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How to be a winner in online roulette


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How to be a winner in online roulette

  1. 1. How to be a WINNER in online Roulette ($400+ a day guaranteed) By Jonas Carter
  2. 2. Congratulations on finding your way here! I hope youre ready to earn some serious money because within the next hour you can have your first $400 banked, and from there on you can be earning $400 to $1,200 every day! Eager to ? I bet you are, but please take the time to read through and understand the system properly before putting it into practice. A little patience and time invested to read all the instructions carefully will pay dividends! Remember to bookmark this page so that you can come back to it whenever you need! For twelve years I was in banking and finance working and making money for other people. Put simply I would study and analyse financial markets to predict outcomes and advise companies and rich individuals where to put their money. It paid very well and I was pretty good at it too, the only problem being it was so damned boring. Back in those days, by far my biggest client was a large casino group. Every time I looked at their numbers I was quite simply stunned by the amount of money these guys were bringing in, they were unbelievably successful. At the time I first worked for them theyd been in business less than three years and were already valued at over $8,000,000,000 (8 BILLION!). But you know what I learned about these guys? Despite their phenomenal success they had very little idea of what was actually going on their sites! They had literally hundreds of thousands of people playing their online casinos every day, and they simply didnt know what all these players were doing. So I got to thinking -how could I take advantage of this? I quickly realised the following:• Nobody can see what you are doing on your side of the screen. No pit- boss, no eye-in-the sky, no watchful croupiers looking for systems or patterns. Just you and the computer.• No time limit on bets. In a real casino, you have about 20 seconds to make your bet. Online, you can take as long as you want to think about it and work out the best move.• Unlike a land based casino, you can bet very small amounts, which is important for my system to work effectively. Combine these factors and straight away you have a HUGE advantage. Its an advantage that has enabled me to apply my simple but clever system every day without the casinos knowing. The fact now is, Ive become the casinos worst nightmare - a player taking money every day with a technique they cannot detect or stop me from using! Now you can learn the technique and use it every day just like me!
  3. 3. Setting up The first thing you need to do is download one of the casinos from the list below. Ive listed these particular casinos because these are the ones I use successfully, so I recommend you use the same ones. Downloading and installing is very simple and straightforward and takes only a minute or two.All three of my recommended casinos allow you to "play for fun" ie. not play with realmoney. When you play the casino in "play for fun" mode you are playing the actual livecasino system but with a dummy account and a dummy balance. This gives you theopportunity to test my technique without any risk on exactly the same system as youwould use if you wereplaying for real. You can play as slow as you like and take all the time you need to testthe effectiveness of my system, then when youre comfortable with it you can take theplunge, create a real money account and easily play your way to $1,200 a day like I do.Before you begin, if youre worried about losing or just dont like the idea of gambling,let me explain that My ABC Money Making System will work every time it is appliedcorrectly, so theres no actual gamble involved. Youll see from the instructions andexamples on this web page that its mathematically impossible to lose with this system.Also dont forget you can test the system for as long as you like in "play for free" mode tosatisfy yourself completely that Im telling the truth. Recommended CasinosThe System in the casinos listed below. They are tried and tested, and show consistent,positive, results - just the type I like! They also offer great bonuses!TIP - All of the casinos listed here offer great welcome bonuses, so when you decide itstime to go for real money, make sure you take full advantage of these bonuses. At LuckyNugget Casino for example, theyll take your first deposit and add 150% extra for free!Gaming Club 100% BONUSRiver Belle Casino 100% BONUSThe method explainedYou can see from the screenshot below just how well the system works. It shows where Iincreased an initial deposit of $150 to $12,000 in one month for an average profit of over$400 per day from just this one casino! I use the system in all three casinos to typicallymake up to $1,200 per day.
