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HR interpreneurs Program


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The HR INTERNPRENEURS Program has been specifically designed to accompany and support interns during their HR adventure at L’Oréal. The program drives and accelerates the integration and development of an intern's competencies and fully integrates them into L'Oréal's international HR team.

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HR interpreneurs Program

  1. 1. HR Internpreneurs Program
  2. 2. The spirit “You are never too young or too new at L’Oréal to be able to make a difference.” Carmel Valencia
  3. 3. The program
  4. 4. We are looking for HR innovations on:
  5. 5. Take a look inside the event:
  6. 6. The Timeline: discover the journey!
  7. 7. The Jury
  8. 8. Ready to join the HR Internpreneurs Program?