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SW6 Associates Work For Us 2016


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Information on working for SW6 Associates.

Published in: Recruiting & HR
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SW6 Associates Work For Us 2016

  1. 1. Work for Us
  2. 2. WHO ARE SW6? SW6 Associates are the UK’s leading Recruitment to Recruitment and Sales Recruitment Specialists. Beginning our journey in an attic in 2003, we’ve built a brand based on ambition, integrity, loyalty and a strong desire shared by everyone within the business to be the best at what we do. We want to change the face of the Recruitment to Recruitment and Sales Recruitment Industry. Putting relationships and quality at the forefront of our methodology has enabled us to build a client base of over 100 of the World’s Leading Recruitment Agencies and Media Owners. Our clients trust us to get them the results they need, many of them using our services exclusively and paying retainers for us to fill their roles. “ONLY THE AMBITIOUS” Our ambition is to become the No.1 choice for our candidates and clients globally. We’ve laid out the foundations with a leadership team whose experience in the industry spans over 50 years. We are now looking to build on our foundations by hiring people, who like us, have their sights set on the end goal - being the best.
  3. 3. Rebranded to SW6 Associates and started the journey to become the mighty team we are today. Grew from 5 (3 directors, 2 consultants) to 18 team members. Created 4 successful and growing Teams - grown 100% organically by consultants who have progressed from fresh Graduates to Recruitment Managers. Promoted 15 People (often more than once), our consultants benefit from a structured career plan, laid out for them on day one. They come in with the ambition and passion to succeed, we provide them with the tools and support necessary to thrive. Became the Leading supplier to the UK’s Top Recruitment Firms. Our unique approach to Recruitment to Recruitment means ‘the person’ is at the forefront of our methodology. This makes match making easy and our clients have come to expect only the best from us, and only the best is all we are prepared to deliver. DONE 2013 - 2016 Continue growing a great brand with great people. Our brand isn’t just the colour of our logo - it’s the people we have in our business and the shared values we uphold. We are looking for “people who love people” and can demonstrate the same passion as us to be the best at what they do. We have ambitious and exciting plans for where our company is headed, but so do our clients so we need to double in size (at least) to support them in their own ambitious growth plans. Create at least 3 more successful teams and sub teams. We have the opportunity for new entrants into the business to develop their own areas. The Recruitment and Sales Industries are experiencing massive growth and to keep on top of this we need to build new teams and have great people leading them. Promote every single employee at least once, preferably twice. We pride ourselves on the trajectory we are able to offer our consultants, and long may the promotions continue! Open two more offices. 1 UK based, 1 International. To do this we need people in them! TO DO 2016 - 2018
  4. 4. RECRUITMENT @ SW6 ASSOCIATES Recruitment Consultancy is sometimes understandably mistaken as a Human Resources opportunity, when it is actually a fast paced and exciting sales role. The position is varied - Recruitment Consultants are expected to be advisors, business developers, sales executives, marketers, interviewers and much more. You will start out as a Trainee working alongside our Senior Directors and Managers. You will not need to do any “New Business Development” yet. Your role will be to deliver candidates into existing and well-established accounts. After completing the initial training programme and achieving set targets you will be responsible for your own desk. You will start to build up a niche area within the business . You will run this niche area like it’s your own business with the support, guidance, infrastructure and reputation of the company. Being responsible for your own desk means your duties will include: • A small amount of New Business Development • Account Management • Candidate Sourcing & Headhunting • Advertisements, Networking & Database searches • Negotiation of fees and salaries • Interviewing candidates • Closing Deals • Making Commission • Working Hard • Having Fun
  5. 5. CAREER PROGRESSION We provide a supportive but challenging environment where ambitious people can thrive. We also pride our- selves on being a thoroughly nice bunch of people. This has resulted in long lasting relationships with the figure heads of the Recruitment and Sales Industry and an excellent reputation amongst them to boot. We employ high calibre, results-driven people and are committed to providing you with in-depth training and continued professional development to enable you to have a long and fulfilled career with SW6 Associates. At every stage of your career you will be assessed on your performance as well as your skills and behaviour to ensure you’re being developed and stretched so you’re able to take advantage of opportunities as they arise. That being said, we aim to promote an empowering culture where all opinions are heard and everyone is respected. We do not micro-manage our staff as when you become part of the team an instant level of trust and respect is in place. RESOURCER £20,000+£150perplacement You will be working directly with a senior consultant to gain the expertise needed to source the best candidates consistently for our Industry leading clients. CONSULTANT £22,000+upto35%commission You will now take full responsibility for the recruitment process sourcing candidates for our existing clients and ensuring the process runs smoothly for both clients and candidates alike. SNR.CONSULTANT £25,000+upto35%commission With the help of a resourcer you will continue to deliver to existing clients while taking on further responsibilities for business development, allowing you to start building on your own niche within the business. TEAMLEADER £28,000+upto35%commission +teamoverride You will now start to build your own team and take control of your own niche market at SW6 Associates. You will be given full responsibilty for the hiring and performance of your team and growing your chosen sector. &BEYOND...
