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08060 c foils


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08060 c foils

  1. 1. 1Intel Corp./LSA/EM-PowerWelcome toTime ManagementINTEL CORPORATIONLSA/EM-PowerIU item # ECP008060cIU Rev. 0, October 10, 1997
  2. 2. 2Intel Corp./LSA/EM-PowerDefining Time ManagementNo Such Thing80-20 PrincipleEfficiency versus EffectivenessHabit
  3. 3. 3Intel Corp./LSA/EM-PowerNature ofproductivityWHAT to do ?Identify:• deliverables• milestones WHEN to do ?Planning fortasksHOW to do ?ManagingyourenvironmentSummary& ActionplanWrap-up &Eval.Time Management CourseRoadmap
  4. 4. 4Intel Corp./LSA/EM-PowerAgendaIntroductionThe Nature of ProductivityDeciding What To Do: Deliverables and PrioritiesDeciding When To Complete Tasks: Long & ShortTerm PlanningDeciding How To Manage the Environment:InterruptionsSummary and Action PlanWrap Up & Evaluation
  5. 5. 5Intel Corp./LSA/EM-PowerFirefightingWhat is Firefighting?To What Extent is FirefightingInevitable?What are the Costs in People andFinancial Terms in Working This Way?What can be Done to Reduce theAmount of Firefighting?
  6. 6. 6Intel Corp./LSA/EM-PowerDeliverablesSingle Deliverables– Define– CriteriaMultiple Deliverables– CategoriesPrioritizing DeliverablesUsing Important/UrgentEstablishing MilestonesWorkloadCategoryMilestonesTasksDeliverablesSingle WorkloadCategorySeveral deliverableswhich belong tothat categoryEach deliverablehas milestonesEach milestone has anumber of tasks whichneed to be done toreach it.
  7. 7. 7Intel Corp./LSA/EM-PowerStructure of The BrainConscious: 1Preconscious: 5-9Subconscious: Limitless
  8. 8. 8Intel Corp./LSA/EM-PowerExamples of WorkloadCategoriesProjectsPeopleAdministrationPersonal DevelopmentResearch and DevelopmentFinancial
  9. 9. 9Intel Corp./LSA/EM-PowerGroup Discussion: PlanningWhat is Planning?Why Plan?Challenges in PlanningOvercoming Challenges
  10. 10. 10Intel Corp./LSA/EM-PowerPlanning GuidelinesBlock Out Time for Important WorkUse your Best TimeDon’t Overplan - Hold Back Some TimeSchedule a “1:1” With Yourself
  11. 11. 11Intel Corp./LSA/EM-PowerPlanning PeriodsYearQuarterMonthWeekDay
  12. 12. 12Intel Corp./LSA/EM-PowerProcrastinationWhat is Procrastination?Why do People Procrastinate?What are the Costs of Procrastination?What are Techniques to ReduceProcrastination?Personal Application Session
  13. 13. 13Intel Corp./LSA/EM-PowerTime ThievesI Own the ProblemTIME
  14. 14. 14Intel Corp./LSA/EM-PowerManaging InterruptionsObtain Good DataDevelop Possible SolutionsSelect the Best SolutionImplement the SolutionMonitor Progress
  15. 15. 15Intel Corp./LSA/EM-PowerTelephoneGroup Your CallsList AgendaSet Time ExpectationsBalance SocializingTrack Your TimeLeave Concise Specific MessagesSend Directly To VoicemailUse Memory DiallingAsk For Permission
  16. 16. 16Intel Corp./LSA/EM-PowerCategory-Focused FilingSystemPaper for TodayAction FilesCurrent Project FilesHistorical Data Files
  17. 17. 17Intel Corp./LSA/EM-PowerChanging HabitsIdentify the Habit You Wish to ChangeDefine Specific BehaviorsPractice the BehaviorsDon’t Deviate