Garni temple, the oldest surviving building. This temple, built in thesecond half of the 1st century AD, was dedicated to one of the deities of Armenianpagan pantheon, Mitra the Deity of Sun.Return to Yerevan. Dinner. Overnight at hotel. Geghard monasteryDay 4 YEREVAN – KHOR VIRAP – NORAVANQ - YEREVAN (250 km)Breakfast in hotel. Drive to Khor Virap Monastery where the Biblical MountArarat reveals its breathtaking size and splendor. The Khor Virap Monasterysituated on a hill not far from the border with Turkey.Drive to the masterpiece of medieval Armenian architecture Noravank Monastery(13th-14th centuries).The Noravank Monastery, situated on a ledge over Arpa rivergorge surrounded by fantastic red rocks, was founded in the place of an ancientmonastery and took on special significance as a cultural and religious center in the13-14th cc. Stopover in the Areni village for wine tasting at the local wine factory.Return to Yerevan. Dinner in restaurant. Overnight at hotel. Khor VirapDay 5 YEREVAN–ECHMIADZIN–ZVARTNOTS- YEREVAN (50 km)Breakfast in hotel. Drive to Echmiadzin, the spiritual and administrative center of the ArmenianApostolic Church. Visit to Museum of St. Echmiadzin, where you will see a Holy Spear, withwhich Jesus Christ was pierced on the crossRide back to Yerevan. On the way visit to Zvartnots temple.The temple was built in the 7thcentury in accordance with the design of Catholicos Nerses III "the Builder". It collapsed from anearthquake in the 10th century. Zvartnots is a three-tiered central-dome construction withstriking sublimity and is considered as one of the wonders of Armenian architecture.Visit to Genocide museum and Memorial complex in Tsitsernakaberd. Free time in Yerevan.Dinner in restaurant. Overnight at hotel.
  3. 3. Day 6 YEREVAN- LAKE SEVAN - HAGHARTSIN – DILIJAN (80 km)Breakfast. Drive to Lake Sevan. Visit churches on Sevan peninsula. Lake Sevan,known in the ancient times as the Geghama Sea, is the "blue-eyed beauty" ofArmenia. Being one of the biggest highland freshwate r lakes in the world it is 1900m above sea level. Sevan Peninsula, with its two 9th century churches adding aromantic touch it, is the best place to admire the beauty of the lake.Drive to Dilijan. Visit to Haghartsin monastery. The Haghartsin Monastery, built inthe X-XIII cc, is situated 18 km away from the town of Dilijan, in the woody valley ofIjevan mountain range. During the Silver Age, the monastery was a major center ofArmenian church architecture and ranked among the leading cultural hearths ofmedieval Armenia. Check-in hotel in Dilijan. Dinner. Overnight at hotel in Dilijan. Lake SevanDay 7 DILIJAN - SANAHIN – HAGHPAT – YEREVAN (320 km)Breakfast in hotel. Check-out from hotel. Visit to Sanahin and Haghpat monasteries.These monasteries are under the protection of UNESCO and are included in the listof world heritage sites. The Sanahin Monastery is situated on a small plateau atDebed river canyon, 1000 meters above sea level. The exact time of itsestablishment is not known; however, historians’ evidences prove its existence longbefore the X century, while in the X-XI cc the number of monks had already reachedseveral hundreds. In Sanahin and Haghpat monasteries, medievalcalligraphers studied theology and humanities, translated Euclid’s and Plato’s worksbringing together antique and oriental traditions typical to the Silver Era.Return to Yerevan via Ria Taza. Check-in hotel in Yerevan. Dinner. Haghpat monasteryDay 8 YEREVANBreakfast in hotel. Drive to Ashtarak. On the way visit Saghmosavanqmonastery and Amberd castle. Return to Yerevan. Visit Armenian market“Shouka” for buying Armenian national sweets, dry fruits etc. Free time. Dinner inArmenian restaurant.Day 9 YEREVANEarly in the morning check-out from hotel. Transfer to the airport. Departure fromYerevan. Armenian sweets