Kamil Najafzade


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Kamil Najafzade lived and worked during the Soviet era of Azerbaijan’s history (1920-91) into the first 20 years of the modern Republic of Azerbaijan.

A beloved painter and renowned production designer, he also was a man closely engaged with his family and with the world around him.

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  • Kamil Najafzade

    1. 1. A Presentation of the Karabakh FoundationA U.S. 501(c)(3) cultural charity foundation based in Washington, D.C., the Karabakh Foundationseeks to increase U.S. awareness and understanding of the cultural heritage and traditions of thecountry of Azerbaijan, the Caucasus area, and the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan. . . .Main activities include • Preserving and disseminating cultural content via archival collecting, public programs, publications, exhibitions, speaking forums, international collaborations, scholarly exchange, artistic sponsorship, and related venues.Foundation support comes primarily from Khazar University, the first private university in Azerbaijan and one of thecountry’s leading institutions of higher learning. Support also comes from the U.S.-based Allaverdy Foundation.Additional information about the Karabakh Foundation may be found at www.KarabakhFoundation.org.
    2. 2. Exhibition and related programs presented by the Karabakh Foundation, withappreciation to Pepco and to the Foundation’s Cultural Ambassadors. Curators: Anna Stenko Coordinator: Kelsey King Shamil Najafzade Researcher: Jemile Safaraliyeva Diana Cohen Altman Designer: Tobi Ogunleye Follow the Karabakh Foundation at http://twitter.com/KarabakhFound www.facebook.com/KarabakhFoundation http://www.youtube.com/user/karabakhfound
    3. 3. Kamil Najafzade lived and worked during theSoviet era of Azerbaijan’s history (1920-91)into the first 20 years of the modern Republicof Azerbaijan.A beloved painter and renowned productiondesigner, he also was a man closely engagedwith his family and with the world around him.
    4. 4. Self-portrait ofNajafzade as ateenager (1943)
    5. 5. Kamil Najafzade at17 years old
    6. 6. Kamil Najafzade on a Caspian Sea Excursion(1967)
    7. 7. Najafzade at the NorthCaucasian Resort KISLOVIDSK(1956)
    8. 8. Caspian sea excursion (1967)
    9. 9. Self-portrait(early 1960s)
    10. 10. Portrait fromAzerbaijanFilm Studio(mid 1960s)
    11. 11. At dacha in Bilgya, Azerbaijan (late 1970s)
    12. 12. Portrait(early 2000s)
    13. 13. Najafzade with his daughter Ainur(1966)
    14. 14. Najafzade with son Shamil and daughter Anna in Moscow (1965)
    15. 15. Najafzade with son Shamil and daughter Anna (1969)
    16. 16. Najafzade with wife Megin and son Elnur in Leningrad (1965)
    17. 17. Najafzade with wife Megin, son Shamil and daughter Anna (1968)
    18. 18. Najafzade with his daughterAinur at a May 1st parade (1969)
    19. 19. Najafzade with son Shamil (1967)
    20. 20. Najafzade with wife Megin and son Elnur (1980)
    21. 21. Najafzade with son Shamil and daughter Anna (1969)
    22. 22. Najafzade in Prague, CzechRepublic while shooting amovie (1973)
    23. 23. Najafzade with his wife Megin anddaughter in Prague (1972-1973)
    24. 24. Najafzade with wife Megin, granddaughters Aysel and Gunel anddaughter-in-law Zulia
    25. 25. Najafzade with wife Megin, son Elnur, daughterAnna and granddaughter Natalie (2000)
    26. 26. Najafzade with his granddaughtersGunel and Maryam (1992)
    27. 27. Najafzade with wife Megin at their home in Baku (1993)
    28. 28. Najafzade attending his 80th birthday celebration in Baku (2010)
    29. 29. Najafzade visiting the Azerbaijan: My Motherland exhibition in Baku with composers Arif Melikov and Oktay Zulfugarov (1992)
    30. 30. Najafzade at the Classic Design Gallery in Washington D.C. with owner Gladys Reinding and General Oleg Kalugin (1997)
    31. 31. Najafzade picturedwith Heydar Aliyev ata 2001 Exhibition ofhis Work in the UnitedStates
    32. 32. Najafzade with the President of Azerbaijan Heidar Aliyev at an exhbitionsponsered by the U.S.-Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce in Washington D.C. ( 2001)
    33. 33. Najafzade with son Shamil (late 2002s)
    34. 34. Najafzade with Azerbaijani Minister of Culture Bul Bul Ogly at an exhibition in Baku
    35. 35. Najafzade with son Shamil at 80th Birthday exhibition in Baku (2010)
    36. 36. Najafzade in Baku (1950)
    37. 37. Najafzade with filn crew (1980s)
    38. 38. Najafzade organizing an exhibition of his works in Hanoi, Vietnam (1982)
    39. 39. Najafzade inSheki, Azerbaijan (1970s)
    40. 40. Najafzade in his workshop (late 1960s)
    41. 41. Najafzade painting a picture in his workshop (early 1960s)
    42. 42. Najafzade in his workshop (early 1990s)
    43. 43. Najafzade with one of his paintings of Azerbaijani landscapes (1990s)
    44. 44. Najafzade with one of his paintings (late (1980s)