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The Most Comprehensive Beginners Guide To Making Money Online, Make Money Online with this great discovery!
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Affiliate ultimatum

  1. 1. DISCLAIMER: I am a straight to the point kind of person, I don't like fluff, fillers, or confusion. So I will never waste your time or beat around the bush. I will give you only clear concise step-by-step blueprints of what you must follow to achieve freedom online. LEGAL NOTICE: This book is copyrighted. All Right Reserved. You may not sell this book, give it away, display it publicly, nor may you distribute it in any form whatsoever. While reasonable attempts have been made to ensure the accuracy of the information provided in this publication, the author does not assume any responsibility for errors, omissions or contrary interpretation of this information and any damages or costs incurred by that. The Author does not warrant or represent at any time that the contents herein are completely accurate due to the rapidly changing nature of the internet. This book is not intended for use as source of legal, business, accounting or financial advice. All readers are advised to seek services of competent professionals in legal, business, accounting, and finance field. While examples of past results may be used occasionally in this work, they are intended to be for purposes of example only. No representation is made or implied that the reader will do as well from using the techniques. The author does not assume any responsibility or liability whatsoever for what readers choose to do with this information. They should use their own judgment. Any perceived slight of specific people or organization, and any resemblance to characters living, dead or otherwise, real or fictitious, is purely unintentional. In practical advice reports, like anything else in life, there are no guarantees of income made. Readers are cautioned to rely on their own judgment regarding their individual circumstances to act accordingly. You are encouraged to print this book for reading ease. Use this information at your own risk. Want to know the EXACT steps needed to make money using the internet? Then visit:
  2. 2. Table Of Contents Introduction...............................................................................................6 Welcome To The Digital Age..................................................................10 Choosing a Niche...................................................................................11 Choosing a Product...............................................................................12 Setting Up Your Squeeze Page...............................................................13 Market Funnel System........................................................................14 Traffic Sources...................................................................................16 The 3T's (Testing, Tracking, Tweaking).............................................17
  3. 3. Hey there, My name is Justin Bucci and I’m just an ordinary guy with a burning passion to live my dream by working full-time online and teaching others how to do the same. About two years ago, I started my journey to explore the opportunities that the internet had to offer. I believed and knew that if I found a legitimate opportunity, I could not only build a successful home business, live my dream lifestyle, travel the world and experience other precious things life has to offer, but also teach and coach others how to do the same. I had no direction and no guidance, so I had no “Proper Path” I began buying all the eBooks, Webinars, Courses, Videos, everything! Spending not hundreds, but Thousands of dollars! All saying the same thing and leading me from one thing to the next, it felt like a big confusing puzzle! I became frustrated, exhausted, upset and even cried to myself at times. I kept wondering what the big “Secret” was and I almost gave up “4 Times” ( I remember counting). So I then one day put everything on “Pause” and sat at my chair with my pen and notepad and began writing, literally everything came pouring out of my head and I started to connect all the dots. There were only two ways to accomplish this one being “Network Marketing” otherwise known as M.L.M and the other Starting Your Own Internet Business.
  4. 4. Then I began to focus and really put everything in place I began developing a system that was not only logical but it was extremely profitable! I remember running around the house screaming “I Got It!” “I Got It!” “I Got It!” I had finally cracked the Code to making money online and I am about to share it with YOU. I don't want anyone to feel alone or confused, the truth is you only feel that way because you were not given the “Proper Path” you simply went into it without guidance and filled your mind with confusing useless junk. So My goal is to correct it and save everyone not only hundreds but Thousands of useless dollars and Thousands of useless minutes spent online. Please, Please, Please Promise me This...You will commit to ME and let me help you. I am sick and tired of seeing all the misleading information that exists. I do not want you to become frustrated and upset, I want you to be feeling great! And accomplish what I have. Promise Me You Will Not Seek An Alternative, because What I will layout along with this eBook and my Blog, emails will only help you they are a step-by-step process. Thank You So Much Everyone That Is Reading This, You are Truly At Home. I can Safely Promise you that.
