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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. -1Photography of bands: I have research several different bands and looked at the photography they have used to promote themselves. The images that follow are the best images I have found and would like to use. I think the band would be best to be in a simple pose like The Libertines poster I found . I think this will work well for Fire Drive Tiger because then I can make the image look interesting and original using Photoshop. 1.I like this image of Paramore because it is simple but effective. The image has them as the focal point but then the eye wanders down the road which seems to go on forever. The image was also taken from a height to make it look even longer. I also like the use of colour and the fact the girl is in the front.
  2. 2. 2. I like this image because again its simple, but I like how the members each have a different angle. I like how it is in black and white too but as I have said before Fire Drive Tiger will need colour to suit the genre and the target audience. 3. Again I have chosen a band who are just standing and not doing anything too distracting. The one thing I like about this image is the way they seem to curve round symmetrically with the lead in the middle. I think having diversity in the member’s pose is a good thing to include. 4.This image is completely different but the thing I was looking at in particular was the use of staggered members. I like how they make a triangle with the lead singer in the middle. Also another thing to consider is what to wear although we will not be
  3. 3. wearing anything like this I will have to think of an image I think the band should have. 5. This final image is good as the band are casual but still look part of a group. You can tell they are together yet they are understated. I think having Fire Drive Tiger standing together in different angles would work well however I will later edit the image to make it more interesting.