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Becoming Involved at the Desk


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Becoming Involved at the Desk

  1. 1. Becoming Involved at the Desk Maintainingclose contact withyour lenders and lending competition: Lenders want to make the car loan to high FICO, repeat customers. (And typically work extra hard to get the opportunity) Keep up to date with all lenders and their incentivized programs from month to month. This can sometimes set a lender a part who would not normally get a chance to buy the deal. Get out of the office: The biggest enemyof productivity and success if burnout and complacency.Boredom can quickly enhance the rate at which an individual is “burnt out”. If you are not with a customer, talking with a bank, or finalizing paperwork to send-off,get out to the sales floor. Go talk with the salespeople. Maybe they’ve had some trouble getting a particular customer to call back, or come back to the dealership. Offer to make that tough call for them. Take a look at their deal and see if you can suggest some alternatives to what they’ve tried. Set F&I up for success throughstructure and paperwork: Ensuring your sales managers send perfect paperwork to the box is a daily struggle. Becoming involved early on in the deal not only allows you to have a say in how the deal is structured, but also checkingall paperwork up front. This minimizes the time you spend reviewing for the third time in the Finance Office.Each deal should have some type of checklist ensuring that a manager has put eyeson the deal, and to their knowledge, theyare attesting to perfect paperwork. Clean paperwork is a very crucial part of time spent preparing a deal to paper in the office.The quicker and more accurate you become,typically the more effective you are with the customers. No one enjoys waiting half an hour to do paperwork, which can be intimidating in itself. BE PARTICULAR! Beinginvolved at the desk and early on in the deal ensures that all details are paid attention to twice as much.Whetherit is correctand exacttrade payoffs, to insurance verifications- a second set of eyescan speed up the entire process for a customer. (And your team!) Keep a Log: Keepa daily, weekly and evenmonthly log of your productivity. Compare eachday or week to identify good habits and things that have helpedyour department and the desk become more effective at working together,as well as a month to month review. Continuing to identify and weed out the bad habits will help create and maintain a streamlined process that everyone can be held accountable to.