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DU Ritchie Center struggles to support growing population of gym-attendees


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DU's student population is increasing and the Ritchie Center's space and facility availability is decreasing.

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DU Ritchie Center struggles to support growing population of gym-attendees

  1. 1. The University of Denver’s Ritchie Center, seen above, strives to provide wellness and healthy living for the student population at DU.
  2. 2. The Ritchie Center is known to be the landmark of athletics to DU students and staff. These opportunities become limited to students as space and availability decreases and the population od students and the public increases.
  3. 3. Making time for fitness for students can be difficult as is with a busy school day. It becomes more difficult when during more convenient and later hours, the gym is packed with people.
  4. 4. Magnus Arena, another major facility, is used by not only the DU Hockey and Basketball Teams, but for high school graduations and youth hockey groups. Other student groups, like the DU Figure Skating Team have trouble booking the arena for their annual Ice Show every year. The space is highly locked which is frustrating when groups are unable to book the space, when they see it empty and
  5. 5. Even during late hours until closing the gym is packed with both students and the public. The treadmills are the most popular and often filled in a constant manner. Time noted: 8:25 PM.
  6. 6. Due to not having enough treadmills, some students resort to these strange hamster-wheel like running machines. Andria Clark, a Junior at DU often finds the gym too busy, therefore unable to use the treadmills that are the most popular
  7. 7. Many facilities in the Ritchie Center are not only available for student attendees, but for the public as well. For example, the pool is often booked during certain hours for public/children’s learn to swim training. This additionally takes away the facilities’ availability to students.
  8. 8. Hamilton Gymnasium is used by club and D1 basketball. However, when not in use by those teams the doors remained locked and unavailable. The only gymnasium available for students to play pick-up is in the Coors Fitness Center. Recently that gym has been closed
  9. 9. It is often rare to see machinery and rows of athletic equipment empty. Therefore going to the Ritchie Center has become a time- game in order to be comfortable at the gym without too much congestion.
  10. 10. The Ciber Field was just recently contributed to with an addition of two more fields. Before, they were often booked with the DU Soccer and Lacrosse teams, along with club and intramural teams.
  11. 11. As facilities are unavailable to students or reserved for outside events. Will the Ritchie Center become less popular and too unbearable to use?
  12. 12. Students notice small and slow editions to the Ritchie Center in full. Will “I Am Active” be possible for everyone who wants to be in the years to come? We will have to wait and see.