Kognitio cloud webinar feb 2013


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Kognitio cloud webinar feb 2013

  1. 1. Kognitio Cloudon Amazon Web Services Web Seminar February 2013
  2. 2. Today’s Web Seminar: Kognitio CloudFormat & Agenda Brief Overview – Kognitio and Kognitio Cloud Demonstration - spinning up on AWS in minutes Q&A - open discussionPresenters Host Michael Hiskey Vice President, Marketing & Business Development Kognitio is leading the Big Data Analytics market and Michael Leads Marketing there… Key Note Presenter Ian Bird As VP Cloud Solutions for Kognitio, Ian is responsible for defining the Kognitio Cloud solutions and delivery. He works closely with clients to ensure successful Kognitio Cloud implementations
  3. 3. KognitioKognitio is focused on providing the History of client successpremier high-performance analytical platform to power business insight around the world • Kognitio invented the in-memory analytical platform, first taking it to market in 1989 • Privately held • Labs in the UK - HQ in New York, NY
  4. 4. Kognitio Analytical Platform• A high performance in-memory analytical platform that doesn’t require specialized Hardware• Software – quick simple deployment on commodity hardware or Cloud• Scalable – Linear scale-out through best of breed parallelism• Powerful – Unrivalled MPP analytical performance – Harnesses all CPU cores made available• Low TCO – Linux, commodity hardware, no special hardware needs – SQL relational core familiar to most DBAs
  5. 5. For Analytics, the CPU is King• The key metric of any analytical platform should be GB/CPU – It needs to effectively utilize all available cores – Hyper threads are NOT the equivalent of cores• Interactive/adhoc analytics: – THINK data to core ratios ≈ 10GB data per CPU core• Every cycle is precious – CPU cores need to used efficiently – Techniques such as “dynamic machine code generation” Careful – performance impact of compression: Makes disk-based databases go faster Makes in-memory databases go slower
  6. 6. Speed & Scale are the Requirements• Memory & CPU on an individual server = NOWHERE near enough for big data – Moore’s Law – The power of a processor doubles every two years – Data volumes – Double every year!!• The only way to keep up is to parallelise or scale-out • Combine the RAM of many individual servers Many • • many CPU cores spread across many CPUs, housed in • many individual computers – Data is split across all the CPU cores – All database operations need to be parallelised with no points of serialisation – This is true MPP • Every CPU core in Every • Every server needs to efficiently involved in • Every query
  7. 7. How much RAM?• Kognitio harnesses the RAM and CPU from large arrays of servers – It’s not about how much RAM you can squeeze into a single 64bit server• Its standard server RAM – Commodity price market – very affordable – capacities continually improving• We’re talking about Terabytes, tens of Terabytes and above of RAM
  8. 8. Kognitio Analytical Platform Architecture
  9. 9. Beyond SQL• SQL is pervasive data management language – Not suited to all types of processing• Kognitio supports – UDFs – Plugins - functional extensions to SQL – External scripts and binaries • In-line within SQL utilize Perl, Java, R, SAS etc. • Full control of degree of parallelism – “External tables” • Fetch data from other sources • Integration with Hadoop to bring data into memory – Syntax to define data locality and map reduce access – Parallel load API for ‘reduce’ to feed data to RAM fast • Integration with HTTP – fetch data from cloud storage e.g. Amazon S3
  10. 10. Kognitio Cloud• We want to make in-memory accessible to all• Our technology easily deploys onto Cloud architectures such as Amazon Web Services• We have architected our Cloud to be as accessible as possible
  11. 11. Kognitio Analytical Platform• Free software licence on Amazon Marketplace• As a demo with data pre-loaded• Load your own data• One-click to launch
  12. 12. One-click deployment up to 68GB RAM
  13. 13. Multi-node available via CloudFormation• Kognitio configured as a multi-node deployment• Available as a trial platform on-demand• kognitio.kognitiocloud.com• Few steps to deployment
  14. 14. Register …
  15. 15. Verify …
  16. 16. Create the stack …
  17. 17. Your system will spin up
  18. 18. 16 nodes all running
  19. 19. That is enough RAM for …10,055,512,068 EPOS rows
  20. 20. That is enough RAM for …RAM GB |Used GB |Free GB |Avail GB |% Used812.5 |339.4 |473.1 |473.0 | 41.8%
  21. 21. Which we scan in … 1.6 seconds
  22. 22. 10 billion in 1.6 seconds
  23. 23. Find out your week to week performance 4.2 seconds
  24. 24. 4.2 seconds
  25. 25. People that like salted peanuts also like … just over a minute …
  26. 26. Just over a minute
  27. 27. But 16 nodes is a lot of nodes …• Amazon have announced an new high memory instance type perfect for in-memory databases• 240GB RAM per node• 2 x Intel Xeon E5-2670 - total of 16 cores• 2 x 120 GB SSD• Utilises 10 GbE networking that is at the heart of their Cluster Compute environment.
  28. 28. So the same power …• But with 4 nodes• With the same simple deployment• These new scale points make big data in-memory analytics in the cloud even more ready to use
  29. 29. Deploy with other technologies on AWS• Automatic deployment of Kognitio and BI tool on an AWS platform• For self-service BI - see what we have done with NeutrinoBI nbi.kognitiocloud.com
  30. 30. Kognitio & NeutrinoBI demo architecture Web app & services tier Registrations Kognitio NeutrinoBI Client Application tier Root Volume Data Volume Analytical platform tier Kognitio DB Root Volume Security Group Data Volume
  31. 31. Get started now – it’s FREE! kognitio.com/free Or for more information: kognitio.com/cloud
  32. 32. Thank You – get in touch ! connect contact Michael Hiskey kognitio.com Vice President, Marketing & Business Development kognitio.tel michael.hiskey@kognitio.com Ian Bird kognitio.com/blog VP, Kognitio Cloud Ian.bird@kognitio.com twitter.com/kognitio NA: +1 855 KOGNITIO linkedin.com/companies/kognitio EMEA: +44 1344 300 770 tinyurl.com/kognitio youtube.com/kognitio