  5. 5. Your Path To Freedom- What to Expect You might have or might be saying to yourself “Not Another Stupid Blueprint” or “It's The Same Crap Over And Over Again”. Well My friends it is actually the complete opposite of that because I'm not going to lie or keep anything from you. The whole truth about making money online is that it is a “Skill” and like any other skill you can learn and master it! Golden Rule #1 Build a Relationship First, Sell Second. -No Matter What You Must Always Give Valuable Information and Build a Relationship Before You Can Ever Introduce a Product or Program. Think about it, you wouldn't just walk up to someone and say “Hey Buy This Right Now!” They would say “Screw You!” haha you get it? But if you provide them value and say “Hey Heres Something That Might Just Help You, and It's FREE!” They will say “Let Me Check this out” and Then you continue building the trust and relationship by providing free eBooks (Such as This One but your own) and Videos and How-Tos then you simply either create or find a product or “M.L.M” that is congruent and highly valuable! Want to know the EXACT steps needed to make money using the internet? Then visit:
  6. 6. Golden Rule #2 Never Stop Believing And Growing! – Despite What You Might Think, It Can and Will Work. Yes it is a LOT of Work, but remember you are only one person! You don't have to do everything by yourself, no one is asking you to. That is why you are here seeking proper guidance and the “Proper Path” to success. So Promise me you will stop beating yourself up. You heard or probably not yet but the so-called “Gurus” say listen to Self-Help Audios/Readings well its just to help you stay focused, but trust me you cant ever achieve without action and proper guidance. Golden Rule #3 Prepare To Put In A Lot Of Initial Effort! – The honest truth is that it is not easy in the beginning, but once you build momentum and master the “Process” it begins to get easier and easier, so brace yourself for a long hard path to success. You will be working very hard and you must always remain focus, and treat this like a business. Pretend that you are a CEO of a multi-million dollar company, and even take it a step further and begin believing you are a multi-millionaire and it will all come together as it should.
  7. 7. Golden Rule #4 Build a Rock-Solid Foundation and Prepare For Long Term Investment. – What I mean by that is most people meaning the “98%” will fail to realize that a “List” is an asset! Just like a business every successful company or person has one, the only difference is the relationship you build with it. So forget about the here’s a few emails buy this now! That is 98% thinking. Focus on creating multiple series of e-mails for long term success meaning a few months of rock solid information absolutely FREE! Then you can begin selling once you feel it is in order and then continue giving FREE information as a follow-up saying thanks for your involvement, etc. Golden Rule #5 Prepare To Fail and Greet It With Open Arms! – Seriously I like to be as much as a realist as I can when I know everyone else should to. You might hear people say, meaning the so-called “Gurus” Ohh just don't think you will fail and believe! Honestly that is a load of crap. Every Single Successful Business covers their objections. So this way if anything relative to “failing” comes up they will know how to properly handle it, and not sabotage or ruin what you have created or started. So take the failing aspect of it as a learning experience and think of how you
  8. 8. can improve and really welcome it! Golden RULE #6: Pick Target Markets Where You Can Provide Solutions To People's Desperate Problems! – Always remember that people are willing to buy if your specific offer assures them that it will fix whatever problem they have or face. “People Don't Buy Products, They Buy Solutions!” I want you to remember that and write it down somewhere. You will want to do your research and really Listen to them. Don't bother trying to immediate sell them but really think of what can help them! Golden Rule #7 Always Be Applying What You are Learning! – I remember when I first began, I was stuck in the “Learning Phase” and never applied any of it. I lost thousands of hours and I could have had success much earlier but I was thirsty to know how it all worked! And let me tell you, If you are reading this and following my e-Mails you are literally Saving yourself Money & Time and those are the two most valuable assets we have. So Take a moment to relax and breathe and say “I can do this” because you already are :) Congratulations and Welcome!
