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COMMENTS FROM RAND KANNENBERG’S                                                         1                   STUDENTS"Doing...
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Comments from rand kannenberg's students page 2 of 2


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Rand Kannenberg Satisfaction Surveys Page 2 of 2

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Comments from rand kannenberg's students page 2 of 2

  1. 1. COMMENTS FROM RAND KANNENBERG’S 1 STUDENTS"Doing sociometry-to draw history/pattern of behavior and to focus on present behavior..." (LaVina Nez Khadjenoury, Family Therapist, Aneth, Utah)"The course was much more comprehensive than I anticipated. It is a program that every penal system can employ." (Richard D. Meece, Ph.D., LPC, Shreveport, Louisiana) "...Much more in depth than I thought but every bit as much and more than I expected. I had high expectations and they were met! Your sense of humor added so much!" (Wanda L. Harper, Probation Officer/Counselor, Bedford, Indiana) "I will look forward to using this in drug court." (Katherine Truitt, Substance Abuse Counselor, Eureka, California) "Exceptional presentation." (Kelly Nichols, M.A., Counselor, Denver, Colorado) "All materials were presented in an excellent manner. The instructor was clear as well as entertaining...everything was perfect. Thank you." (Kevin Smith, Counselor, Miami, Florida) "I liked the role playing and exercises we were involved in. I loved your humor and kind disposition throughout the course..." (Karen Francone, CADC, NCAC, Hayward, California) "Excellent course. Highly recommend to all CJ, MH, DV professionals." (Rob Brethouwer, Probation Officer, Denver, Colorado) "New group tools to help clients have a life. Wonderful humor, Rand...Wish I was taught more like this in school, as I feel I have really learned something that will help me be of service to others." (Maggy Day, Counselor, Weott, California)"This is a great cognitive program. I really enjoyed the class and the opportunity to apply the material. The role playing was great." (Mark Agosti, Drug Treatment Specialist, Beckley, West Virginia) "It was tremendous, thank you again for sharing your expertise, opinions, and learned knowledge on the subject." (Laurie Stolen, Detentions Manager, Fort Collins, Colorado) "I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed the conference and I think you did a great job on the topic. You kept it interesting and I truly learned a lot." (Jennifer Smith, Counselor, Wheeling, West Virginia) "This was one of the best seminars that I have attended in years and Rand was an excellent presenter. I am recommending this seminar to my colleagues." (Lisa Barnes, Counselor, Cheyenne, Wyoming) "Mr. Kannenberg has a marvelous, witty style. He kept my attention the whole day. Very informative." (Sharon Hess-Witucki, Therapist, Northridge, California)