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Rc Feedback

  1. 1. -1We posted our rough-cut music video on Facebook and asked people to comment on the video. We received 23 comments and they were: 1. I really like it, the shots were quick and clever, the only thing is it was slightly out of sync with the singing in some place. But well done. Our Response: We will work on the video to make it fit the music more. 2. I really liked the song and I loved how the shots were in time with the beat of the song. The only thing I’d change would be that at some points the instruments are slightly out of sync. Our Response: We will work on the video to make it fit with the music more. 3. I really liked the video but I didn’t really understand who was beating her up. Our Response: we understand how you may feel this is slightly unclear, we will try and move some shots around to make it clearer. 4.I like it! well done Our Response: Thank you! 5.You should have plugged your microphone in! would have made it look more realistic. Our Response: We knew that someone may notice this however it was the only way we would be able to film the microphone otherwise we would have needed a sound technical team present to set up the equipment. 6. I think it would have looked better if the singer was the main character. Our Response: We considered this however the lead singer is also part of the filming team therefore this would have made filming harder. 7.I don’t really like the bit when the guitarist is playing his acoustic guitar when its meant to be the gig. That confused me. Our Response: I understand your point, however our whole video revolves around flash backs and interlinking scenes. This is another example of the story rounding off and coming to a close. 8. I would have liked to have seen the band playing in some different locations, that room they were in got a bit samey. Our Response: We would have liked to of had the band playing in some more locations too but unfortunately due to weather conditions and availability this was not possible. 9.Put some more special effects in it and it’ll be perfect! Our Response: We will look into this. 10. I really liked it! I love the girl, she plays her so well. Our Response: Thank you. 11.I think you should maybe add some more shots of the girl doing more
  2. 2. nasty things, that will make the story clearer. Our Response: Unfortunately we felt that if we were to add anymore shots like this it would make the story too repetitive. Also this would involve recruiting more actors and locations. 12.I really like the storyline but think it could have been clearer in places. Our Response: We will look into this. 13.I think the main character could be sluttier! Our Response: We felt we wanted the audience to make their own judgement on the girl through her actions and her look was only to steer them in the right directions. We felt if she was any sluttier it would draw the attention away from the story. 14.Good shots and good song. Maybe add a few more transitions. Our Response: We will look into this. 15. Awesome song and awesome video! Our Response: Thank you. 16. I don’t understand why she was attacked. Our Response: We wanted to show how it doesn’t always pay to be the man- eater. 17. Do you not think this video will promote bullying? Our Response: Our video is aimed at young adults/teenagers so we felt that the violence involved would not effect this audience. 18.I really liked the shots of her getting beaten up! the lighting was good too. Our Response: Thank you. 19. Maybe try some more special effects? Good job though. Our Response: We will look into this. 20.I think the band could have been more involved like the singer. Our Response: We felt if we did this then it would draw attention away from the storyline. 21.I really liked the shots, very quick and precise. Our Response: Thank you. 22.I loved the lighting at the gig, I wish I could have made it! Our Response: Thank you. 23. Maybe try some effects? But nice video. Our Response: We will look into this. Thank you. From looking at the comments we received the main thing we are going to focus on now are the special effects and transitions and also making sure the
  3. 3. band is in sync with the music. The comments we received were helpful.