  6. 6. EARNING POTENTIAL Consultants at SW6 Associates are proud to be part of a high earning environment. 76% of our consultants bill above £180k during their second year, with a few exceeding this by a large margin. At SW6 Associates we give our consultants up to 35% of their billings - this means if you bill £200k at SW6 Associates you will earn in excess of £60,000 per annum. That’s an average paycheck of £5,000 each month! If you bill £300k at SW6 Associates you can earn in excess of £80,000 per annum, which is an average of just over £6,500 on your paycheck each month! We know this is possible because we can see our consultants doing it (and more) right now!
  7. 7. TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT We have developed all our teams 100% organically. Every person in the business started in the same position - as a resourcer - and has been promoted through the ranks. You will start your career with SW6 Associates in a training course, delivered by industry experts. During this course you will learn the core skills needed to become a great consultant. Following this course we will continue to develop your skillset with one on one support from top performers in the business and members of the management teams- all of whom have undertaken a management programme designed to make sure they are able to help YOU reach your full potential as an SW6 consultant. Sometime you earn, Sometimes you learn, At SW6 Associates you will do both.
  8. 8. At SW6 Associates we believe hard work should be celebrated and rewarded, so we have created an incentive scheme like no other to get you inspired. We’ve made sure every deal counts, alongside our industry leading commission structure (we’ve seen everyone else’s, we know ours is good)! You will also be entered into a prize draw from your very first deal each month. The more deals you do the more chance you have of winning! We don’t believe in doing things by halves so we also run targets for all our consultants to go on all expenses paid holidays – most recently we’ve been stayed in 5* hotels in Ibiza and Marbella. Other benefits of working at SW6 Associates include: • An excellent company reputation within the Recruitment Industry. • A clear map for career progression so you know exactly what you need to do to get to where you need to be. • Lunch Club Targets for a fun filled after- noon out of the office on us. • Fizzy Fridays – because after a tough week, working hard, everyone deserves a beer and to ease into the weekend. • Discounted Gym Membership. • Cycle to Work scheme. • Directors have relatively good chat. • Team snacks. REWARDS &INCENTIVES
  9. 9. INSIDE SCOOP : BEN WATSON I graduated from Cardiff University in 2003 with a degree in Business Economics and aspirations to go into banking. I fell into the world of Rec2Rec completely by chance and joined Jason Leggatt at PAB Associates in the first week with the view to work for 6 months, save some money and then go travelling. Thirteen years later, I am still here. The reality was it went better than I could have hoped, I earned very good money very quickly and decided going travelling again would set me back too far. If I am honest, I was also enjoying the life and the freedom that earning good money allowed. Alongside Jason, I created the business from nothing and starting building a team focusing mainly on trainee recruitment hires. In January 2006 I was given the opportunity to set up my own solo brand and gain equity ownership which was named SRS consulting. I grew this to 6 people pretty quickly and it was the most profitable part of the business. We made the strategic decision during the FOUNDINGPARTNER to take autonomy in their workload and has a competitive edge that really gets the best out of staff. It is certainly not the easiest job/ industry you can go into but it can be highly rewarding, challenging and entrepreneurial if you are willing to work hard and have the natural characteristics which make someone good at sales. The future is certainly going to be a very bright one for SW6. There is no one firm to date which has really dominated the R2R market on a global basis and this is certainly our aim so we have got some very big and ambitious plans, making it a very exciting and lucrative time to join SW6. recession to consolidate and bring the brand under one roof, and we rebranded to SW6 Associates of which I am now an equity owner. In March 2013 I set up the senior appointments team to diversify and strengthen our brand name and create a division that would be more resilient to the economic climate. We are now regarded as one of the leading and largest R2R’s in the country; we have a very strong brand name and place people globally from trainee through to board level within both contingency and executive search businesses. We partner some of the leading brands, and are often used in an advisory capacity. We have been involved in building some of the leading teams and boards of top recruitment businesses. SW6 Associates has allowed me the freedom to really grow with the business. It is an extremely supportive environment where culture is key but it still has the sales element and commercial attributes any good recruitment business should have. It rewards staff extremely well, empowers everyone
