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I created this for the International Telecommunications Union Focus Group on Identity Management. It explains what Identity Commons is and puts it in the context of the community of people and sites that are around it.

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Identity Commons Presentation

  1. 1. Identity Commons Presentation at ITU-T Focus Group on ldM February I4, 2007 Geneva Kaliya Hamlin, Identity Woman
  2. 2. Identity Commons A shared space for facilitating the creation of a user-centric identity layer of the Internet “Upside-down Umbrella” Loosely joined working groups with extremely lightweight shared governance.
  3. 3. In the Beginning. ... . identity Commons was originally formed in 2001 to evangelize the creation of a decentralized user-centric identity infrastructure and to address the resulting social trust issues. At the time, these ideas were revolutionary. Very few people were thinking about these issues, much less doing anything about them. http: //wiki. idcommons. net/ moin. cgi/ Background
  4. 4. El] Who's online About IT Garage Home 2» bloge 1- docs blag DIYdentity infrastructure Submitted by he on Th1.',08/OS/2004 - 03:19. so I'm sitting at the Giants game (they rock, ‘cu: they have wi-ll), 0 guest of Novell, next to Native llantln, the Outreach coordinator for Plonotwork, and evangelist for identity Commons, the very name of which gives me riopcthatthegneereehdream lyeppedebeutat DION last year may actually come true. we're not going to have 0 real, Net-native Identity infrastructure unless it supports the fully-empowered customer, and not just a way for companies to federaos identities. I've NIX and read and said e D! about Uoflly over the last few years, but the stuff at l<allya's links (she's evangellzlng well, loaning me her laptop to write this) is the first stuff to speed my pulse since A1! turned me on to this stuff in the first place. www. searls. com
  5. 5. The “Identity Gang” PCForum Burton Group Catalyst DIDW Berkman Center Harvard Stanford CIS .4? g} ’> .7 A , 5;. ‘ v — _— L11’ l ' a £1 , 4. ‘ ~ _; ‘V4 _ . ~ g ‘J ‘I _. ___ ; -.‘'. .? .~VS ‘ . .-L» av ». ~
  6. 6. INTERNET ll ' IDENTITY GANG § Mailing List
  7. 7. John Kemp ‘ Nona Avery Glasser - VxV Jen Hodges ' Neustar Robin Wilton - Sun On The Identity Trail Bavo De Ridder - Ascure Dale OMS _ Nave” Pal Patterson - Sun Shekhar Jha Aldo Castaneda - Story of Digital Identity Prateek Mishra I Phil Hunt - Oracle Rajeev Angal - Sun Matthew Genner - AllPeers Stefan Brands - Credentica Fen Labalme - 2ldi Andy Harjanto - Microsolt Phil Windley - BYU Eric Leach - Sim Doc Searls Andre Durand ' Ping Idenmy Eve Maler - Sun Mark Diodati - Burton Group Marc Canter — Broadband Mechanics Conor Cahill - Intel Paul Toal - Capgemini David Reoordon Sean O'Neill - Sun Jim Yang - ldentyx Ben Laurie -Apache / The Bunker Radovan Semancik - nLight Mark Dixon - Sun David Keams ' MM News Tim Bouma Mark Wahl - lnlormed Control Andy Dale - ooTao Craig Burton Michael Graves - Verisign Mark Wilcox - Oracle Simon Willison Bob Blakley - Burton Group Dennis Seah - Sun Dick Hardt - Identity 2.0 Aravindan Ranganathan- Sun Dan Blum - Burton Group Pete Rowley - Red Hat David Kearns Nishant Kaushik - Oracle John Merrells Rakesh Radhakrishnan - Sun Sara Gates - Sun Mike Beach - Boeing ldenticentric Scott C. Lemon - Freeld. org Brett McDowell - Liberty Julian Bond Takashi Shitamlchi . Sun P I a n I d e n Michel” Demedy _ Sun Paul Madsen Xageroth Sekarius - SentientlD Mark MacAuley - Trusted Network Technologies Scott Kveton - JanRain Rob Marano - Falkin Peter Davis - Neustar Chuck Mortlmore Don Park Don Bowen - Sun Rohan Pinto - Sun Jamie Lewis - Burton Group Roger Sullivan - Oracle Kaliya Hamlin - Identity Woman Matt Flynn - RSA Bryan Field-Elliot - Ping Identity James Kobielus Tatsuo Kudo - Sun Simon Grice - Midentity Kapil Sachdeva - Axalto Pamela Dingle - Nulli Secundus Drummond Reed - Cordance Ashish Jain - Ping Identity Phil Becker / Eric Norlin - Digital ID World @ ZDNet Hubert Le Van Gong - Sun Chris Ceppi - Ping Identity Toby Stevens ‘Timothy Grayson Sidharth Mishra - Sun Connexitor - Symas Christopher Allen - Alecrity . 1 Ne“ Wilson _ Sun Ashrai Motiwala - ldentropy Mike Wyatt - Sun Tom Maddox _ opinity Shingo Yamanaka - Sun Shelley Powers Digital ID World Editor's Comer Kim Cameron - Microsolt Indira Thangasamy - Sun Novell Security and Identity Cool Blogs Archie Reed - HP Ludovic Poltou - Sun Trusted Network Technologies http ; //www_ planetid e ntity_org/ Digital Business Strategy Tom Gordon - AlienPants
  8. 8. Listen to the people shaping the future of digital identity www. stodid. com
  9. 9. The ideas presented here were extensively refined through the Blogosphere in a wide-ranging conversation documented at www. identityblog. com that crossed many of the conventional fault lines of the computer industry, and in various private communications. In particular I would like to thank Arun Nanda, Andre Durand, Bill Barnes, Carl Ellison, Caspar Bowden, Craig Burton, Dan Blum, Dave Kearns, Dave Winer, Dick Hardt, Doc Searls, Drummond Reed, Ellen McDermott, Eric Norlin, Esther Dyson, Fen Labalme, Identity Woman Kaliya, JC Cannon, James Kobielus, James Governor, Jamie Lewis, John Shewchuk, Luke Razzell, Marc Canter, Mark Wahl, Martin Taylor, Mike Jones, Phil Becker, Radovan Janocek, Ravi Pandya, Robert Scoble, Scott C. Lemon, Simon Davies, Stefan Brands, Stuart Kwan and William Heath. 7 Laws of Identity Kim Cameron 4 More Laws Axioms of Identity Fen Labalme Bob Blakeley Laws of Relation Corollaries of Identifiers Burton Group Drummond Reed www. identityblog. com
