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written shot by shot


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written shot by shot

  1. 1. -1Before the music starts - 1.Door opens before music starts. Slow motion Intro music begins - 2.See girl holding up a dress. 3.Flash to close up of top of head to eye face, beaten up. Pan. Twitchy movements (gaga) 4.Camera a bit closer to girl picking out dress. 5.Flash of close up. Pan down from eye to mouth. Twitchy movements (gaga) 6.Starts to take of dressing gown. 7.Flash, medium close up of top half of body. Covered in drink etc. Twitchy movements (gaga) 8.Dress is on girl. Doing it up Lyrics start, verse 1 (lyrics on the bottom) - 9.Moves over to mirror, can see lead singer in the mirror singing. Gunna take you home, throw my best dress on 9.Sits down and starts putting make up on. Singer still in mirror. Just to make you lust me but not gunna let you touch me 10.Watch her get up and leave the room I’m a hopeless case 11.Hand going down the banister. They only want me cause I’m rich and famous 12.Watch her going down the stairs. Boy you’ll never have me 13.Starts doing up stilettos’. So you’ll just have to watch me 14.Leave house, open door, see band in street. Music. Pre Chorus - 15.Walking down the road slow. Try to be smooth 15.Shot of lower body walking with band in the background Just like my hips that you want to touch 16.Spots a guy, looks at him in slow mo. Try to be cool I’m like ice 17.Close up of face looking at him That’s fed up with having 18.Walks away from him pan to blackout the heat turned up. Chorus - 19.Fade up in shot of the band. Group shot. Getting closer to band Don’t make a mess of 20.Mid shot on drummer The things that you want 21.Flashes to Amy’s face walking down a road. To undress
  2. 2. 22.Close up of guitar. Lover, I’m not impressed 23.Amy’s face flashes again. Still walking. By your toys let me 24.Shot of singer’s face pan to bass. Hook up with your b-brother Backing music - 25.Amy’s face flashes. On beat 26.Singer’s face On beat 27.Amy’s face - guy kissing her neck. On beat 28.Singer’s face On beat 29.Amy’s face - another guy on her. On beat 30.Singer’s face On beat 31.Amy’s face - another guy on her. On beat 32.Singer’s face On beat 33.Amy’s face - another guy on her. On beat 34.Singer’s face On beat 35.Amy’s face - another guy on her. On beat 36.Singer’s face On beat 37.Amy’s face - another guy on her. On beat 38.Singer’s face On beat 39.Amy’s face - another guy on her. On beat 40.Singer’s face On beat 41.Amy’s face - another guy on her. On beat 42.Singer’s face On beat 43.Amy’s face - another guy on her. On beat 44.Carry on previous shot, pushes guy away. Walking past notice board For gig. Guitar sound
  3. 3. Lyrics start (verse 2) - 45.close up looking at board. Lets go for a ride 46.Shot of poster See how it flows in- 47.Shot of face again. Side I can see 48.Boy walks past looking at her That you want me 49.She rips of the poster smiling. Slow mo - rip on guitar sound. So you’ll just have to watch me 50.Walks towards camera blackout onto her stomach. Music Pre chorus - 51.Fade up on band; close up of hands playing bass. Try to 52.Shot of Amy going up to a girl Smooth just 53.Move to close up of body onto face of drummer. Like my hips that 54.Amy again giving her a hug You want to touch 55.Shot of hand pouring drink into her bag Try to 56.Stand back and girl looks like she’s wet herself Be cool 57.Pan from left to right of band I’m like ice that’s 58.Points and laughs everyone sees Fed up with having the 59.Shot of geek’s face Heat turned up Chorus - 60.Ed drumming and “oohing” into microphone. Panning shot of the whole band. Don’t make a mess of the things that you want to undress, 61.Shot of singer. lover, 62.Shot of Amy smiling and looking down, singer behind her I’m not impressed by your toys 63.Pan shot of band let me hook up 64.Shot of singer, band in background with your b-brother. 65.Amy still in the mirror pushing up boobs, with singer. Don’t make a mess 66.Shot of bassists hands, pan upwards of the
  4. 4. 67.Group shot of band things that you want 68.In mirror applying lipstick to undress, 69.Shot of guitarist pan from face to guitar lover, I’m not 70.Shot of drummer impressed by your toys 71.Group shot of band let me hook up 72.Back to mirror effect, Amy walks away on “brother” with your b-brother. Backing music, shots on beat - 73.Shot of Amy on the floor beaten up 74.Doing her makeup in the mirror at home 75.Turns head to see guy, previous shot 76.Guy kissing her neck 77.Shot of beaten up 78.Kissing another guy 79.Rip poster 80.Geek’s face 81.Geek “peeing” 82.In mirror pushing up boobs 83.Beaten up 84.Opening door to gig, poster on door, slow motion Bridge - 85.Door still opening Amy walking in. I’m too good for you you’ll never have me 85.Amy walking in and looking around, smug look on her face Yeah you know for sure 86.Shot of Amy and the band in the background you’ll never have me 87.Shot of the band Group shot. I’m too good 88.Shot of Guitarist for you you’ll never 89.Shot of drummer have me 90.Shot of singer and bassist You just can’t ignore 91.Shot of Amy eyeing up some guys you’ll never 92.Shot of guys looking at her have me 93.Walks into the middle of them I’m too good for you you’ll 94.Group shot of band never have me 95.Moves over to one particular guy
  5. 5. Yeah you know 96.Whispers in his ear he smiles for sure you’ll 97.Shot of boy smiling - close up never have me 98.Turns around notices a guy I’m too good 99.Shot of the guy chatting to a girl for you 100.Shot of Amy, can see guys annoyed in the background you’ll never have me 101.Starts walking up to the guy You just can’t ignore 102.Mid shot of singer you’ll never have me Chorus (sounds like a phone)- 103.Turns the guy around Don’t make a mess of the things 104.Shot of singer that you want 105.He looks at her can see other girl over her shoulder to undress, lover, 106.Group shot of the band, panning across I’m not impressed by your toys 107.Close up of singer let me 108.Moves in and kisses him hook up with your b-brother. Chorus - 109.Close up of the kiss Don’t make a 110.Wipes her mouth and starts to walk away mess of the things that you 111.Shot of the girls face he was talking to want to undress, 112.Walks away onto more guys, girl looks at her. Angry face. Lover, I’m not impressed by your toys 113.Guy trying to explain to girl let me hook up 114.Girl runs off with your b-brother. 115.Grabs her girl mates Chorus- Don’t make 116.Girls look at her A 117.Opens door walks out, smiling
  6. 6. Mess of 118.Walking down her road The things 119.Turns a corner meets girl That you want to 120.Girls walk out behind her Undress lover 121.Laughs at them I’m not impressed 122.Geek girl empties drink on her By your toys 123.Kiss girl pushes her over Let me hook up with your brother 124.Rubs her makeup off Don’t make a mess 125.Empties the rest of the drink walks away Of the 126.Shot panning up from her head to her eye Things that you want 127.From eye to mouth To undress 128.Wide shot of her on the floor band in the background I’m not impressed by your toys let me hook up with your brother