  10. 10. INSIDE SCOOP : MICHELLE RYAN DIRECTOR would set me another and I thrived in this environment. Within 18 months, I hit my Management Target and was due to start building my own team in August 2008 when Lehman Brothers collapsed. Needless to say, things got a lot more challenging and business became more about survival than growth for a few years. However, for me there wasn’t a Plan B, even through the downturn I didn’t look at the “easier” option of leaving recruitment. I am incredibly stubborn and refused to give up on the SW6 dream so we focused on retaining our market share, changing strategies and positioning ourselves well for when the market improved. It was incredibly challenging but we were resilient, never gave up and came out the other side a much, much better company. From day 1 at SW6 I have constantly been it, I was out interviewing with some amazing recruitment companies across London, getting lost constantly (pre iPhone days!) but loving every second of the process. Looking back now, I was so raw and green, I often wonder how I managed to get any offers but luckily I did; a couple of offers from some amazing FTSE 250 companies and also SW6 Associates. My decision to join SW6 was very much lead by instinct. At the time, SW6 were 3 years old, 5 people strong, had no website, no database, based in Fulham in terrible offices but I absolutely loved the people and felt the environment would best suit me. They had plans to grow and I wanted to be part of this. I have not regretted this decision since. Two of the things I think have led to my success so far are a lot of hard work and resilience. It has been a really worthwhile journey, but not an easy one. I experienced some very early success and was the Top Billing Rookie in my first year with the business. Every time I hit a target they I grew up in a big family in rural Ireland where my family owned one of the small village pubs so I developed a very strong work ethic from an early age. I was always very sociable, loved working with people and also the independence that came from working from age 13. I completed a degree in Law and French at the University of Limerick whilst spending each summer working and travelling in the USA. Whilst in New York, I worked 12hour days as a waitress and bartender and learned the true value of customer service. We didn’t get paid an hourly wage, so everything was tip dependent so we would aim for a 20% tip and would always up-sell. The higher the bill, the better the service, the higher your earnings. It was my first experience of any role resembling sales and is a big reason why I ended up working in Recruitment. After graduation I moved to London on a total whim with a €7 one way Ryanair flight, a couch to sleep on in Kent and not much else. I applied to one of SW6’s adverts for a Trainee Recruitment Role and before I knew
  11. 11. people such as Michael and Patrick join us as trainees, work their way up through the company to head up their own divisions. They now spearhead Management meetings and present their ideas to us. We are as open to hearing these and growing and adapting as we always have been and this will never change. SW6 are growing. We have always had aspirations to open further offices and our only limitation was not having the right people to drive this forward;- we now do. As an organically grown organization, we never wanted to hire Senior people to do this for us, instead preferring to grow our own. We now have the right key players that we have taken from calling their first candidate CV to setting up new business areas for us. You are only as good as the people in your business. All the best-laid plans come to nothing if you don’t have the right people to execute them! SW6 has been on a huge journey since I joined in 2006. SW6 was only 3 years old when I joined so, fortunately, I have been involved in everything from the website, the re-brand, marketing, training new starters, relocation to new offices... I was never solely “just a recruitment consultant”, I got to be involved in the whole business from a very young age. At just 23 I had the opportunity to sit in meetings with the Directors and they took time to listen and then implement any good ideas. I was empowered to be part of our growth from the day I started. As a business we had a “re-birth” in January 2013 when we re-branded, moved to The City, added new team members and have grown year on year since then. I am hugely fortunate in that I have personally hired every starter in the business since 2013 this means I am surrounded by people that I believe in. Because of this, I will work as hard for them as they do for me. I have seen challenged and set goals. I was asked in my interview in 2006 what I wanted to gain from joining SW6 and I said with a hopeful smile that I wanted to be their first female Director. From that moment, every target that was set for me was set with a view to me being able to achieve this. I was actively encouraged to “think big” and then supported until the goal was achieved. I have never been micromanaged and was allowed to develop my own style in a completely autonomous but supportive environment. When I joined SW6, the Directors always encouraged me to embrace the things that made me unique;- I continue to do this with my team now. We have lots of communication styles and personalities here and as long as the fundamental values are there across the board we encourage people to be themselves and add their own flair.