  10. 10. lN‘7FPPiI'7 Ill '”étiE' Lexicon Party - A natural person or a juridical entity. Entity - A person, physical object, animal, or juridical entity Digital Subject — An Entity represented or existing in the digital realm which is being described or dealt with. Agent - A computer system or device that has been delegated (authority, responsibility, a function, etc. ) by and acts for a Party www. identitygang. org
  11. 11. IVVVPNI’ Ill '°étlE' Lexicon Identity Attribute - A property of a Digital Subject that may have zero or more values. Claimant - A Digital Subject representing a Party that makes a Claim Claim - An assertion made by a Claimant of the value or values of one or more identity Attributes of a Digital Subject, typically an assertion which is disputed or in doubt. Digital Identity - A digital representation of a set of Claims made by one Party about itself or another Digital Subject. Digital Identity Provider - An Agent that issues a Digital identity.
  12. 12. lN‘7FPPiI'7 Ill '”éilE' Lexicon Identity Context - The surrounding environment and circumstances that determine meaning of Digital identities and the policies and protocols that govern their interactions. Persona - A preexisting Digital Identity that a user through an Agent has the ability to select and use to represent themselves in a given Identity Context. Relying Party - A Party that makes known through its Agent one or more alternative sets of Claims that it desires or requires, and receives through this same Agent a Digital Identity purportedly including the required Claims from a Digital Identity Provider or other Agent of another Party.
  13. 13. Internet Identity Workshop IHIIIHII IIIITIYY www. unconiererice. net
  14. 14. Internet Identity Workshop [ll i'iliii‘ilil May zoos Identity U December 2006 Open Space Berkman June 06 Vancouver July 06 San Jose Sept 06
  15. 15. Identity Commons Purpose and Principles
  16. 16. The purpose of Identity Commons is to support, facilitate, and promote the creation of an open identity layer for the Internet, one that maximizes control, convenience, and privacy for the individual while encouraging the development of healthy, interoperable communities.
  17. 17. 1 Enable any working group to self-organize at any time, on any scale, in any form, around any activity consistent with the Purpose and Principles. 2 Fully and transparently disclose the Purpose and Principles of each working group, any requirement of participation, and any license or restriction of usage of its work product. 3 Conduct deliberations and make decisions by bodies and methods that reasonably represent all relevant and affected parties.
  18. 18. 4 Vest authority, perform functions, and use resources in the smallest or most local part that includes all relevant and affected parties. 5 Resolve conflict without resort to economic, legal, or other duress. 6 Conduct, publish, and archive communications in a manner that facilitates open and trusted interactions within and across all working groups and the public Internet.
  19. 19. 7 When feasible and appropriate, employ the work product of Identity Commons working groups to facilitate the operation and interaction of Identity Commons itself.
  20. 20. Identity Commons Working Groups Community, Events and Advocacy Identity Gang Internet Identity Workshop Identity Commons Collaborative Tools EUCL| d - End-User Collective for the Liberation of Identity
  21. 21. Identity Commons Working Groups Technology OSIS OpenlD Identity Schema’s I-Tags SAML Commons Standards Gang WISER Commons Architecture WG
  22. 22. 7 I I 7‘ ‘Ci lfilau 4-V ‘ Aw! ‘ "4541: _¢I l-ll. .l Ill ‘. #i‘[ ‘~«_. lIl. _ . -:1» fl J Working Groups Social Agreements, Policy Identity Rights Agreements XDI. org I-Broker Interoperation XRI Registration Privacy wiki. idcommons. net
  23. 23. Identity Commons Working Groups Working Groups must have a charter that is consistent with the Purpose and Principles. To form a Working Group, the sponsors should use the Working Group Charter Template on the wiki to publish a charter describing their purpose, process, and deliverables. They must also select one representative and one alternate to serve on the StewardsCouncil.
  24. 24. Identity Commons Stewards Council The Stewards Council makes organizational decisions for Identity Commons, which center primarily around managing resources shared by all in the Commons. Decisions are made by a vote of the majority. The Steward serves as the Working Group's representative on the Stewards Council and has a vote on organizational-wide issues, including approving of new Working Groups. Its deliberative process is totally open and transparent, and anyone may participate. However, only Working Group representatives have a vote on decisions.
  25. 25. Internet Identity Workshop Identity Society Open Space London February I9 SEE YOU AT INTERNET IDENTITY WORKSHOP MAY 14-16 2007 Fall 2007 iiw. wind| ey. com Identity Open Space Brussels April 25-26 San Francisco September
  26. 26. Identity Commons wiki. idcommons. net Kaliya Hamlin Identity Woman. net kaliya(at)mac(dot)com