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What reasons for small business fails


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Many small businesses fail due to some reasons and steps are taken to overcome fails.

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What reasons for small business fails

  1. 1. What Reasons for Small Business Fails
  2. 2. Overview ➔Introduction ➔Crucial points ➔Business Ideas ➔Planning ➔Management ➔Overcome fails ➔Conclusion
  3. 3. Introduction Every year plenty of entrepreneurs come out with huge dreams to start their own business. Due to some reasons most of them are failed in small business. Let us start the discussion about how to overcome this situations with using Apptivo.
  4. 4. Crucial point out of Fails
  5. 5. Business Ideas Initially, any type of business fields it surely needs ideas then only taking your innovative ideas into next level planning. For example: If you are willing in products sales business, start to collect all information about this field, marketing trends, competitors, analyse everything about it. Then think new innovative ideas to your business. In case fails in this stages most probably upcoming everything fails or sometimes it end up with positive results.
  6. 6. Planning Next level is planning, already noticed in the above paragraphs ideas are the stepping sources to good planning. Before launch and after launch your small business you design more planning for upcoming days.
  7. 7. Business planning is very important, next failure reason is the lack of business planning. Most of them failed in this stage.
  8. 8. Management After long efforts business launched, this is startup stages so manage all business process is a daunting task. Management process like ● CRM ● Accounting ● Marketing
  9. 9. Customer Relationship Management
  10. 10. Better customer relationship leads your business into success. All customers wants our services on time without any delay. If failed to provide services to customers in a right time customer satisfaction decreased then customer retention totally damage.
  11. 11. Accounting If the company is started up to date each and every accounts details maintenance helps to develop business. All financial transactions records help to easily take annual revenue reports, incoming and outcoming amounts records, etc. Many small businesses has lack of accounts management. In starting stages it runs normally after days going it creates many problems and causes for business close.
  12. 12. Marketing Every small business needs some promotions activity to reach out business to many target audiences. Many small business owners lack in this area. We convey about our business to many audiences it helps to improve business growth. If promotional activity didn't proceed properly or not done. Surely, it also one reason for small business close.
  13. 13. How to overcome small business fails Technology implementation is essential for small business. That helps to manage all business process some are customer management, accounting, expenses, marketing and sales tracking. There are plenty of software vendors available and they instantly provide services. My suggestion is software with more integration, fully customization, ideal to use. It helps to manage your small business without fails.
  14. 14. Conclusion Failure is the stepping stone to success don’t lose your confidence. Every failure teaches some lessons keep that in mind. Achievement available in front of you but we put more efforts and most are Ideas, Planning and technology selection.