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Joining our team

  1. 1. Joining Our Team F.A.Q About Joining the Scentsy Family
  2. 2. Put it this way, I am a student, a full time daycare worker, a wife, a Mary Kay "I dont think I have a consultant, AND a Scentsy consultant. I still have time to do the things I love, and always lot of time to do come home to a house that smells Scentsy... do you have FANTASTIC! The hours you put in, will be to spend much time at reflected in what you bring in! If you dont have time to hit it hard one month, theres it, or do a lot of home always the next! Scentsy is the ultimate parties?" flexible schedule! You work when YOU want to! As far as the home parties go, you dont HAVE to do any home parties! There are many different options in the methods in which to sell Scentsy! Including basketI work 40 hours a week, take care of a 1 year old, parties, Online parties, Home parties, andam a wife, and have a growing photography fundraisers!business on the side. I honestly thought I couldn’t Answered by Trisha N.EVER take on another thing, but…. Scentsy givesme FREEDOM! If I want to do 5 home parties Ibook 5. If I don’t want to do any I don’t do any.You get what you put in, you work when youwant to, and if you want to take a month off DOIT.YOU are your own boss! Answered by Kym C.
  3. 3. No you dont. You can have aslittle or as much as youd like.The benefit of having stock onhand is people at parties/ events “Do I have tocan see the actual product and have a ton ofeven go home that day withsome product. overstock on Answered by Erika S. hand?” Some of the girls went to Spring Sprint Chicago In Feb 2012
  4. 4. Well, I always feel like I cant sell it and that Im doing crappy job. Then, I look at my workstation and Ive got "Im not very sales in there, so either Im better at this than I thought I was or this stuff good at sales, is sells itself. Either way, something is it hard to sell?" working. If you love Scentsy and you believe in the product then people will be able to see what you are talking about and will take a risk. People see my excitement and are willing to try it. Answered by Malea W.Scentsy basically sells itself! So many people willget engrossed in sniffing your testers, find out Scentsy owners : Heidi and Orvilletheyre amazing, and be HOOKED! There are somany different scents, so there is virtuallysomething for EVERYONE! Also, there is no needto worry that once you sell to someone, therewont be any need for them to re-order! Scentsyis always coming out with new scents andwarmers! With each new catalog brings newopportunities! Answered by Trisha N.
  5. 5. You get to experience the new scents beforeanyone else does. Plus, you get to see thenew warmers first, too. And, you get adiscount on them all. Whats the best is thatyou get 20% commission which is practically “What are somelike 20% off stuff you were going to buy perks to joininganyway. The best part of joining Scentsy isthat youre getting a whole new group of Scentsy?”friends that no one else gets to experience.Its like a secret club that no one else knowsthe password to. Its pretty awesome. Answered by Malea W. Some of the perks are the commission you make as a consultant. It starts at 20% and then gets bumped up to 25% after you sell $1000 worth of product. Another perk is 1/2 price rewards from your party. Another perk is that you can do this on your time, if you dont want to sell for a month, you dont have to. If you dont want to have parties for a couple weeks, thats fine too. Also, there is no sales pressure from Scentsy, so no pressure on you. Also, having parties and events are fun! Answered by Erika S.
  6. 6. You start out earning 20% on“How does the all your sales (EVEN YOURcommission OWN PURCHASES!)work?” Once you sell 1,000 in your lifetime sales, you start earning 25% and are a CERTIFIED consultant and become searchable on the website for people in your area. If in any month you sell 2,000+ you will earn 30% Answered by Kym C.
  7. 7. I cannot even describe the supportsystem that I have encountered withScentsy. Not only is your sponsor able tohelp you out, but there are manyadditional groups available on Facebookat higher levels, with consultants from “Do you have a goodevery experience range, located all overthe world! All questions I had as a support system withbeginner were answered promptly, Scentsy?”WITHOUT having to call customer serviceand wait on hold for hours at a time! Ijust logged into my support network andasked away! Not once did I feel like I wasgoing to be looked at in a negative way!Everyone was so accepting, and mademe feel like I could succeed! That bringsup another point! It seems as thougheveryone involved in Scentsy is genuinelyhappy for those who succeed, and forthose who struggle, there is alwaysencouragement and help readilyavailable! Scentsy is more than a team.Its a family. Answered by Trisha N. We are very supportive of all Scentsy Sisters
  8. 8. One dollar every 6 months.“Are there sales Basically a light bulb. LOL. Unlessrequirements, or you get a down line (peoplerecruiting under you, then therequirements?” requirements change but that’s after you get established and know the ropes. Nothing to be concerned about. And if you never want to recruit. Don’t. We have no problems if you don’t want to take on a team. ~Kym C
  9. 9. “If you had to Sellingdescribe Scentsy in 3 exciting,or less words, what fun, girlswould YOU say?” night
  10. 10. MORE QUESTIONS? Ask a Team Member, they are happy to help! We hope to see you on our team sharing the love of Scentsy!