Evaluation for music magazine in Media


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Evaluation for music magazine in Media

  1. 1. Evaluation For Music Magazine Kieron Mackney
  2. 2. This is the front cover for my music magazine and its contents page for “blind witness”…and the double page spread for mymagazine with a article about the musicfestival, Sonisphere.
  3. 3. My Music magazine is aimed at a targetaudience of males aged 16-21 who enjoy thegenre of rock music. This magazine will featurelocal bands from the rock genre, with imagesand interviews of bands from the same genre.
  4. 4. These are other magazinesthat share the same genre asmy magazine and share thesame layout.
  5. 5. When designing my magazine, I designed the layout onother magazines that share the same genre as themagazine that I was designing. From the examplemagazine rock sound and my magazine blind witness, itis clear to see the genre of the magazine and who theaudience is for my magazine. Both magazines use asimple house style that indicates rock, with no brightcolours which is associated with pop and no “cheesy”images of boy bands that also indicate pop magazines. Both magazines share similarities, the cover images are similar as they serious images, helping to give a dangerous feel to the magazine which helps show the rock/metal genre of the magazine.
  6. 6. Social groups…• After doing some market research for my magazine and asking a select few what they looked for in a magazine I found out that most people that liked the rock genre, were 16-21 year olds. I found out that people who are into rock music also share similar activities such as skateboarding, attending festivals and gigs and are more out going people who enjoy parties rather than sitting at home doing homework. After this study, I decided to try and include these activities in my magazine to give the audience more content that they can relate to and then hopefully continue to buy and read my magazine.
  7. 7. How does my magazine attract its audience?
  8. 8. • My magazine attempts to attract the target audience by using the appropriate images are traditionally associated with rock music, this will exclude all bright colours that will indicate pop music, the image will try to avoid images of people smiling, happy is not the emotion that rock music is associated with, normally serious, angry or sad.• My magazine will need to keep the same house style throughout my magazine, using simple text without any fancy writing as this will not show the rock genre that my audience will be looking for in there magazines.• The language that I used in my magazine was very informal, formal language is more for the elder generation of music fans who enjoy classical, however as my magazine is aimed at young adults ages 16-21, the language used was very informal, with the use of some slang words to keep my readers attention and hopefully continue reading.• For my audience to be attracted towards the magazine, I would need to contain the correct content in my magazine for the audience to want to read my magazine. The content I used are gigs, festivals, new bands, new release, all things that from research I know my audience is looking for in a magazine.
  9. 9. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions or real media products?
  10. 10. My magazine uses forms and conventions of real media in many ways, like most mastheadsthey lay behind the cover image yet still being able to be recognised and still able to be read.I chose to do this with my magazine as most other rock magazine like kerrang and rocksound do the same. Also I used cover lines on my front cover, which is a traditional form ofmost magazines.Another form and convention of a real media product thatI used is the house style of my magazine, with the simpleColours of black white and red, this is similar to other rockMagazines as they tend to not use bright colours as theydo not represent the rock genre.I also used a skyline on my magazine that is a convention ofA real media product that most magazines use, I decided toAlso include one on my magazine and this will hopefullyPersuade the audience to read my magazine.
  11. 11. • Ways in which I challenge forms and conventions or a real media product is that I did not use a left third on my magazine, the images that I used on my magazine are generally on the bottom half of my magazine along with the pull quotes and cover lines, leaving the top half of my magazine for the large proportion of the cover image that is visible.
  12. 12. What I have learnt?When I started this magazine work, I was able to use a computer quite well howevermy Photoshop and designing skills were very poor. Throughout the project I havedeveloped my Photoshop skills and have become very confident with using theprogramme, also I have learnt the basic forms and conventions of a real media productand how to use, challenge and develop them within my magazine.Since using the computer to create my magazine I have been introduced to newwebsites that I can use to design my magazine and develop my ideas, such as da font,slideshare and prezzi.