scott d miller evidence-based practice excellence fit scott d. miller practice based evidence cdoi feedback informed treatment icce psychotherapy pcoms srs ors healthcare practice-based evidence ors and srs research health supershrinks mental deliberate practice routine outcome monitoring scott outcome management common factors therapeutic relationship michael j. lambert failure psychotherapy training outcome evolution of psychotherapy alliance bruce e wampold feedback denmark meta-analysis treatment deterioration mental health happiness mental disorder rom birgit valla christopher laraw alliance ruptures session-by-sesssion chris laraway therapeutic alliance ruptures resistance empathy effect size treatment guidelines psychotherapy outcome outcome research feedback-informed treatment myoutcomes depression burnout scott d. michael barkham implementation samhsa social construction narrative therapy evidence-based treatment psychotropics medication adherence pharmacy evid delbierate practice abuse addiction collaboration training and development session rating scale paul clement anders ericsson the 10 000 hour rule ptsd behavioral health cbt training jason seidel dan buccino group therapy sr psychometric drugs alcohol change theory practice evidence based comparative medicine psychological
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