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Lollipops or Condoms? What happens when DU kids are having too much sex.


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Lollipops or Condoms? What happens when DU kids are having too much sex.

  1. 1. Condoms atthe localWalgreensshow youexactly howmany optionsare out there.
  2. 2. An image of the DU freshmen dorm, “Halls” which houses themajority of students entering college.
  3. 3. The DU campus, where manyof the fraternity houses sit… aplace where parties often gounattended and drinking canlead to dangerous activities.
  4. 4. At the Health Centeryou will find the“condom” baskets,which look likelollipops from afar.
  5. 5. Morgan’s Liquor isa liquor store onlya few minutesfrom campus,often a placeknown for sellingalcohol to minors.
  6. 6. The section of Walgreens where you canfind a myriad assortment of pregnancytests. Often these tests aren’t cheap andsometimes unpredictable. Howeverstudents are likely to purchase over-the-counter instead of visiting the HealthCenter in fear of their parents finding outabout the reason why they visited.
  7. 7. Looking pregnant during a time when everyone is partyingcan be a difficult and uncomfortable situation that oftenwomen go to great lengths to avoid.
  8. 8. A photo of Caitlin and her two-year-old daughter. Caitlin has described howchallenging life can be taking care of a small child and going to school full-time.
  9. 9. Not a long of strong, educational information offered on the DU HealthCenter’s website… Finally the last line, “Let us know what happens” isbegging for a woman to go find support elsewhere.
  10. 10. The average year costof tuition and fees are$39,177. Those dollarsplus the cost of a childcan really add up.Often these types ofexpenses make itimpossible formothers to pay forchildcare and stay inschool.
  11. 11. One of three Planned Parenthoodsites in the city of Denver. Often aresource and a location where girlsand mothers can find support andeducational services, this is also theonly place DU Health Center sendsgirls who have found out they arepregnant.
  12. 12. Inside the PlannedParenthood officeyou’ll find to findsecurity and intenseverification of youare and why you’rethere.
  13. 13. You’ll notice that this is theUniversity of Denver’s Pro-Life website, which is nearlyempty. This shows the lackof information and supportthere is for women whochoose to continue theirpregnancy.
  14. 14. This is the pro-choice website for Colorado, however it is also theoutlet and resource for DU women who are active participants inpro-choice rally’s and get-togethers.