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The canterbury tales the knights tale


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The canterbury tales the knights tale

  1. 1. CIVILIZACIÓN Y CULTURA INGLESATeacher: Carlos M. Beltrán PiedrolaStudent: Johnny Miguel Pita Balbuena
  2. 2. Characters Prince Theseus Hyppolita (queen of Scythia) Emelye (Hyppolita’s sister) Arcite (Knight of Thebes) Palamon (Knight of Thebes) Venus (goddess of love) Mars (god of war) Diana (goddess of chastity) Saturn Pluto (god of the underworld)
  3. 3. Main Topic The Tale is undoubtedlya romance as Chaucerpresents it, supposedly atrue history of manyhundreds of years ago toldby an authoritative, high-status figure (in this casethe Knight). Love Morality
  4. 4. Plot Vengeance upon Creon. Theseus sent armies toward Thebes. Arcite and Palamon were found, then imprisioned. Both Arcite and Palamon felt in love with Emelye. Pirithous, a prince. Theseus set Arcite free . After six years Palamon scaped from prison. Theseus decided that the two will wage war on each other forEmelye’s love. Declared that Arcite had won. An earthquake was sent by Pluto. Arcitedied.
  5. 5. Connection It is very likely that the Knight’s Tale was writtenbefore the Canterbury Tales. It has the unusual status of being both a part ofthe tales as a whole, but also a separate work ofliterature in its own right .
  6. 6. THEEND