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Students balance work with school


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Students balance work with school

  1. 1. The  office  of  Student  Employment  offers  many  resources  for  students  who  are  paying  off  student  loans  or  who  are  looking  for  work.  
  2. 2. Kinsey  Knakkergaard  helps  twist  pipe  cleaners  for  the  Sandy  Skoglund  installa=on  in  the  Shwayder  Arts  Building.  
  3. 3. Studies  have  shown  that  reten=on  rates  are  higher  for  students  who  work  at  a  job  for  up  to  ten  to  fiDeen  hours  a  week.  
  4. 4. BriEany  Medler  is  hard  at  work  at  the  Driscoll  Informa=on  Center,  one  of  the  many  on-­‐campus  loca=ons  that  sutdents  with  work-­‐study  are  employed.  
  5. 5. Kinsey  Knakkergaard  takes  a  break  from  work  to  play  with  two  rescue  dogs.  
  6. 6. Nick  Shwartz  helps  a  student  who  enters  the  Coors  Fitness  Center.  
  7. 7. Jeanna  Hine  looks  up  available  leases  at  Vista  student  apartments.  
  8. 8. There  are  many  op=ons  for  off-­‐campus  employment  found  on  the  DU  off-­‐campus  employment  website  with  weekly  updated  posts.  
  9. 9. Amber  Swaim  found  her  job  at  Glacier  Ice  Cream  from  the  University  of  Denver  off-­‐campus  employment  website.  She  enjoys  her  job  of  scooping  ice  cream  for  customers  in  need,  along  with  other  du=es.  
  10. 10. The  new  Anderson  Academic  Commons  is  among  the  many  places  students  can  work  on-­‐campus.  
  11. 11. Zac  Debard  works  on  a  design  project  for  the  Anderson  Academic  Commons.  
  12. 12. Amber  happily  gives  a  customer  a  taster  at  Glacier  Ice  Cream.  
  13. 13. Nearly  sixty  percent  of  students  in  college  borrow  money  annually  to  help  cover  educa=on  costs.  
  14. 14. Twenty-­‐three  percent  of  full-­‐=me  undergraduates,  who  are  24  or  younger,  work  20  hours  or  more  a  week.