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  1. 1. University of Denver students can come to the Career Center and set upappointments where counselors assist them with building résumés and writingcover letters that are tailored to specific employers or industries. According tothe Career Center, 42 percent of graduating seniors were already employed atgraduation, compared to the national average of 24 percent.
  2. 2. University of Denver students use internships to network and gain valuable assistance to help them with finding a job post- graduation.The  Career  Center  encourages  students  to  ac0vely  seek  employment  by  checking  pos0ngs  from  flyers  and  online  databases.    Many  jobs  are  temporary  or  seasonal    posi0ons  offered  to  students  to  help  them  gain  insight  and  experience  in  their  field  of  interest.  
  3. 3. According to an annual survey conducted by the University of Denver’s CareerCenter, 82 percent of graduating seniors at DU who sought employment had ajob within six months of graduating. Nationally, 50 percent of graduating collegestudents are unemployed or underemployed.
  4. 4. DU studentsunderstand theimportance ofnetworkingwith otherworkingprofessionalsto help themfind a job post-graduation.“One personconnects youto anothergood person…and that helpsyou,” saidPatriciaO’Keefe,Career CenterAssistantDirector
  5. 5. University of Denver students can searchCareer Center databases for employmentopportunities and be proactive by seeking outpotential employers and cold-calling them.
  6. 6. Many students said they worry about facing the daunting task of buildingcustomized résumés, filling out job applications and preparing for interviews.
  7. 7. DU senior Cory Lamzprepares for aninterview.Lamz said he getsready for interviews byresearchingcompanies andthinking about how hewould best fit in.Lamz also said heconstantly searchesfor job postings andnetworks with potentialemployers.“In this day and age,you have to seacheverywhere for jobs,”said Lamz.
  8. 8. Career counselors offer DU students many services to assist them with findinga job post-graduation, including practicing for interviews and offering generaltips on the best ways to get in touch with potential employers.
  9. 9. The CareerCenter also offershour-longsessions forstudents whoknow whatdegree they want,but are unsurehow to utilize it.
  10. 10. Students may have tosearch posted joblistings and acceptpositions that are notwhat they originallypreferred to gainexperience andposition themselvesfor the next step.According to theCensus Bureau’sCurrent PopulationSurvey, half of the 1.5million graduates whoentered the jobmarket in 2012 wereunderemployed.The Career Centeradvises students tobe open-minded.
  11. 11. Like many graduating students, University of Denver students may have towork part-time in their field to gain the experience of other workingprofessionals while working part-time in retail to support themselves.
  12. 12. DU graduate student Laurel Mazursaid she immediately enteredgraduate school after finishing herundergrad degree rather than seekingemployment. Many students find thatcareers require master’s degrees inaddition to bachelor’s degrees.