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Dress for


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Dress for

  1. 1. Dress For 1 -1Running head: DRESS FOR SUCCESS Dress For Success: A History, Current Challenges, and a Progressive Future. Amanda Kitchen I/O Psychology Argosy University June 3, 2009
  2. 2. Dress For 2 Dress For Success is a non profit organization who’s flagship location is in New York City. In a city that is known for big business and a hark work ethic, the original creators of Dress For Success found a large population struggling to make ends meet with minimum wage jobs that were taking them no where. There were many women with potential who simply did not have the resources to be presentable enough to obtain a good job. The mission statement of their company is simple, build up a client’s self worth and they will succeed. They give each member two suits, a pair of shoes, and a bag. They teach them how to fix their hair, and do their make-up. Most important, they show them how to value themselves, build their self esteem, and help them to see they are worth achieving their dreams. The combination of these small things in has worked wonders. Dress For Success has broken nationwide to many major cities throughout the country, including Tampa Bay. Beyond helping clients get a start in the world of business they also have leadership organizations where women meet once a week to hear guest speakers who have made an impact in the world of business. They even nominate one woman each year to go to a leadership conference, all expenses paid, where they are honored for their achievements. While the company has helped thousands of women in the past decade improve their quality of life, they do have challenges within their organization. They are currently unable to accept donations in locations other than Hillsborough county. They receive several calls a week from people in Pinellas and Manatee wishing to donate, but they simply cannot afford to pay a person to maintain a permanent office in these locations. They also rarely get clothing donations for women that are plus sized. Ms. McGill informed us during are walk through that women who wear sizes 18 and above wear their
  3. 3. Dress For 3 clothes out to the point they cannot be reused. They have holes in the seat and the fabric is often ruined. They also do not currently have any clothing for men. This limit’s what they are hoping to accomplish, as men are an integral part of the family and community dynamic. There are many men who also feel there is no where for them to turn or that employers will not be interested in hiring them due to their sloppy appearance or inexperience. They currently donate all clothing they receive to other agencies as they have no where to keep the clothing. The challenges they face are obstacles but they are not impossible to overcome. When I worked in retail we had a system called mark downs that helped to move merchandise so we could put new clothes out on the floor. Clothes that had been new would first go on sale, then be put on clearance, then more on clearance, and then eventually they would be marked out of stock. These clothes were at that point not sellable. It is possible that Dress For Success could get in contact with large retailers such as Macy’s and see if they are willing to donate these items, particularly plus sized items, which they do have a section for. This way the clothes would not be used and therefore not worn out. It may not be an option but it may really work out. As for men, they leaders of this organization could reach out to other areas of the community and to those who work specifically with men and share there success with them, they could end up partnering up with another non profit agency. Overall Dress For Success is doing an amazing thing for a part of society that is often ignored. When people are given very little resources it is harder for them to achieve great things. Not impossible but harder. They have only been around for such a short time, and yet have made such great strides. I’m sure the challenges they face will all be
  4. 4. Dress For 4 met head on, and a solution is in the near future.