  4. 4. The screenshot is of Eurogrands European Roulette table. Notice the red and blackbetting areas that Ive ringed, these are used for placing bets on either "Red" or "Black"to win and they pay 1/1. That means if you bet $1 and you win, you get youroriginal $1 back plus another $1, so basically you double your money. These are the onlybets you need to make.Now read this next part carefully ...If you repeat the same red/black bet over and over, you have a 100% probability ofeventually getting a win, and if you apply my bet placement technique correctly, yourwin will always be bigger than your accumulated losses, so you always come outahead ... GUARANTEED!Let me explain - if you lose the first red/black bet, you make the same play again butthis time you double your bet. The idea is to win enough this time to cover the loss onthe first bet. If you lose again, you make the same play again and you double again inthe same way.When you play the same red/black bet over and over and double your bet to cover yourlosses until you win, you are always guaranteed to come out ahead ... THAT SIMPLEMATHEMATICAL FACT WILL MAKE YOU THOUSANDS! Here are some examples:Note: the process of doubling until you win is referred to here as a betting cycle.Example betting cycle:Spin 1 - Start with $1 on RED, the ball lands on BLACK so you lose $1.Spin 2 - Double to $2 on RED, the ball lands on BLACK so you lose $2, making $3 lost intotal.Spin 3 - Double to $4 on RED, the ball lands on BLACK so you lose $4, making $7 lost in
  5. 5. total.Spin 4 - Double to $8 on RED, the ball lands on RED so you win $8.So in this betting cycle you lost $7 but you won $8. Its a mathematical fact that nomatter how long or short a betting cycle is, you always come out ahead by the amountof your first bet when you use this technique.Example betting cycle:Spin 1 - First you bet $1 on RED, the ball lands on RED so you win $1.Youre $1 up!Example betting cycle:Spin 1 - First you bet $1 on RED, the ball lands on GREEN so you lose $1.Spin 2 - Put $2 on RED, the ball lands on RED so you win $2.Youre $1 up!Example betting cycle:Spin 1 - First you bet $1 on RED, the ball lands on BLACK so you lose $1.Spin 2 - Put $2 on RED, the ball lands on BLACK so you lose $2, making $3 lost in total.Spin 3 - Put $4 on RED, the ball lands on RED so you win $4.Youre $1 up!So as you can clearly see, you always come out ahead by the amount of your first betregardless of how long or short the cycle is. In fact betting cycles are usually short, forexample the odds of getting just 4 of the same color in a row are 16 to 1.To start a new cycle you simply repeat the procedure starting with $1 on the oppositecolor. For example, when youve won a cycle on reds, play your next cycle on blacks,then the cycle after that on reds again and keep alternating.Winning $1 doesnt sound much but I usually get through 3 or 4 average length cycles perminute. Do the math,thats $180-$240 of clear profit per hour, and thats with only $1bets.Using this technique is completely legal and the risks are almost non-existent if youfollow these three golden rules: 1. Start each new cycle with a $1 bet. 2. If you lose, put your next bet on the same colour and double it. 3. If you win, start a new cycle with a $1 bet on the opposite colour.Recommended CasinosThe System in the casinos listed below. They are tried and tested, and show consistent,positive, results - just the type I like! They also offer great bonuses!Ready to try it now? Lucky Nugget Casino websiteImportant - Things to rememberMinimum depositFor the system to work safely, its extremely important to have a big enough startingbalance. The minimum you should start with is $60, this will allow you to claim yourwelcome bonus of $150. It sounds like quite a lot, but if you start with a smalleramount, you wont be able to claim your $150 and if youre unlucky, you might findyourself in a position where you cant cover the required bet with what you have in the
  6. 6. balance. I cant stress this enough - some people think that by starting with a smallerdeposit, theyre playing safe, but in actual fact, theyre creating an unnecessary risk.Having a bigger balance just in case you need it is insurance and very important if youwant to use the system safely.Withdrawing your winningsWhen you cash in your winnings, you should leave a healthy amount in your account forthe next days play. For example when your account balance reaches something like$5000 withdraw $4,500 and leave $500 behind for the next time to give you thatinsurance I talk about in the last paragraph.Mix it upTo stay undetected by the casino, I strongly recommend you play other games at leastonce every couple of days. If you stick to only roulette, when you win every day youllstand out. If you mix it up by playing some of your roulette winnings on other games youshould be able to go unnoticed. I like to play the Slots and occasionally Blackjack, butits entirely up to you. Dont get carried away though! Playing these other games is a lotof fun, especially when you win, but its very easy to drop a lot of money in a shortspace of time if youre not careful, so be disciplined! My absolute cast iron rule is tonever lose more than 15% of the roulette winnings I made that day, no matter howtempted I might be to continue playing.Play more than one casinoAnother important way to stay undetected by the casino is to not exceed $380 inwinnings from one casino in one day. So when you reach about $370-$380 quit thatcasino and move on to the next casino. $380 from each of the three casinos every day isA LOT! so dont get greedy, and make sure you use all the casinos... Remember, you canshear a sheep many times - but you can skin him only once.Ready to go? Lucky Nugget Casino website.Important - What not to do!Never use this system in a land based casino - youll get caught and youll get thrownout.Thats it. That really is how simple this system is! Now all thats left is for you to see howwell it works... click on the link for Lucky Nugget Casino , or choose one of the otherrecommended casinos below!Gaming Club 100% BONUSRiver Belle Casino 100% BONUSHave fun with your new moneymaking machine!