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  1. 1. Exclusive Glass Furniture As Home decor :eco friendly furniture
  2. 2. Glass Furniture is considered one of the classiest innovations produced withinthe 21st century Its development is a direct result of man's creativity andinsatiable desire for more Glass is one of today's most commonmaterials used in the creation for certain types of furniture, including diningtables, office desks, plasma stands, and chic coffee tables Aside fromfurniture, glass is also commonly used in the creation of other pieces of homeinterior, such as doors, windows, mirrors and ornaments Different types ofglass are used in different ways Ordinary glass is the primary material used tomake mirrors
  3. 3. Toughened glass is common in tables and TV stands Laminated andfilm-backed glass are found in windows and doors Decorated glass is seen inchurches and is characterized by several beautiful colors put together to createlovely designs Black Glass Furniture : Black glass was first producedsometime during the mid 1960s to the latter part of the 1990s Its tint is usuallyin shades of dark green and amber but looks black without adequate lightingIron oxide, the main ingredient in the creation of black glass, strengthens it
  4. 4. Frosted Glass Furniture : Frosted glass was created through the process ofsandblasting and acid etching on a clear sheet of glass It is well-known for itsunique effect of making glass translucent You would know if somebody wereopposite the glass; but you won't know who that person is because theimage is blurred Frosted glass furniture is elegant and beautiful because of itscloudy surface "Frosty" glass is also used in decorative accessories likelamps, stationary and picture frames It is also used in partitions such as thosein bathrooms, windows and doors
  5. 5. Antique Glass Furniture : Antiques were created at least a hundred years agoAntique glass furniture is characterized by its unique sculpting and intricatedesigns as influenced by various cultures These ancient glass pieces are themost delicate, fragile and precious items ever created There are a few
  6. 6. authentic pieces that made it to the 20th century Modern Glass Furniture : Theprinciples of functionality and compactness inspired the creation of modernglass furniture designs They have been designed to be beautiful and usefulhousehold fixtures without the need for too much space
  7. 7. Such furniture pieces have been artistically created in combination with othermaterials like steel and wood as bases Modern glass pieces are simple andslim Glass Dining Room Furniture : The dining room is one area of the housewhere the family gathers to share in the partaking of food Hence, it should bean area that can accommodate a lot of conflicting personalities at the sametime Round glass dining tables are for big families
  8. 8. Its transparency makes the room look spacious and airy eco friendly furnitureThe glass used in dining tables is mostly scratch-proof and heat resistant Onthe other hand, a rectangular glass table is perfect for smaller houses Whilemaintaining functionality and the wise use of space; rectangular dining tablescan be placed in a corner Glass can be paired with any chair - may it bewooden, steel, wrought iron, etc
  9. 9. At present, manufacturers are experimenting on other variations of glasschairs, islands and cupboards in order to create a complete collection of glassdining room furniture Glass Computer Furniture : In choosing glass computerdesks, two things should be considered: strength of support and how itcorresponds to the theory of ergonomics Good glass computer furnitureshould be big enough to accommodate your computer set and correspondingaccessories The frame should remain light so that moving or rearrangingwon't be too difficult
  10. 10. eco friendly furniture