  9. 9. WELCOME TO THE DIGITAL AGE – Why Info Marketing? – If you were to ask me what I would do if I didn’t do “internet marketing” especially with Info-Products. I would laugh and say nothing, this is where it is and everyone must realize the powerful potential of it. Let Me Explain Why: - Massive Leverage 24/7/365 – You can be in Bali Indonesia and your customers are buying your products which are delivered automatically. - Products can be sold again and again at no extra cost – No Printing, No Shipping, No Storage/Extra Costs! - Huge Profit Margins – You Can earn up to 100% Profit! No Overhead. - Can be done anywhere in the world – All you need is a laptop and an internet connection! You can travel and vacation and be working simultaneously! - You don't huge capital to start - Minimal Investment to start! - Billion Dollar Market – All From Teaching and Coaching! - People Will pay for knowledge – we are living in the information age.
  10. 10. Choosing a Niche – Let's Make It Easy and Micro! – A Niche as simple as I can put it, is a community of people with similar problems looking for the best and quickest solution. So all you have to do is find one that is interesting to you! As you will spend most of your time with them. You really want to focus on the passion and hobbyist behind the niche and think “Micro” as it is less competitive and highly targeted. The Big 3 Niches: 1. Health and Fitness 2. Dating and Relationships 3. Business and Money Of course there are literally hundreds of thousands out there and believe me a lot of hidden gems have been found when I did my simple research. But essentially you want to find one that appeals to you and think “Micro”. What Do you mean “Micro? Well exactly as it says on a smaller more targeted level. An Example would be Weight Loss: and Micro would be “How To Lose Belly Fat In Woman” See how micro and targeted that really is? After you find the niche begin listening to the community and find pattern of a similar problem and begin thinking “Solution to problem” if you aren’t the solution then guess what you are the Problem!
  11. 11. Choosing a Product To Promote - “The Secret” The easiest and quickest way to find a product to promote are from “Clickbank” or “Offervault” or my favorite...Create Your Own! And some of you might be wondering how do I do that? Well it's easy but first you need a system In place. To save you the trouble Start going through “Clickbank” check out the relative products they have and go through the sales page and put yourself in “The Desperate Buyers” Position and would it attract them? Don't get too hung up on this part because it is not as important as the other one coming. Keep in Mind...You do not need to focus on this first, it is honestly the last step in the “Process” it is only to give you a general idea..The Most critical Part is “Building a Relationship with your List” Write that down 10 Times! Easy Set-Up – Creating Your First Squeeze/Landing Page Let's say you have found your niche! And please make sure that you have so if you have not go to www.Google.Com and Search for Problems or just think about it, use common sense and then see how many people are searching for that problem. If you notice competing website then your research is over, because there is a hungry market and competition is our friend! Now you need to setup hosting and a
  12. 12. domain and an autoresponder. This Is My recommended Sources: Web Hosting: HostGator Domain: GoDaddy AutoResponder: Aweber That is Basically all you need to get started! If you found the niche simply pick a relative “Domain Name” Example would be if you chose “Internet Marketing” and your Micro-Niche was “SEO First Page of Google” You might want to make it “” “” anything creative and relative to “Seo” since it is the micro-niche of “Internet Marketing”. What I would recommend is if you don’t know how to create a landing page, you can hire someone to create it for you for very cheap. I provided you with some resources in the BONUS gift. Refer to that. If you know how to work with wordpress, you can purchase a theme that I personally use and absolutely love, it’s called: Optimize Press. Upload it to a wordpress platform. It’s great that you can create unlimited landing pages with that! Very simple to do, looks very attractive, great conversion rate! Plug it in to your auto responder, and you’re ready to start driving traffic! “However Do Not Purchase Squeeze Page Software Until You Know The Basics and Mechanics of How it works”
