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Web Accessibility-The Next Level of User Experience


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This presentation was presented at Big Design 2015 #BigD15. An introduction to the major concepts of web accessibility, including the WAI guidelines from the W3 and U.S. 508 Compliance. Support for accessibility is developed through the use of html5 tags and WAI roles.

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Web Accessibility-The Next Level of User Experience

  1. 1. A Web for Everyone for-everyone/ World Wide Web Consortium WAI-Guidelines
  2. 2. U.S. Law-508 Compliance JAWS Screen Reader Chrome Vox Screen Reader
  3. 3. Web AIM WAVE Accessibility Validator
  4. 4. W3 Validator Nu W3 Validator(This tool is an ongoing experiment in better HTML checking, and its behavior remains subject to change.)
  5. 5. Photo of Downtown Grapevine History of Google Maps /speech-friendly-textual-directions.html
  6. 6. Title Tag Example Infographic