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Magazine Pitch

  1. 1. Tarri Griffiths
  2. 2. Genre Style - Type - Kind - Sort – Manner – Category - Status Alternative Rock Folk Classical I want to do an alternative magazine because it is my favourite genre and I don’t feel that enough magazines represent this type of music. I hope to make the genre I choose as popular as possible.
  3. 3. Audience The audience I think my magazine will appeal to is 15 - early 20 year olds. This is because the genre is a mix of alternative and folk music. For my magazine, the colour scheme will be red, white and black, which is bright and out going much like the readers. My product applies to both males and females as there is content inside that each gender can relate to. This opens up a ranges of readers. 15 to 24-year-olds are the age group most likely to read magazines
  4. 4. Artist The artist I will be writing an article about is Rebecca Butwright. She plays a ranges of instruments that includes piano, keyboard, ukulele, guitar and drums. I hope to show the controversy in my magazine and the ranges of skills which my artist is capable of. It will also promote young people’s achievements as they are many pre conceived idea’s about the youth in todays society. Having a young artist also means I can portray the fact that younger people can strive for better things and can achieve if they put their mind to it, just like Rebecca has.
  5. 5. Article In my double page spread I hope to portray the talents Rebecca has and share the experience, talent and background information I learn. I will include her favourite bands and music as it will relate to the readers. It may give advice to the readers and give them a positive attitude to being motivated to achieve. I also hope to include pictures that show the fun side of Rebecca as our readers will under stand that, but represent her work ethic and efforts as well.
  6. 6. Name Ideas HEAD SMASH MINOR ALTERNATIVE ACID Out of these choices of names, I have decided to name my magazine ‘Minor’. The word itself contradicts the fact the magazine will be big and not ‘minor’ in the world. It also is short and catchy, meaning the masthead will be easily visible and will look good on the front cover.
  7. 7. Unique Selling Point Having a USP means that your product will stand out to people, as you focus on the benefits that you can feature in your design. My magazine’s USP will be that the artists featured in my magazine are not well known which means the readers can be with the people from the beginning of their success to the end. It also gives a way for people to keep up with the new artists and talent. Once a month, in my magazine there will be a code and website to allow the readers to download one free song by our featured artist in the issue.
  8. 8. Purpose What I hope to achieve from this magazine is the chance to promote this genre of music and raise the popularity of alternative artists. Targeting my magazine at younger people means it will be easier to motivate them to achieve and get them off the streets, or to read a magazine that relates to their interests and aspirations. The product will also help the readers to keep up to date with what is new in the music world and give them chances to win competitions and tickets to performances.
  9. 9. Advertising Advertising my magazine will be done by posters and bill boards at shopping centre’s where younger people spend time so they are able to see it. There will also be a twitter page and facebook so we are able to promote it where it will be seen by the targeted audience.
  10. 10. Statistics UK consumers will spend £2.5bn on magazines every year, meaning ‘Minor’ will be part of that. Music magazines outperform newspapers, radio and the internet in 10 out of 11 categories. Magazines and television are the most effective media in driving word of mouth. They are the primary driver of online purchase in 70% of product categories. A 1/3 of the cost of television
  11. 11. Prices For a magazine to be successful, it must be good and make profit. From my research, it shows that efficacious magazines are sold between £2 - £3 If the magazine is overpriced, it is more likely to have less buyers. Kerrang sell their magazine for an average of £2.20, as my magazine is similar, I should use this as a guideline. My ideal selling price is £2.50 as it is a reasonable price to pay for the content inside. As music magazines are not the most read ones, I’m hoping if I keep it cheaper, it will gradually become well known.
  12. 12. Inspirations♪ NME  Most of my inspiration♪ KERRANG is coming from♪ Q ‘Kerrang!’ magazine as♪ METAL HAMMER it has many similarities♪ ROLLING STONE to my own product.♪ METAL HAMMER Kerrang! magazine was first published on June 6 1981 as a one off. Their success is shown in the fact that it is still being published in 2013. In the early 2000’s it became the best selling British music newspaper. This shows that my success can come from a ‘one off’ and become one of the biggest magazine in the country. They now have a digital radio station and are continuing to add to their collection of businesss. I hope to used this as motivation to get where I want to be so maybe my product could end up being competitive with Kerrang!