  12. 12. INSIDE SCOOP : MICHAEL DELEA MANAGINGCONSULTANT,LONDON I’m originally from Liverpool and having turned down a place in various universities to study law, I went on to study Media at Leeds University. I did this with a view to getting into the television industry as a presenter - I thought I was going to be the next one man, scouse version of Ant and Dec. Following university, I came back to reality with a bump and was working back home in Liverpool in a pretty well paid, but horribly boring financial contractor role for Lloyds Banking Group. Two years in this role was more than enough and I knew I needed to do something else... Despite meeting and being offered roles with a few different companies, I joined SW6 Associates in April 2014 due to a gut feeling; a gut feeling about my ability to do the job from my first conversation with one of the consultants here, and then again about the company culture when I first walked into the office to meet with the Directors. My gut was right on both counts! It’s hard for me to put my finger on why I have been able to progress so quickly and to consistently hold a top position within the company (you should probably ask the Directors)! However, I know that; I am quickly able to gauge and build a rapport with every type of candidate and client, I do not take myself too seriously which allows me to move on quickly from either successes or failures - this definitely helps in this industry, I have a little bit (some might say a lot) of ego which pushes me to have to/want to do well and I always go the extra mile for a client or a candidate if the situation needs me to. Finally, I’m generally a positive and social person which means the day-to-day of the job (most notably talking to people on the phone all day) doesn’t really faze me. In fact I actually enjoy it (most of the time)! SW6 Associates has helped me get to a management position in under 2 years - and earn really good money in the process by taking time to understand the way I work. The bosses made a real effort from day 1 to understand my personality and work with it The Job Crowd rated us #1 Top Recruitment Company to work for in the UK and #2 Top Company to work for in the UK across all industries. to get the best out of me – they also gave me enough autonomy to get on with things while supporting me with the bits of the job which didn’t come as naturally to me – the admin being the main one! It’s good to be speaking to people all day about a brand with such a positive presence in the market and allows me to be confident and assured in selling the experience a client or candidate will receive from me as a consultant and us as a business. Finally, the fact the people here are all great but also want to give each other a run for their money makes the job a pleasure but also a challenge each day.
  13. 13. ENOUGH ABOUT US, LET’S TALK ABOUT YOU... For us, personality is key; we have a fun, lively and softly - managed environment where people with a high level of emotional intelligence will have great success. We not only want someone who will fit in well but who will enhance the environment and add value. We are a hardworking yet humorous bunch. We are passionate about life with varying interests in sport, music, socialising and world travel. We are all unique individuals but the common bond that joins us all is the desire to carve out a remarkable career and enjoy doing so. We want you to be an over achiever. Whether it’s in sport, university, on the sales floor, we want you to have excelled. We want you to be courageous. Our people aren’t afraid to challenge the norms. When they identify ways in which processes can be tightened they let us know. If there is an area of the market that remains untapped and they want to lead it’s growth- they propose the idea to us. We want you to do the same. We want you to be unsatisfied... Ok, that’s not strictly true, but we want you to always be striving for more. Nothing is good enough for you when it comes to personal development. We want you to have a bit of an ego. Although you need to be in control of it. We want all of your drive and pride but we’ll take it with a pinch of your best humility. We want you to “fly the plane”*. When things go wrong, and they will, we want you to be the type of person who doesn’t get bogged down in the details of the problem, we want you to carry on and get yourself back on track without even blinking! We want you. APPLY TODAY.*This is a common piece of advice given to trainee pilots to avoid crashes! “When something goes wrong, don’t forget to fly the plane!”
  14. 14. “Excellent training, very supportive environment. Fantastic benefits and incentives. Great team culture, all celebrate each others victories! Very generous commission structure with a clear path set for development and progression. Cool offices, great vibe on the sales floor, buzzy atmosphere with good music! Really good advertising budget, fantastic resources.” “Brilliant company in the heart of the City of London. Every person in the office is very driven but at the same time is up for a laugh which provides a great environment to work in. The incentives that are placed in front of you are second to none such as monthly drinks, lunch clubs and target holidays. Senior Management are brilliant, very friendly, open to rewarding the staff and eager to hear opinions. Moving forward the company has some ambitious, exciting plans and has a strong future ahead of itself.” “The company culture is fantastic, everyone earns individual commission but works together as a team. Senior Management are very open to hearing opinions from everyone in the company and embrace new ideas with ease. We have great incentives set weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually so it’s very easy to stay focused on our goals.” WORD ON THE SW6 STREET(Taken from reviews on Glassdoor)
  15. 15. 0207 993 3353