  13. 13. Marketing Funnel – The Perfect System – I've seen a lot of people mess up all of the previous steps and everything else simply because they did not understand either how it worked or they were receiving the “Wrong Information”. Lucky for You! I am going to fix that. Once you have a perfect “Funnel” in place then and only then can you focus on sending traffic to it! So let me make it concise and clear: 1. Free Gift – You Start Building Your List by offering them a free gift in exchange for their email address 2. Value – You Follow-up With Pure Value that they can begin applying. (How-To Videos/ Audios/Courses/etc) 3. More Value – More Genuine Value Guiding them to a direction of clarity. 4. Promote Your Product/Program – You may begin genuinely introducing the “Product” or “Program” to your fellow subscribers in a polite friendly manner that must help them, basically all the free value combined into one “Turbo Charged” Product! 5. Value – Provide Them More Value and Thank Them For Purchasing Previous Offer and If not then “Re-Recommend it” 6. My Perfect System Is 40 Prewritten e-Mails all providing relative valuable information and precisely in order of the “Process” After about 10 Value I throw in an offer to speed their progress up then another 10 value, so out of the 40 e-Mails Only 4 Times will they
  14. 14. see a product being promoted! So Please Please Please Keep Listening and Follow My Blog at Justin Bucci. And Favorite my eMails! I will show you everything else you need to know! Cut the Learning curve in Half and amount of time it takes to succeed in half! LIFE BLOOD OF YOUR BUSINESS – Traffic – You need to only begin focusing on this once you have a proper system and funnel in place (Squeeze Page + e-Mail Follow-Ups) then you need to begin “Testing/Tweaking” traffic sources and this part of the business is extremely critical and crucial. If you simply opened up a business and you knew it was perfect but did “ZERO” advertising, you wouldn't be in business very long, would you? NO! So we must learn about traffic and it is an art and a skill to acquire. I personally prefer Organic Traffic, SEO based simply because that is my level of expertise, I can get anything viral, and ranked to the first page of Google (I will teach you that soon). But once you have mastered “One” form you can then begin using your earnings or budget to test and diversify other traffic sources.
  15. 15. My Paid Traffic Sources Are: PPC - Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, Bing Ads Solo Ads Safe-Lists/List Swaps PPV – Lead Impact Ezine List Marketing My Free Traffic Sources Are: Organic SEO – OnPage/OffPage (Meta Tags/KW Density) Forum Marketing (Signature/Posting) Yahoo Answers (Answer Related Questions to Niche) YouTube (Make Viral videos on Niche) Twitter (Tweet People Of Interest) LinkedIn (Build Your Brand/Relationships) Facebook! (Build a Fan Page/Group Marketing/New Graph System!) Article Marketing (Write and Submit Articles to Directories) Pinterest (Make relative pictures to links of your Page) The 3 T's Testing, Tracking, and Tweaking! – Most people do not do this and this is exactly why they fail, just because you have a system in place, just because you have a funnel in place, just because you even have traffic! Does not mean the full puzzle is complete. The step that most people miss
  16. 16. is what I love and I made up is called “The 3 T's” Testing, Tracking and Tweaking! You have to know where the best results are coming from, what keywords were used to find “Your Site” and how can you improve conversions! It's extremely easy once you get the hang of it but you first need a “Tracking Software” similar to Google Anlaytics but I prefer something called Demon Tracking, it provides you with concise data and it is extremely powerful and easy to use. Once you create a Squeeze page you clone it and either change the “Call To Action” button or “Headline” and see which gets more conversions from the “Tracking Software” and keep Testing/Tweaking until you get higher conversions! Case Closed. You are now more enlightened then any other person on the internet right now, Why? Because I explained the whole “process” if you want to see Videos Step-by-step stay Tuned to my newsletter at and Congratulations! What Now Justin? Well Let's Quickly Lay it out. The hardest part is always getting started. The second hardest is following through to the end.
  17. 17. Taking action and avoiding procrastination is key and if you can simply devote an hour a day, you can gradually implement and scale. Remember you don’t have to do everything to start with. You can build a list, then add a front-end product, then add an affiliate program, then add a continuity program and then build a team when it suits you. Pursue your goals with unyielding discipline and determination, refuse to fail and avoid distraction at all cost. Pick one thing and stay focused on it. Write it on the wall in front of your desk and don’t buy anything that will take you away from it. If you added just 10 subscribers to your list every day, after three years you’d have 10,000 subscribers and an amazing income. If you gave up after month one, tried something else at month two, I would guarantee you’d have nothing after three years and you’d still be chasing the dream another three years down the road. There’s something to be said about unyielding discipline and determination. I wish you all the best in your journey to pursue success in your internet business and I would love to have the honor to be your guidance! (I would Kill To Know What I Know Now, Back Then) Here’s To Your Success, Want to know the EXACT steps needed to make money using the internet? Then visit: