1 "Your humor and ability to keep things moving with learning goals. Nobody even wanted   to leave early and you make hard...
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Comments from rand kannenberg's students page 1 of 2


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Rand Kannenberg Satisfaction Surveys Page 1 of 2

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Comments from rand kannenberg's students page 1 of 2

  1. 1. 1 "Your humor and ability to keep things moving with learning goals. Nobody even wanted to leave early and you make hard work fun. Rand, you are a superb trainer-and your clinical skills are excellent. Great role model. BRAVO!" (Kate Speck, Ph.D., Medical Education Director, Lincoln, Nebraska) "The course provides a much needed new interaction approach toward achieving a high rate of resocialization of a hard to reach group..." (Professor Elia Vega, Mercedita, Puerto Rico)"The course was excellent, practical and highly relevant. The facilitator communicated all aspects very well and was brilliant in putting all students at ease and eliciting their involvement." (Lynette Todkill, University of Port Elizabeth, South Africa)"Learning more about sociopathy, and chemical dependency. Although not directly relatedto my work, I learned much about humor in therapy, goal setting, the value of role playing, how to increase personal responsibility, and confront clients in productive ways." (Janet L. Waterman, Psy.D., LP, New Hope, Minnesota) "Deep knowledge of instructor and his artistic and sense of humor parts! Also, I really liked his inclusion of participants in learning activities! Excellent! Wonderful!" (Beverley C. Johnson, Ph.D., CCS, Tempe, Arizona) "Actual doing of the learning. Seeing the video to see that client population can do it." (Doreen A. Gaedtke, Counselor, Arcata, California) "I like the idea that we are leaving with a curriculum that we can teach." (Jack Andersen, Community Corrections Manager, Grand Junction, Colorado) "Sociodrama...Great presentation style and sense of humor." (Lynnell J. Simonson, CCS, Instructor, Lebanon, Illinois) "...helpful to work on treatment/goal planning. Positive approach to working with offenders-hopeful!" (Donna Cooper-Green, Domestic Violence Counselor, Canon City, Colorado) "The knowledge of presenter and coming from a sociological approach...I most liked the sociometry." (Kimberly McNamara, M.S., CCDC, Prison Therapist, Billings, Montana) "Learning that I need to go beyond educating offenders and working with learning toresocialize individuals...I thought you did a great job. It helped me take another look at my way of thinking. Thank you." (Joni Bedell, Probation Officer, Denver, Colorado) "Sociometry and role training. The clients really get into active groups in which they actually do something." (Joanne E. Brown-Vossler, M.A., LPC, Rehabilitation Therapist, Cheyenne, Wyoming) "Hard to pick certain parts of course. I would give it all excellent." (Robert W. Bolois, Ph.D., Rehabilitation Supervisor, Clinton, Ohio) "This is a fascinating aspect of the criminal justice system. (The trainer) is a walking wealth of knowledge, and versatile (very funny)." (Honorable Frederick Arnold, Municipal Court Judge, Portales, New Mexico)