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Costume And Location Band


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Costume And Location Band

  1. 1. -1 BAND COSTUMES: the hardest thing we had to decide when designing the band costumes was how to make the lead singer different from the main character but have sex appeal too. I researched Paramore's video for CrushCrushCrush for my inspiration as they are a simialr band to Fire Drive Tiger. I saw that the lead singer wore very everyday clothes that suited her band. They were rock and roll yet she could be seen walking around in them everyday. I think we need a simialr design for our video as it will show the contrast between the two characters. I also looked at Katy Perry's video I Kissed a Girl to see how I could add a bit of sex appeal to the design. The message we wanted to send was that you can be sexy and have fun but dont do it by hurting other people. In Katy Perry's video she wear very short dresses with heart shaped corset tops similar to the image on the left. I like the style of these as theyre feminine not too revealing and sexy. Also i found this image that i liked on the internet and thought i could use a similsar style like this for the singer. I really like the skinny jeans and high heels combination. Possibly combined with a similar top to above. I had to think of what colours to put the singer in. We needed something different from the main character but which didnt look strange when stood next to her. My partner and I eventually decided on green, green is reds complimentry colour and goes
  2. 2. well with red hair. We also decided on black skinny jeans with black heels. It was not as difficult to find a costume for the singer as we did not have to show her character and personality so much, but we did need the singer to look like part of a band. This is the overall costume we came up with: As you can see the top is green with a heart shaped top to compliment the red. It is sexy but covers up enough to look different from the main character. The jeans are tight fitting and figure hugging yet again they cover up enough to be different. Finally the shoes give the singer height and confidence, they are feminine yet rock and roll. Using our research we were able to create the perfect costume for our singer, i think it will work well, look good in our video and contrast with our main character. We simply asked the rest of the band to wear the kind of things they would usually wear to a gig. We showed them these pictures for inspiration: 1. We liked the style of the men in this image because although they are quite casual they are individual and reasonably smartly dressed. I think this kind of outfit would be good for the band because it does not destract too much from the action also it blends
  3. 3. well together. 2. we also liked this style as we wanted the boys to still look rock and roll and a bit edgy. We liked the skinny jeans and the shirts, a combination of these two images would work well. This is what the band wore for the practice room scenes: This outfit works because it is reasonably subtle yets looks rock and roll. Again this outfit works because it suits the drummer yet does not draw the eye away from the action.
  4. 4. Finally I think this is fine because the colours go with the singer also its smart and rock and roll. This is what the band wore for the live gig at the end: For the same reasons as above again this outfit is fine for the gig environment because its rock and roll yet it is not overly distracting. I personally think this outfit could have done with some more colour but due to the lighting being so good this did not seem to matter overall.
  5. 5. This outfit is good because it is smart but also looks good under the lights. LOCATION DESIGN FOR THE BAND: Amy and I decided that from looking at our research if the band is not directly involved with the story of the music video they are usually filmed separately in a appropriately decorated space. For example again Paramore's Misery Business video they play in a room with the word'riot' all over the walls which is the name of the album they are releasing. We will use the same technique with Fire Drive Tiger's logo all over the walls. We are going to use the room the band practice in as the band are accustumed to playing in this area. Also it will be easy to access and to decorate. We have also selected the Drama Studio in our school for the gig. This facility has a raised stage and also has the lighting equipment we will need to perform under. however we will need to book this venue out before hand. We also plan to play in the street at one point narrating the main character's story as she walks past. The location is a back street of houses, it is quite a quiet place so it will not be a problem filming in this location.